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As London goes up in flames during the Blitz, two sisters from Bermondsey find their lives changed out of all recognition When a bombing raid destroys nearly everything she holds dear, May joins the ATS and becomes a gunner girl Peggy, May s elder sister, is trapped in a stifling marriage, yet amid the chaos of war, a route to freedom beckons From war will come hardship and tragedy as well as new, unexpected friendships and love affairs

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  1. Kimbles Kimbles says:

    I knew the bigger story of WW2 from history books but when I saw Gunner Girls I realised here was another side and not much told of the women left behind but not that of the clich d picture of weeping women waving their hankies as their men went to the front line And this is not to diminish those men s brave efforts but during the blitz of the 1940 s that front line came to the home front with bombs that left buildings flattened Gunner Girls is based on those incredible women who took to defending this country with anti aircraft guns.Spotting,handling and firing them 731 of those women died This is their story, a fictionalised account, focussing on one in particular, May Lloyd A shy bookish girl working in a leather factory that gets bombed leaving only the hinges still intact and who rises above herself to become remarkable I lived her story through Gibson s words as though there, of May s losses, her loves, and her family sisterly bonds that drove her to such bravery and I thank her.

  2. graham bailey graham bailey says:

    This book is very good could not put it down i have read all the books that this author work and enjoy them all She captures the life of the east endu would enjoy this book if u like reading the life of the people that went through the second world war.

  3. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    A very good book about WW2 The characters are from Custard tarts and broken hearts , so it s good to read that book first Gunner girls is book four in the series called factory girls and trust me the plot is linked Almost everything from factory work to morality is based on the lives of the author s grandparents, parents and even the pleasant aunt Dr Salter did exist and Bermondsey is accurately shown I liked the plot It was fine.

  4. Barbara Bee Barbara Bee says:

    Mary Gibson is a stunning story teller I loved Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts and I think this one is even better It is a poignant saga of an East End of London family their lives, loves, and losses during World War 2 The writer eloquently captures the essence and determination of the British spirit throughout nearly six years of deprivation and cruel bombing waged by Hitler and his minions.The story is beautifully told, smoothly unflagging and totally engrossing, from beginning to end I would judge the last two chapters to be a little too melodramatic but that does not affect my award of 5 big, fat, stars

  5. Muriel Muriel says:

    What a fantastic book, couldn t and wouldn t put it down 5 writing I felt I was there with them , all through there troubles so glad I purchased this book

  6. B L Radcliffe B L Radcliffe says:

    Really enjoyed this book never had one of Mary Gibson books before A really easy to read book, but also a page turner This story is set in Bermondsey during the second World War, its a must read for anyone who loves reading about the trials and tribulations of the war and the stoic attitude of people who have lost homes, loved ones yet still manage to get on with their lives Happy times, sad times, two sisters, one married to a man who keeps her under his thumb, and a single girl who leaves her loving family to become involved in the war effort Much praise for this book.

  7. Throckley Throckley says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I only read when I am going to bed but found it difficult not to start another chapter.This author was exactly my taste and easy to understand Down to earth experiences.Will read of her novels.

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  9. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    To read this book was like being transported to that time when war took over peoples lives The strength and sacrifices that people made, makes me truly humble and ever so thankful for the life we have been able to enjoy through the bravery of those who fought to leave us this wonderful world of freedom.

  10. melissa bebee melissa bebee says:

    Another Mary Gibson masterpiece I really like this series of books As usual, this one did not disappoint.