{Free pdf} Bound for Distant Seas: A Voyage Alone to Asia Aboard the 28-Foot Sailboat Atom (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: James Baldwin, Nick O'Kelly, David N. Olberding: Audible AudiobooksAuthor James Baldwin – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

Bound for Distant Seas begins sailing author James Baldwin s epic tale of his second circumnavigation His story is seasoned by his adventures during his first circumnavigation in as told in Across Islands and Oceans Alone with little money aboard Atom, his now enginelessfoot sailboat, James embarks on his odyssey without the comforts and equipment most sailors consider essential Challenging himself to live as closely with the sea as possible, the author sets sail infrom Florida, bound for new adventures on the distant shores of Asia He does not return home again foryears In this paean to the sea and foreign lands, the author recounts the best and worst of life on the ocean, visits to far flung islands, and adventures amid throngs of humanity in some of the world s most densely populated cities This unvarnished physical and philosophical saga includes encounters with dead eyed bureaucrats, native angels of mercy, newly discovered WWII wreckage, fellow expat adventurers, rogues and misfits The journey takes many unplanned turns as the author faces near misses with lurking dangers, hikes across islands, finds temporary employment ashore, and immerses himself in foreign cultures Along the way he is tested by sea and society, and he ultimately discovers the priceless treasures of heart and mind that he seeks James invites you to come aboard Atom for the journey of a lifetime

10 thoughts on “Bound for Distant Seas: A Voyage Alone to Asia Aboard the 28-Foot Sailboat Atom (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: James Baldwin, Nick O'Kelly, David N. Olberding: Audible Audiobooks

  1. R. Emberton R. Emberton says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this second book as much as the first Extremely well written and knowledgeable author The book is both exciting, informative and descriptive I did think that good luck followed him and got him out of many life threatening situations he got himself into, then tried justifying what happened Never the less, I found the book gripping and look forward to the next.

  2. Vivien Ogden Vivien Ogden says:

    Loved this book, as I did the authors first adventure Across Islands and Seas. The book is on the same par as Thor Hyadel and Kontiki, Slocum and Spray, and Les Powles with Solitaire he did have an engine, it didn t work Perhaps motor less sailing should be the next extreme sport

  3. steve steve says:

    I really enjoyed the story and the authors outlook on life was hard to put the book down as I found I was drawn into the tales

  4. David g James David g James says:

    Lovely inspiring book to get out there and live the dream on a basic sail boat full of adventure and exploring the world on a modest budget.

  5. Alec Alec says:

    An interesting and different read, not the usual description of sailing adventure.

  6. Brendan McInerney Brendan McInerney says:

    Really enjoyed this book Author is very good at describing the adventures and making the history of the places he visited come alive.

  7. Neil Phillips Neil Phillips says:

    A very enjoyable well written book.

  8. Bill Taylor Bill Taylor says:

    Bit repetitive.

  9. Lydia Lydia says:

    There s never a dull or boring passage in this second of James Baldwin s sailing and exploration books Take the trip with him You won t be sorry

  10. A. VINE A. VINE says:

    Excellent storytelling and writing Wonderful mix of sailing and land based adventures A good read