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One of the most popular heroes of the s returns in his first ever full length novel Super spy and master of disguises Miles Drake, aka Captain Action, investigates the Riddle of the Glowing MenForeign assassins are sent to kill Captain Action, and though he manages to defeat them, it is their lifeless bodies that pose the greater mystery as they give off a green, glowing radiation Teamed with a beautiful and seductive Russian Agent, Captain Action travels to the barren, frozen wastelands of Siberia where the secret behind the glowing men lies buried in a fantastic lost underground world It is a secret also pursued by his most dangerous nemesis, the alien born Dr EvilWhat is this strange power hidden beneath the Earth that could destroy all of mankind, and who will unlock its mysteries first Riddle of the Glowing Men is a classic pulp thriller packed with enough intrigue, daring escapes, and breakneck adventure to fill a dozen books Featuring a stunning cover by artist Nick Runge, it presents a well loved hero to a new audience eager to experience his special brand of two fisted battling Captain Action style