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How to lose weight is a hot topic, but a lot of people are facing underweight problems They are trying different methods with little or no success Advice from friends and family members is not helpful This audiobook is especially for them An underweight person will not be attractive at all You need a perfectly shaped body for daily activity Who does not want to be noticed in the crowd with a stunning, fit body For many underweight people, choosing the right method to gain a healthy weight is difficult For a thin person, it is very easy to start eating food full of fat to gain weight quickly, but it s an unhealthy and dangerous way of gaining weight The correct way to gain healthy weight is to have a balanced diet plan and follow it accordingly A weight gain meal plan will let you eat foods that you enjoy and provide your body with a balanced vitamins and nutrients A complete weight gain meal plan should comprise whole multigrains, vegetables, fresh fruits, and protein and dairy products For healthy weight gain, you should choose foods rich with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals along with high calories I want you to gain weight as quickly as possible You are strong enough to gain weight I know that you can do it I trust in you With a few secrets mentioned in this book, you will be able to gain weight easily Trust in yourself I trust in you, because you are a good person, and I want to share my secrets with you

3 thoughts on “How to Gain Weight in 7 Days (Audio Download): James Staton, C.J. McAllister, James Staton: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Zara Zara says:

    This book was ok, its a bit short and I find it quite generic Alot of the information can be found online for example supplements for weight gain and what foods to eat for weight gain which are mentioned in this book.I like the 7 day meal plan however I think for me to gain weight I need to be eating than 3000 calories and the meal plan is only up to 2800 calories which i already manage.It was an OK read considering it was free

  2. Ancient Bookworm Ancient Bookworm says:

    This 31 page pamphlet should never have been printed The grammar is terrible Even the title actually reads, How to Get Weight in 7 Days.Nowhere in the pamphlet is there any identification of the author or the publisher, but I would guess that English is not the author s first language Also, the information given is often incomplete For example, the reader is told to calculate his or her BMI, but not told how to do that Finally, 19 pages are devoted to sample meal menus, some of them very odd indeed, and many very complex. Example, for one lunch Tuna, turkey, chicken and bean mix salad.

  3. asteria gabriel reyes asteria gabriel reyes says:

    there were pointers that I found useful for me to gain wt