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The third book in Sidebottom s epic series set in third century Rome a dramatic era of murder, coup, counter rebellions and civil war

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  1. I. Picornell I. Picornell says:

    This is the third installment in Harry Sidebottom s Throne of the Ceasars series and it is a fantastic read The storyline covers the Year of the Six Emperors 238AD , a very politically unstable and complex time in the Roman Empire If you studied this period in history classes, as I did, you would just become bored and go to sleep, as I did But this book and the series makes sense of it all and brings it to life in a way no history book can Make no mistake, this is an intelligent read, so if you are looking for a mindless read by the pool, this is not for you But if you are after a fascinating bit of history full of political intrigue, military strategy, changing political alliances and all the scheming that accompanies it, set in the context of the Roman Empire, while ensconced in a nice little cafe drinking excellent espresso, this is definitely the book for you.

  2. Doug Welch Doug Welch says:

    The Throne of the Caesars series has consistently delivered amazing characterization and scene setting putting the reader in the gritty and dark world of Rome s Period of Military Anarchy Sidebottom, an Oxford scholar is able to make Maxinimus Thrax, a literal monster of a Roman Emperor into an understandable if not entirely sympathetic character Sidebottom takes us from Maximinus s frontline command center to the intrigue at the city herself where senators jockey to be on the winning side of a civil war in a year of six emperors We move on to Roman North Africa where the actual fighting of this civil ware has begun An alliance between Senators in Rome and the Gordians in Carthage hopes to take down the usurper emperor, Maximinius who just happened to be eight feet tall, a complete barbarian and wasn t afraid to lead his men from the front.There has been little exploration of this utter aberration that was the worst part of Roman history and maybe it takes an Oxfordian professor to make this into a era gripping action thriller novel because the historic record starts to really fall apart at this point in history.Sidebottom has really done spectacularly in this series and I am now interested in his other novels on the period of Gallienus.

  3. Mike France Mike France says:

    The third volume in the Throne of the Caesars series, Fire and Sword is in my opinion, simply the best I found it hard to put the book down.Set in AD 238, the Year of the Six Emperors, the story graphically illustrates the greed, avarice and corruption that must have been prevalent in this turbulent year With detailed battle scenes, behind the scenes skulduggery and scheming, it is gripping.Sidebottom at his very best.

  4. w donaldson w donaldson says:

    Another good book from this author keeps one turning the pages found it was hard to put down once started looking forward to reading

  5. John Francis John Francis says:

    This series just gets better and better As this is the third, i suggest you buy and read the previous 2 I was gripped from the first page to the last I don t go into the storyline, that s for you to enjoy If you enjoy Roman historical fiction, Harry is one of the best authors out there There s only one downside to this book You have to wait for the next one.

  6. tony Cave tony Cave says:

    This third volume of the Throne of the Caesars series is set in AD 238 the year of the Six Emperors.Well written and researched as to be expected by this distinguished author,in real life a lecturer in classical history at Oxford University.His knowledge of events and attention to detail brings history to life.Highly recommended.

  7. Mr. Ray. Brown Mr. Ray. Brown says:

    This is the most convoluted story I have ever read, BUT it flows with ease and captures the readers imagination, totally hard to put down, great story I want .