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When Lieutenant Lawrence Miller first sees USS Bacalao in the builder s yard in late , the submarine is little than a pile of curved steel plates During the next few months, Miller watches the boat take shape and the crew gather from throughout the fleet By late , Bacalao is in commission and assigned to the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor Then, on a Sunday morning, everything changes, as the Japanese sneak attack plunges the United States into World War II The new submarine and her untried crew are immediately thrown into action against the Japanese Miller is there through it all, from the disastrous first patrol, when the boat is nearly lost and a pair of surprising heroes emerge, to the deployment to Australia, where a chance encounter while ashore will change his life forever Then, after spending a year in command of an antiquated S boat in the frozen hell of the Aleutians, Miller returns to Bacalao as her last wartime commander Written in a simple, straightforward style, Bacalao is destined to become an instant classic of submarine fiction

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  1. I. Lodge I. Lodge says:

    Would anyone really name a submarine Dried Cod Monotonous and non involving I will not be reading any books by this author.

  2. umberto tunesi umberto tunesi says:

    Tecnicamente meglio come appassionato lettore e spettatore di storie di sommergibili l ho trovato realistico ed interessante La sinossi che ne ho letto non menzognera, l Autore di tutto rispetto Forse forse l Autore avrebbe potuto essere pi sintetico su alcune caratteristiche personali dei personaggi ma anche questo accettabile in un romanzo, che sembra comunque basato su una vicenda vera.

  3. zorba zorba says:

    I wish I could give this very good book five stars, but there were enough flaws that I felt it deserved less than that My biggest complaint was that about the first third of the book was overly concerned with all the hardware on the sub, much of it poorly explained as to purpose It also bogs down in endless and often useless abbreviations and somewhat pedantic writing I get the impression that the author is very proud of his knowledge of subs and wants to impress readers who might have served on WWII subs Okay, with that out of the way, after the encyclopedic pages, the book suddenly takes off and becomes exciting The author covers a lot of ground and the sub sees a lot of action The book enters can t put it down territory and by the end, you know that you haven t wasted your time and have read a very enjoyable war thriller So, though somewhat flawed, Bacalao is a book I would recommend to others.

  4. James B. Sitrick Jr. James B. Sitrick Jr. says:

    Excellent description of the life of WW2 Navy submariners with unexpected details about submarines interspersed Hard to determine if it s fiction or not.

  5. Jerry Brooks Bannister, Retired Prof., West Ct State Univ Jerry Brooks Bannister, Retired Prof., West Ct State Univ says:

    J.T McDaniel s Bacalao is not a heart pounding submarine action story or a fast moving pot boiler instead, there is a definite feel of authenticity in its story line McDaniel respects his characters they are decent men all, and Navy to the core I was surprised that McDaniel himself has never been in the Navy but is a Vietnam veteran aviator Interestingly, he has his characters rant about the inability of American pilots to tell, or care about, the difference between enemy and friendly subs The novel is a deliberately paced old fashion story beginning with the fictional laying of the Bacalao s keel at the Electric Boat Company yard in Groton, Connecticut After trial runs, a passage through the Panama Canal to Hawaii, the Bacalao enters the Pacific War with the Japanese raid on Pearl Harbor Her war action takes place over twelve patrols Occasionally, McDaniel is pedantic especially about sub technical details and a few of his action scenarios seem familiar However, these criticisms are minor I recommend Bacalao as a thoughtful look at the operations of a WW II submarine and her crew, as well as at the Navy itself.The detailing of submarine construction, and of the gradual coming aboard at nearby New London Sub Base of the crew during different periods of construction, and of the shake down cruises, all are told rather leisurely There is a great amount of technical detail given to the reader I found his analysis of the magnetic torpedo problems failures to be lucid and to the point He also gives interesting side commentaries about the America of that period But the focus is always upon the character of the novel s individual crew members primarily the officers and chiefs , and upon the culture of naval professionalism Either you will squirm with impatience perhaps boredom or you will enjoy this calm before the storm Indeed it is this careful building of the story that explains the emotional impact of the novel Since you will have already identified with the characters, the action descriptions do not have to be at fever pitch to be effective it is simply the story of duty, of heroes, of those not up to it, of sailors killed and injured, of torpedoes awry, of ever closer depth charges being dropped, of ships torpedoed and breaking apart, of men in the waterand of men fearing they will not be returning to their loved ones J B Bannister

  6. Michael Michael says:

    I ve read many WWII sub books, this holds your interest but keeps you wanting for It is a good pass the time book but not a can t set it down book

  7. A Customer A Customer says:

    Bacalao is the name of a fictional Gato class submarine McDaniel brings us inside the sub He gives look at what it must have been like to fight the war against the Imperial Japanese Navy, and the frustrations encountered.This is a very credible read about a war that is fading into history for many these days.

  8. John J. O'brien John J. O'brien says:

    If you enjoy naval stories, then you may enjoy it.It s readable but not a must read.

  9. Irving J. Ladd Irving J. Ladd says:

    For those interested in WW II 0n a historical,or adventure story base this a good book

  10. ripped off ripped off says:

    The technical grasp of day to day driving a sub was simply astounding McDaniel would have you believe that he himself commanded diesel electric boats during WW 2 The crews vital reliance on the boats hardiness and mechanical prowess is palpable, like seawater splashing you from above in the conning tower Wow, even for an unabashed submit as I am, this was one hell of an education

  11. Eric Dedekam Eric Dedekam says:

    Entertaining story of the men who sailed the WWII submarine Bacalao Good character development Interesting recount of technical developments from peace to war time Author has clearly done his research Recommended read.

  12. Larry Larry says:

    Outstanding novel aboard a world war 2 submarine

  13. Customer Customer says:

    A great read for fans of WWII Submarine warfare for those who appreciate the extra technical details that give you a sense of being on board.

  14. LtColZ ret LtColZ ret says:

    great story and good naval action