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Between his work on theAudible Audiobook of the Year, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark A Novel, and his performance of Classic Love Poems, narrator Richard Armitage The Hobbit, Hannibal has quickly become a listener favorite Now, in this defining performance of Charles Dickens classic David Copperfield, Armitage lends his unique voice and interpretation, truly inhabiting each character and bringing real energy to the life of one of Dickens most famous characters This epic, exuberant novel is one of the greatest coming of age stories in literature, chronicling David Copperfield s extraordinary journey through life as he encounters villains, saviors, eccentrics, and grotesques including the wicked Mr Murdstone, stouthearted Peggotty, formidable Betsey Trotwood, impecunious Micawber, and the odious Uriah Heep Dickens great novel based, in part, on his own boyhood and which he described as a favorite child is a work filled with life, both comic and tragic Listen to Richard Armitage bring Dickens words to life, and you ll understand why Virginia Woolf called David Copperfield the most perfect of all the Dickens novels

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  1. SusannahB SusannahB says:

    When the hero of this story David Copperfield is born, his formidable Great Aunt Betsey Trotwood angered by the unpalatable news that the baby is a male and not the female she confidently expected leaves David s widowed mother s house in a fit of temper and, vowing never to return, she vanishes like a discontented fairy Several years later, when David s mother has died and David has been ill treated by his cruel stepfather, he runs away and after several days on the road he arrives at his Aunt Betsey s cottage in Dover, where the eccentric elderly lady lives with her companion, the even eccentric but very lovable Mr Dick And it is when Aunt Betsey decides to take the young David under her wing, that Master Copperfield s life changes very much for the better After receiving a decent education, paid for by his aunt, and having spent time in the holidays with the seafaring family of his old nurse, Peggotty, David introduces an old schoolfriend of his, the very handsome and financially independent Steerforth, to Peggotty s beautiful niece, Emily an event which has startling repercussions for all involved In the meantime, David comes into the orbit of the odious and falsely subservient and ever so umble Uriah Heep, who has nefarious plans to worm his way into the life of David s lawyer friend, Mr Wickfield, and Mr Wickfield s kind and beautiful daughter, Agnes there is the lovely Tommy Traddles a true friend to David then there is the feckless, financially straitened but marvellous Mr Micawber, who cannot live by his own maxim of Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen and six, result happiness Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery and our young hero becomes part of a whole cast of eccentric, unusual and wonderfully weird characters, all of whom add greatly to this entertaining story of a young man s adventures as he travels from childhood to adulthood.Charles Dickens favourite of his novels and one that is believed to be, at least in part, a thinly veiled autobiography of its author this is a very engaging and entertaining story which I first read at school and which, although I have been meaning to revisit it many times since, has actually taken me decades to get around to it However, now I have done so, I am very glad that I took the time out to reread this novel, and although I have to admit to finding some of Dickens writing to be overly dramatic and overly sentimental, it s also true that he is a great storyteller who creates some wonderfully comical characters for his stories Like the author s Great Expectations this is a marvellous coming of age story and one which amongst all the humour also looks at injustice, inequality, social status and Finally I will just add that for this rereading I chose the Vintage Classics edition with French flaps, decorated endpapers and sprayed page edges not only is this edition attractive to look at and to hold but the pages are of a larger size than most paperbacks and the print is of a decent size too which is not always the case with some of these reprinted classics Recommended.4 Stars.

  2. Ecowitch Ecowitch says:

    This is quite an interesting read that follows David Copperfield as he makes his way through life, dealing with the loss of family, being moved from here to there and trying to make his own decisions while trying to figure out who he is and what he wants Of course the writing is descriptive and easy to follow but Copperfield is a surprisingly annoying character worrying only about himself and doing whatever he pleases Even when he s supposedly grown up, he s still not a particularly great person but he does learn a few lessons I do wonder how true it is that this is loosely based on Dickens own life

  3. GJC GJC says:

    Five stars Absolutely However you don t need to take my word for it, hundreds of others reviewers feel the same Yes it can be a mammoth read and yes there are sections that ponder along and appear not wholly connected to the main events, but this is missing the point Dickens s David Copperfield is one of the greats of English literature The BBC made a very worthy mini series some years ago and it captured the essence, but the original work gives so much .The characters are such a reflection of our own times, Mr Peggotty, Ham, Clara Peggoty aunt Betsey find their opposites in Dippy Dora high maintenance , her father the shrewd financial businessman who always defers to his partner and the murderous Mudstones who eventually get their comeuppance of sorts, as well as the despicable Uriah Heep But for me the icing on the cake is Mr Micawber with his love of language and financial wisdom.Income, nineteen shillings and sixpence Expenditure, nineteen shillings Result, happiness Income, nineteen shillings and sixpence Expenditure, twenty shillings Result, misery.Outstanding

  4. Jon Haynes Jon Haynes says:

    This has only got four stars as I have only just started reading this book The title to this review is in correlation to the fact that I should of read this book, long before now I always like to read a broad style of books, all fiction, accept for non fiction I just can not get into some the history that i love to watch, but struggle to find interesting on paper Anyhow, Dickens way with words and creating a colourful picture of his characters is a delite in this book Like I said, I m not beyond chapter 4 and I want to read it all in one night Unfortunately my illness doesn t allow for such ventures any and I often find the book slumped on my chest or on the floor But I will persevere, as this is a book that shouldn t be left on a shelf untouched This will not be the last Dickens book I ll read.

  5. E.V.T E.V.T says:

    I love this book Charles Dickens at his wonderful best, imo A simple rags to riches story entwined with love and loss hope and regret happiness and remorse laughter and cruelty, all set within a seemingly simpler time and unwrapped by Dickens in his usual over descriptive often meandering yet beautifully imaginative and creative way Note I also purchased the Audio Description with the book and it is wonderful

  6. Bonita Bonita says:

    I have read this book over and over It is sad in parts, but there are good parts which I like the best It s a story of a young lad who had a loving mother who was imposed on through marriage for her small fortune of money left to her by her first husband, who had died This new husband abused her and her son emotionally She dies Her son David Copperfield is pushed into work being paid pittence at his step father s business Two good characters turn up who support him until they couldn t Young David remembers his Aunt Miss Betsy Trotwood He runs away to her His life changes for the better I fully recommend this book as an enjoyable read with a lovely ending.

  7. Kanwar Anand Kanwar Anand says:

    It took me 25 days to read I can t tell you just how many journeys this book made me feel like i went through I felt I was the protagonist The beat of my heart was aligned with the uncertainties surrounding the protagonist, David Copperfield I felt anger and fear every time the villain came in and the description was truly spine tingling Through all the harrowing downs that the protagonist faces, you learn to keep going from him When he falls in love, you fall in love Oh how masterfully the author divines love and its conditions and pre requisites.A fascinating feat of this book is that though it is very very very long and it has as many characters, I have retained all of them All of the characters are memorable and relatable David s friends become your friends and his foes become your enemies This is FANTASTIC WRITING.This was my first book by the author I am now reading Great Expectations It is also good and not similar I endeavour to read at least 2 books by DIckens But you, my dear reader, should start with David Copperfield.

  8. Cliente Cliente says:

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