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If you already have an interest and perhaps regularly take part in events such as half and full marathons orchallenging events, such as the steeplechase, triathlon, or decathlon, think of obstacle course racing as taking things to a whole new levelObstacle course races have replaced mere triathlons and the like as the contemporary measure of physical fitness, with a very dominating element of sheer human willpower, teamwork, planning, fun, mental toughness, and a whole lotObstacle course races, such as the Tough Mudder, will have you commanding a lot of respect from your peers and counterparts alike, simply because completing what continues evolving into an iconic obstacle course race is right up there with the biggest modern day achievements anyone could ever accomplishIf the regulark races just don t cut it for you any, it s definitely time for you to step things up a notch, get into what will likely be the best shape of your life, and start planning for your first or next participation in an obstacle course raceMake no mistake about it obstacle course races are rightfully promoted to be very challenging and extremely tough, but by no means are they impossible to complete Obstacle course races are not all about physical fitness and mental toughness Most obstacle course races encourage and even go as far as enforcing the need for teamwork and the construction of friendships along the way, which adds a whole new dimension to a brand new way of doing things sharing your progress and your results with your social circles The personal benefits go beyond physical fitness and neighborly bonds, because most of the best known obstacle course races are heavily involved in charitable work and community development programs