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I read many mountaineering books and I m always enthralled This was an interesting account of an amazing experience Not the best I ve read by some margin but enjoyable nonetheless. I read this book by a change in my life circumstances and prompted by someone to read it So I did From a personal perspective, I have learned a lot about mountaineering but about someone s personal struggle and the part God had to play in Brian s life and his summit attempt A must read for any explorer in whatever situation they may find themselves in to show that through adversity a way can be found Gripping and interesting, a great read for all. THANK YOU, LORDOctober 20 2014I cannot imagine there is a dry eye in your home since you became aware that your human friend and guide, Pasang, has gone on before you, again, to meet our gracious and glorious Guide.Yet, why weep tears unless of joy I didn t read of you singing the old redemption hymn Courage, brother, do not stumble But the words were never far from my mind as I read this account of your goal packed years.May God continue to bless you and your family until you meet up with Pasang once Helen Bruce helencbruce Bo ness SCOTLAND EH51 0EH Fantastic read about this miracle blind descend sounds impossible it is but God was there saving Brian Former Navy Air Rescue swimmer Brian Dickinson was roughly , feet from the summit of Mount Everest, also known as the death zone , when his Sherpa became ill and had to turn back, leaving Brian with a difficult decision Should he continue to push for the summit or head back down the mountain After carefully weighing the options, Brian decided to continue toward the summit, alone Four hours later, Brian solo summited the highest peak in the world But the celebration was short lived After taking a few pictures, Brian radioed his team to let them know he had summited safely and began his descent Suddenly, his vision became blurry, his eyes started to burn, and within seconds, he was rendered almost completely blind All alone at , feet, low on oxygen, and stricken with snow blindness, Brian was forced to inch his way back down the mountain relying only on his Navy survival training, instincts, and faith In Blind Descent, Brian recounts his extraordinary experience on Mount Everest, demonstrating that no matter how dire our circumstances, there is no challenge too big for God I did very much enjoy reading this book on my I.pad.I am pleased that Brian talked a lot about God as he would not be here now if God had not been with him all the way on his journey.Thank you Brian for sharing your amazing account making it so readable.I learnt a lot about Mount Everest which has always interested me Thank you God bless you your family. Loved this book kept me gripped to the end Took forever to be delivered but it s a good book none the less True story of Brian Dickinson s solo ascent to the summit of Mt Everest and then his miraculous descent while suffering from snow blindness Engaging writing with full scope of Brian s life, not just his trip to Everest His faith story is included, but it did not feel preachy to me Pictures at the end If you enjoy mountain true life adventure stories, I highly recommend. An utterly amazing book, filled with adventure, details, gorgeous descriptions, love and longing, family and faith I read late into the night and deeply appreciated the experiences Brian described so vividly.Maybe this book will become a movie at some point, showing courage and love without having to revert to swearing and violence to make a point.