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A thoroughly enjoyable story with believable characters and storyline The methods used to scam the casinos are creative feels like the author has an in depth knowledge of the subject. Con artist Billy Cunningham is no stranger to the casinos of Las Vegas he s ripped off every single one But his latest scam a year in the making promises his crew their biggest payday yet Billy has thought of everything down to the last detailor so he thinks He hasn t counted on the father son team of contract killers looking to cash in on Billy s head Or his old flame, Maggie Flynn, out for payback for her broken heart If Billy and his team can pass themselves off as high rollers for a week straight, living it up in Vegas s most exclusive suites and box seats, they ll get their chance to make their VIP status permanent It s the biggest scam of their lives if they live There was a lot twists and turns to keep you hanging on It was an end, that was quite unexpected. Pacey, exciting and clever Can t wait to get stuck into the next one If you ever want feel what s it s like to rip off a greedy casino then let James Dwain game you there Absolutely brilliant series of books keep them coming please Better than expected How does he do it Can t wait for the next one to come out So many twists and turns, exciting from the beginning. A pretty good story writer I enjoyed his characters and his plot twists Waiting for the next book. It started off slow, giving background on hustlers etcetera Then the action and plot picked up. This is an exceptionally well written, well researched and throughly enjoyable series.Billy Cunningham is one of the most likable protagonists I ve ever read, and James Swain has done a stupendous job of constructing novels that are as entertaining as they are informative, and as cleverly plotted as they are suspenseful Unlike most mystery novels these days, Swain manages to inject profound levels of humor and wit into the characters he crafts, all while concocting a story that is intricately devised, loaded with deftly planned characters and well examined life lessons.What I appreciate most about Billy Cunningham is the character s relentless pursuit of his goals despite the obstacles in his way In both of the books in this series, it seems like everything this poor man plans unravels due to circumstances outside of his control However, being the expert that he is, Cunningham always remains calm and manages to think clearly, effectively mitigating and solving the trouble that arises It s also great to see how far ahead this character plans, and I enjoy the insight offered into the inner workings of the human psyche, as Billy Cunningham knows the human mind very well and is a great master of psychological manipulation Augmenting these superb characteristics is Cunningham s rapport with the group of fellow cheats that comprise his crew is very entertaining to read.In addition to the terrific character development, Swain does a stellar job of educating We are given riveting insight into lots of the inner workings of Las Vegas, ranging from its casino management to the underground harem of pimps and drug dealers Swain has obviously done his research, and at times, I find myself puzzled as to how he could have generated such a great story with all the typical plot holes absent Whenever you have a story of this caliber, especially one that involves theft, crimes, etc the authors must often take some degree of fictional liberty and craft scenarios and circumstances that wouldn t necessarily work in the real world we inhabit for the sake of preserving entertainment value Despite this obstacle s prevalence in the field of mystery fiction, Swain overcomes it amazingly and manages to produce an exhilarating plot that actually seems like it would work in a real life situation.Simply put, this is a magnificently enjoyable series and a great book to kick off summer reading with I am a voracious reader and while I come across many great books during my literary sojourns, there s also an abundance of subpar and even terrible books I often find myself reading However, every once in a while I find a book that s written so well and is so enjoyable that it compensates for all the lackluster books I had to endure to get to it This is one of those books and series Highly recommended Billy Cunningham and his crew are back and taking on Vegas once again in the biggest scam of their lives But Billy has lightened some wallets, bruised some egos and broken some hearts along the way and the people he s crossed have long memories and old scores to settle There are a lot of moving parts a couple of hit men out with a contract on Billy, his old flame Maggie Flynn still sore about getting dumped, a desperate Chinese whale who either wins 10 million to bring back to a gangster on the mainland or gets whacked on his return, and of course the Nevada Gaming Commission, who would like nothing better than to put Billy away for life.This is a standalone novel, but the characters we grew to love and hate in TAKE DOWN are back as well The action is fast, the scams ingenious and the characters rich and varied This is a great beach read, and will leave you impatiently waiting for the next installment which, according to the dangler at the end, promises a scheme even complex and ingenious than this one.And this one is pretty darn ingenious.