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Enjoyable Richard Hannay, Buchan s hero in thisthriller, stumbles across a terrorist plot to destabilize Europe A British spy in the mold of James Bond, Hannay is an action man with a polished veneer After a series of murders, Hannay takes up the cause when he has to go on the run A thrilling series of events come to an exciting conclusion Table of Contents ChapterThe Man who Died ChapterThe Milkman Sets Out on his Travels ChapterThe Adventure of the Literary Innkeeper ChapterThe Adventure of the Radical Candidate ChapterThe Adventure of the Spectacled Roadman ChapterThe Adventure of the Bald Archaeologist ChapterThe Dry Fly Fisherman ChapterThe Coming of the Black Stone ChapterThe Thirty Nine Steps ChapterVarious Parties Converging on the Sea John Buchan, st Baron Tweedsmuir was a Scottish novelist, short story writer, biographer and diplomat The son of a minister, Buchan was born in Perth, Scotland Buchan won a scholarship to Oxford and received several writing awards while studying classic literature After traveling the world in diplomatic circles, Buchan spent time running for political office, publishing a magazine and writing spy thrillers After success in many arenas and impressing many with his contributions during WWI, Buchan was appointed Governor General of Canada, where he served until his death Upon his appointment, King George V, made him a peer good Awful product quality the text seems to be photocopied I have returned it and acquired a proper one at my local bookstore. First serialised in Blackwood s Magazine and then published in book form the same year 1915 this novel has never been out of print, and is probably the most famous thriller in the English language Here is also the first time we meet the character Richard Hannay, who appeared in other novels by Buchan.Hannay, who has been in Rhodesia is currently residing in London, but is thinking of returning to South Africa as he feels boredom set in But soon this is all to change when a neighbour fakes his own death and stays with Hannay This man is a spy and has a big tale to tell of the assassination of a leader and a war that will follow Our hero believes him, especially when he is murdered in his flat and thus Hannay is the prime suspect for murder Taking to his heels we follow Hannay as he travels to Scotland playing a cat and mouse game with the police, and German spies.Always trying to stay one step ahead our hero has to decipher the meaning of the thirty nine steps This is really a novel that needs no introduction as I expect most people have read it before, but if you have only seen the Hitchcock film version you will be in for a bit of a surprise, after all there is no hanging from the hand of Big Ben in this story.From London to Scotland, then back to London and then Kent this is a prime piece of escapism despite some coincidences and helpful people always showing up at the right moment Those who know all about this novel already will know this, but for those who are coming to this for the first time, or are unaware, the finale of this tale which takes place in a small town in Kent called Bradgate is really Broadstairs in the same county Those who are familiar with the place will know the houses that have steps running to and from them, which is the inspiration for the title.If you really think about this whilst you read it you will see that Buchan wrote something which just about stretches credulity but you tend to ignore this as you get so caught up in the tale This was a device that Buchan himself readily admitted, and used the same formula of coincidences and helpful people at just the right time in other tales. John Buchan is one of those little known authors who you may or may not have read, but if you read The Thirty Nine Steps you are sure to be hooked Very interesting tale of espionage. This book uses the same language as that of all other editions I ve looked at Unlike the other Kindle edition I complained about, and paid 3.99 for, this version does not substitute near synonyms for ordinary English words and phrases.It s a pleasure to read the authentic text of this important but now sometimes forgotten novel I recommend this book. Interesting read, love going back in time Getting ready to see the play, The Thirty Nine Steps This got me ready to see it acted out, although not sure how much they can put into a stage play. One of the Very Best mystery novels I have ever read I had never heard of this novel until researching mysteries through books It is almost unimaginable all the way to the last paragraph, which I read over several times Very catchy