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Discover the Inspirational Story of Tennis Superstar Roger Federer You re about to discover the incredibly inspirational story of tennis superstar Roger Federer If you re reading this, then you must be a fan of Roger, like so many others As a fan, you must wonder how this man is so talented and want to know about him Roger is considered one of the greatest tennis players ever, and it s been an honor to be able to watch him compete throughout his career This audiobook will reveal to you much about Roger s story and the many accomplishments throughout his career Here is a preview of what you ll learn Youth and family life Amateur career Professional career and notable moments Legacy, charitable acts, and much If you want to learn about Roger Federer, then this book is for you It will reveal to you many things that you did not know about this incredible tennis star

11 thoughts on “Roger Federer: The Inspirational Story of Tennis Superstar Roger Federer (Audio Download): Bill Redban, Michael Pauley, Bill Redban: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Stef Stef says:

    Don t bother with this book I was expected to receive a proper book and not a 30 pages of very very extremely basic information about Roger Federer s life career For the cost of 6.11 it is a rip off Very disappointed Very annoyed that I didn t see it had so few pages.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    For the avid Roger Federer fan this was a brilliant stocking filler.

  3. irene irene says:

    Muy interesante Sin duda el mejor de todos los tiempos Vale la pena para el que es un apasionado de este deporte

  4. Kunde Kunde says:

    Kurz und knackig das wichtigste aus seinem Leben Englische Sprache leicht zu verstehen Hatte Spa beim Lesen Einfach ein peRFektes Buch f r zwischendurch

  5. 06082020020905197348 06082020020905197348 says:

    If you wish to understand Roger deeply, this book without any pictures would not be sufficient or satisfactory.I just wanted to quickly understand Roger who is regarded highly on and off the court.There is a call for a player in every sport who can be a role model on and off the arena, and I now understand that Roger is one of them.

  6. Jennifer Young Jennifer Young says:

    This book is crap Not a single picture except what is on the cover Pages and pages of text I bought it for a jr high library Not a single child will pick this up

  7. Sergio Sanchez Sergio Sanchez says:

    The book is just a Reoger Federer record I www expecting Go kuno emote about his motivation and his way of thinking what moved him to be like he is, how much is parents, wife, family, moved him to became his Majesty at tennis Maybe in another book.

  8. Rose Rose says:

    Roger Federer The Inspirational Story has been such a fascinating read on one of the greatest athletes ever Author Bill Redban does a wonderful job with the presentation of Federer s career and many of his highlights in tennis But the best part is how well he brings together some of the tennis superstar s beginnings and all the work and sacrifices that go into creating a dream and having a passion for greatness With so many years as a professional, you lose sight that they had to have a start somehow and I really enjoyed how much is covered with Roger Federer s long history with the junior tennis championship and all he did at that time Very inspirational for any young person looking for direction, in sports or just working hard Overall, a wonderful biography with a bunch of stuff I didn t know about one of the greatest all around living persons.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    I have not even read the book yet I was so disappointed that it was not a true novel but rather about a 12 page introductory I thought i was buying a biography with his whole life story.

  10. Flute Player Flute Player says:

    Very poor information.Just facts.