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After reading the first book I started on this one instantly This story picks up where book one finished obviously and the action starts instantly A few new characters have been added which add even depth to this epic story The story itself develops substantially and gets even bigger I can honestly say that this trilogy is one of the best series I ve read in a long time If you ve not read the first book, predator incursion, read that first If you have read the first then you need to read this one Looking forward to the third now Although I enjoyed this book, it wasn t scary in the slightest, which is what I would hope for from a novel involving two iconic sci fi monsters That said, by the end of the book, the action really picked up, promising a lot action in the sequel and hopefully some horror too Bought this in audible format and what a mistake the audio reader really makes a hash out of it.He doesn t seem to know when and whereYou need to enhance your voice to have an effect on the listener.The book itself I have ordered and cannot wait to read it myself. Yeah great, another good book finished, only negative is having to wait God knows how long for the conclusion.Like the pace, like the characters , and the descriptive texts, action etc.Read the first one first though another great Alien story would hope will be done in the series. The second in this new series of Alien novels it picks up where the first stopped It is an exciting novel with unexpected twists,as well as characters that again come to life, it was a book I did not wish to put down and I am eager for the next instalment. The second original novel in an Alien vs Predator Rage War series, continuing from Predator Incursion as Colonial Marines units are being wiped out and not by the Predators This is an attack by organized armies of Aliens Tim Lebbon is the New York Times best selling author of the movie novelizations ofDays of Night and The Cabin in the Woods He has also written many critically acclaimed horror and dark fantasy novels Tim has won three British Fantasy Awards, a Bram Stoker Award, a Shocker, and a Tombstone and been a finalist for the International Horror Guild and World Fantasy Awards A most excellent read Fans of alien and predator will enjoy the immersion of the war between man, the rage and their aliens, and the predators. I wish I can give stars to this book but it not deserves, mostly because of the grammar I already read the other Alien trilogy of Tim and it was a marvelous experience But with the Predator Incursion and Alien Invasion, the grammar is terrible Like another reviewer said, too many commas and word repetition, mainly conjunctions Also, the poor vocabulary does not help For example, after the middle of the first book, it is hard to find a paragraph without the word across , even when there other obviously better and suitable word, sometimes 3 times in a row This is very very annoying and make me stop reading many times As a positive point, the story as a hole is really interesting and captivate I am a big enthusiast of Alien and Predator and this book isn t bad, but needs a major revision Geht nahtlos nach dem ersten Teil weiter Predator kommen jetzt schon mehr vor Allerdings sind die Alien Xenomorph mal in richtigen Mengen vertreten.In diesem Buch wird richtig Krieg gef hrt, wobei es sehr h ufig ehr einem einseitigen Abschlachten gleich kommt.Wieder spannende Ereignisse welche einem auch mal wieder direkt ins Herz des Feindes f hren.