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The British Book Awards Book of the YearWinner of the Costa First Novel AwardShortlisted for the Independent Book Week AwardIf it had another name, I never knew, but the locals called it the Loney that strange nowhere between the Wyre and the Lune where Hanny and I went every Easter time with Mummer, Farther, Mr and Mrs Belderboss and Father Wilfred, the parish priest It was impossible to truly know the place It changed with each influx and retreat, and the neap tides would reveal the skeletons of those who thought they could escape its insidious currents No one ever went near the water No one apart from us, that is I suppose I always knew that what happened there wouldn t stay hidden for ever, no matter how much I wanted it to No matter how hard I tried to forget Very good story and nice writing It is obvious why it was a book of the year choice. Ever since I ve heard about this book, I ve wanted to read it for a number of reasons 1 It gives off serious The Woman In Black vibes and I LOVE that book I ve missed good, atmospheric horror 2 It won the Costa Book Award, and my past reviews show that winners of that award tend to be books that I enjoy a lot 3 I ve read a LOT of YA as of late and having fallen into a bit of a book slump, I want to see if a different genre will snap me out of it Now that I ve read it I have to say that despite enjoying it, I was a teeny bit disappointed on all three fronts There was a lot of hype surrounding this book and it didn t quite live up to it for me.Let s start with the good stuff the atmosphere It was definitely there and I loved reading the descriptions of The Loney and it s nearby village and shrine Compared to the hustle and bustle of London that is described at certain points, it felt like a wild, desolate, lonely place ruled only by nature and unseen forces that will not be tamed by men or women, no matter how hard they try Hurley s writing can in no way be faulted it s beautiful With such a strong prose, it s easy to see WHY the book has received so much praise There were hints to the supernatural and a strong look at religion and how it can affect human behaviour, which I loved I have to say, I was a pretty big fan of the character work too Aside from the narrator who had very little personality acting as of an observer than anything they were all distinctive and unique individuals and their relationships with each other were well explored.Sadly, there were things about this book that mean it stayed at good and stopped it from being great for me Firstly, there was no REAL plot There was an element of mystery to it, that s for sure, but I didn t really feel like it started from or finished at anything substantial This was partly because I was expecting to be spooked, even to find myself a ghost amongst the pages If that s what you think you ll get with this book, you will be disappointed The ending left me with questions than answers too I m afraid Hurley clearly puts a lot of stock in the power of suggestion and the human imagination, but I would have liked things a little clear cut and I didn t fully understand much of what happened in those final chapters My final niggle was not a big one, but I have to say I felt like I was reading a story much older than it actually was late 1800s to early 1900s maybe, at a stretch around the second World War Imagine my shock when I found out the book was set in the 1970s It s all very well throwing televisions and a bit of modern technology into the mix, but I like a SENSE of time period in the writing too It felt dated. I read alot and i might not like every book i read but usually i can see why others didwe just have different tastes, or its a mood thing However, after reading this book I m mystified as to where the five star reviews came from and the awards I like books with atmosphere, i like a slow building I m not it someone who needs constant twists and turns The loney just didnt go anywhere, it plodded along and then it felt like the author felt it was time to wrap it up and then it was overI literally had to check the reading status twice to check it was 100% because i didnt quite believe that was the ending..really awful, blink and its over, no real climax, no plot, nothing Yes the characters are written well, but then does nothing with them I didnt find the descriptions of the Loney haunting as others have said either Really scratching my head wondering how this won awardsa slow book year I had long wanted to read this because of all the positive noises about it There is no doubt that Mr Hurley can write, and I engaged with his characters, and the plot as it was laid out, very readily His descriptions of The Loney and how it felt to be there and the effects it had on the various characters were well realised There s a good deal of doom laden premonition but sadly, for me at least, it never fulfilled it s promise I was left with too many unanswered questions, and no resolution as to what had really happened, or what we were meant to think had happened I think I have a fairly fertile imagination but certainly couldn t tie up all the loose ends here.Towards the end of the book there s a bit too much soul searching by one of the characters, which doesn t advance the story in any way and also still didn t explain what was quite a big issue in the story.Still worth a read though, and others may just get it, whereas I didn t