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At am on May Cathy O Dowd, ayear old mountaineer from South Africa, stepped onto the summit of Everest and into history She had become the first woman to climb the highest mountain in the world from both its south Edmund Hillary and north George Mallory sides To achieve this, Cathy has had to face the ultimate risks of Everest During her first ascent from the south in , she and her team were trapped in the killer storm described in Jon Krakauer s best seller Into Thin Air They finally reached the summit, only to have the thrill of success snatched away when a team member disappeared on the descent In , Cathy, attempting the north side of Everest, stopped only a few hundred meters from the summit to try and help a dying American climber The woman s first words were don t leave me Yet Cathy eventually had to leave her to save her own life Now Cathy has captured the drama of her Everest climbs, her passion for the challenge of climbing mountains, and her love for wild places in this story of her four attempts on the mountain Cathy tries to answer the question of why, if climbing Everest can be so dangerous, people still want to do it This is a book of challenge, adventure, love, and life and death This is about Everest, the world s highest mountain, climbed just for the love of it

7 thoughts on “Just for the Love of It (Audio Download): Cathy O'Dowd, Stevie Zimmerman, Crux Publishing: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Londoner123 Londoner123 says:

    Having read most of the Everest books related to the events of 1996 I started this with a negative view of the South African expedition and didnt expect to enjoy thks However, having finished this my perspective has changed and I am left somewhat in awe of Cathy O Dowd and what she has accomplished and tried to accomplish in subsequent expeditions.I ve no doubt that Cathy is as flawed as anyone else but it s refreshing to read an account where, at least in my interpretation of the book, someone is willing to accept that they have achieved something remarkable but also to lay bare their own weaknesses and shortcomings something which other writers on this subject should take note of.Highly recommended.

  2. Jules Jules says:

    An instantly engaging and highly readable story of self discovery, physical adversity and self belief.A powerful story of extreme mountaineering, with joy and disaster, in equal measure as the author makes her way into the record books on the world s highest mountain.Self effacing and highly inspirational, this is a book to show you the power of what might be, and is a great read, regardless of whether you have any interest in climbing.

  3. michelle michelle says:

    This is up there with the best books on mountaineering I have read Cathy asks the questions we all think of but daren t ask Some of the scenes are familiar from other climbers books films but refreshing to hear another perspective and interesting as a female perspective I came across this book by accident whilst purchasing another, not only did I find the book, I found myself a new hero The book describes climbing both sides of Everest so felt I got two books in one by one good author.

  4. G. S. LAWES G. S. LAWES says:

    I have read many travel and expedition books and Sir Ranulph Fiennes is my absolute favourites dare I say a hero of mine I find his tales captivating and inspirational I actually met him at the CNA in Sandton City shortly after reading Mind Over Matter and he signed a copy of Living Dangerously for me so for Cathy O Dowd to be endorsed by him was a great reference for me.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was pleased to have two longhaul flights giving me the opportunity to sink my teeth into it It had me totally absorbed and drawn into the sheer emotion of Cathy s life and death experiences Touching and brutal at the same time I must admit there were times when I had tears in my eyes.Excellently written and highly recommended Thank you Cathy

  5. Trotter Trotter says:

    I enjoyed the apparent honest reporting in this book or at least as honest as it gets without personally witnessing the events.It makes you wonder what motivates people to go where man and woman should not go.Read it from the comfort of your home and allow your imagination to take over

  6. Achala UK Achala UK says:

    Really enjoyed this, the writing is very natural and honest Total respect for Cathy O Dowd who keeps it together through one of the toughest physical and mental challenges a person can actually choose to put themselves through I found the book gripping with great insights on motivations and relationships of the extreme adventurers who make it a life s obsession to climb Everest This drama of life and death, dreams and crushed hopes on the mountains is powerfully told Highly recommended.

  7. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I bought this book 4 9 2018, it shows up on my Kindle with a X on it, all the books I have bought before and since have downloaded correctly I bought Fear by Bob Woodward on the same day, I haven t read it yet but it downloaded on the day I was told it would be available.The rating is incorrect as I haven t read the book My comment would not submit without one.Ann Bates