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The lives of Henry VIII s queens make for dramatic stories, and Alison Weir writes a series of novels that offer insights into the real lives of the six wives based on extensive research and new theories In all the romancing, has anyone regarded the evidence that Anne Boleyn did not love Henry VIII Or that Prince Arthur, Katherine of Aragon s first husband, who is said to have loved her, in fact cared so little for her that he willed his personal effects to his sister Or that Henry VIII, an overprotected child and teenager, was prudish when it came to sex That Jane Seymour, usually portrayed as Henry s one true love, had the makings of a matriarch There is much to reveal Alison writes about the wives in the contexts of their own ages and of the court intrigues that surrounded these women and without exception wrecked their lives She will transport listeners into a lost and vivid world of splendour and brutality a world in which love, or the game of it, dominates all

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  1. Mr Tim Cole Mr Tim Cole says:

    I am a huge and devoted fan of Alison Weir one of the most popular and best selling historians of all time In her new novel, meticulously researched as ever, She tells the dramatic and compulsive story of Katherine of Aragon, the first queen of King Henry VIII famously cast aside for failing to produce a living male heir and for which she was eventually divorced by Henry in 1533 But ,as Alison Weir clearly states, Katherine was far from the victim portrayed in so many history books In fact, she was a passionate highly intelligent, courageous woman who deserves greater respect then she has been given over the centuries Her remarkable abilities have all too often been cast aside in light of her sad and tragic end There was far to Katherine then this and this tremendous novel does full justice to this formidable and incredible queen who stood defiantly against her king and inspired the love and loyalty of the vast majority of her English subjects who were devoted to her This book also reveals Katherine s importance in the governance of the kingdom particularly in the first decade of Henry s reign This novel is the first in a series of six distinct novels about the six wives of King Henry VIII This debut novel on Katherine has set a high precedent which may be difficult to better.This is a cracking read and one that will surprise you along the way Go and order your copy from now

  2. S. Donnellan Jones S. Donnellan Jones says:

    Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Alison Weir the historian, but in my view she is not a novelist She forgets that a novel has to tell a story with real human characters and instead bogs down the narrative with every single historical detail she knows and she knows a lot slowing the pace and blurring the line between fiction and non fiction I also find the speech unconvincing While I fully accept there is a balance to be struck to bridge the gap between past and present, I felt at times the characters spoke as if they were in a modern day romance I ll continue to read and recommend her non fiction, but I think she should leave storytelling alone and stick to the facts Give me Jean Plaidy any day.

  3. AndyB161 AndyB161 says:

    Daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, Isabela and Ferdinand, Catherine of Aragon left her homeland at the age of 15 to marry Arthur Tudor, heir to the throne of England Catherine s future, however, is rocked when Arthur dies mere months after the marriage will she return to Spain, or is her destiny still to be queen through marriage to Arthur s younger sibling, the future Henry VIII Despite plans for the union, Catherine is forced to endure a long, uncertain interlude under her merucrial father in law However, during this time, her formidable personality and sense of purposes take hold And, when Henry VII dies, Henry VIII offers his hand in marriage.In this first instalment in her fictional series on the six queen consorts of Henry VIII, Alison Weir deftly weaves history and fiction, to tell the tale of a strong and endearing woman.I must confess that my favourite parts of the novel are Catherine s early years in the court of Henry VII and her marriage to Henry VIII Drawing from long research, Weir challenges the stereotypical dour view of Catherine of Aragon She was a robust and formidable presence Catherine s passion and intelligence shine in Weir s prose, emphasising the vital role she paid in Henry VIII s early years The long, sad chapter of the Great Matter makes far sense with Weir s deft characterisation.I thoroughly enjoyed this opening chapter to the series Lovers of both historical fiction and the early modern period will find much to enjoy.

  4. Nessie Nessie says:

    I bought this book to read for my Book Club I have never had much interest in history, having had it taught so badly at school.However, this book taught me than I learned in five years at secondary school It is written in a fairly simplistic way, and Katherine at times is very frustrating in her obstinate belief that Henry would see the light and come back to her, when it was clear he had moved on She stuck to her religious beliefs, despite being treated appallingly by Henry, and at least died with her head intact I will move on to Ann Boleyn now and further my knowledge.

  5. MrsB MrsB says:

    Hats off to Alison Weir, a superbly researched, beautifully detailed, heart wrenching account of the first wife of Henry VIII of England, Katherine of Aragon.The daughter of Isabella of Spain and Ferdinand of Aragon, Catalina is sent to England at fifteen years of age to marry Prince Arthur, the older brother of Prince Henry Later King Henry VIII Torn from her privileged life in Spain and forced to change her Name to Katherine for the sake of appearances, Catalina is welcomed by the subjects of the then King Henry VII, and is dutifully wed to his oldest son, Arthur However, it soon becomes apparent that Arthur is not in good health, and he passes away a few short months following the wedding.Katherine is then subjected to the ever changing moods of Henry VII Denied a return to Spain, but forced into an almost reclusive lifestyle in England, eventually betrothed to Arthur s brother Henry, she is kept in the dark about whether her second wedding will ever take place.Imagine her joy when Henry VII s death leads to fresh proposals from the new King, Henry VIII However, her subsequent marriage to, and life with her Henry is not to be the fairy tale she imagined.Alison Weir s expert research and eloquent penmanship show Katherine as the strong, self assured yet humble woman she was It is plain from the outset that the early years of King Henry VIIIs reign would have been disastrous had it not been for her level head and keen knowledge of the complexities of rule bestowed on her by her own parents Weir also portrays the violent love she held for Henry right until her death, and the heartbreak she suffered at his hands.Based on new insights from leading historians, and letters in Katherine s own hand, this is an exceptional account of an exceptional woman, who would remain The True Queen of England until her dying day.A must for any avid readers of Tudor History and associated Historical Fiction.

  6. V-chan V-chan says:

    Das Schicksal von Katherine of Aragon ist jedem bekannt, der sich ein wenig mit ihr und den anderen Frauen Henry VIII besch ftigt hat Lohnt es sich da dieses Buch zu kaufen Ich muss sagen JA Alsion Weir bringt Katherines Schicksal neu zum leben Ich habe das Buch verschlungen, es ist spannend, man fiebert mit der Protagonistin mit, obwohl man das Ende kennt und es werden neue Zusammenh nge zwischen den Beziehungen der einzelnen Charaktere aufgetan, die mir so vorher nicht bewusst waren Gleichzeitig merkt man, dass Weir eben auch eine Historikerin ist, die ihr Fach versteht Ich kann das Buch jedem empfehlen, der sich f r die Tudors interessiert Gro artig

  7. Malen Malen says:

    Nunca hab a le do un libro sobre la vida de Catalina de Arag n, y este me ha interesado mucho porque cuenta novelado desde que llega a Inglaterra hasta su muerte Me interesaba mucho saber que fue de ella cuando Enrique VIII la apart.Entretenido

  8. marina marina says:

    Unisce rigore storico alla piacevolezza di un racconto Si scopre un personaggio che la storia ha alquanto sottovalutato e misinterpretato Consigliato a coloro che amano le biografie, linguaggio scorrevole

  9. Customer Customer says:

    I am missing the first 6 pages of the book see photos attached , could I please get a replacement including all pages

  10. C. Sheridan C. Sheridan says:

    Well written entertaining book Similar in style to Philippa Gregory books on Tudor England Would recommend this book to anyone interested in history and Tudor period novels.

  11. Nieves C. Nieves C. says:

    Realmente interesante, algo largo pero si fue as realmente a Catalina de Arag n si que se le debi hacer largo el sufrimiento

  12. oliver oliver says:

    A must read for those who love history A real insight on the the ordeals that Katherine of Aragorn had to face.

  13. MeganM MeganM says:

    Couldn t put it down

  14. Lisa Frahm Lisa Frahm says:

    Just loved this book, a history lesson in a very entertaining package.

  15. floriane Bellot floriane Bellot says:

    un grand livre pour une grande reine