{Free kindle} HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training Workout: A Beginners Guide to Fast, Intense HIIT Workouts to Maximize Results in Losing Weight and Gaining Muscle (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Tom Craig, Millian Quinteros, Tom Craig: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Tom Craig – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

This book is basically a few badly explained exercises and that s it, nothing else This is not a hiit book but a poor attempt at putting out rubbish and hoping people will buy before they get found out You ve been warned. I like to use HIIT when I work out because it has been proven to burn fat and build muscle than traditional cardio exercise I like doing plyometrics and sprint exercises This book has a lot of good workout routines that I am going to start incorporating into my workout I had been limiting myself because I didn t know how many other interval routines there were. Like the other 1 star reviewers said This book is a desert wasteland as it comes to information Every other 5 star review of this book is clearly bogus based on what this book contains and what the reviews purport. I grabbed this one because I love HIIT workouts D I love them because I hate working out for long periods of time, and HIIT means I can pound an intense workout out fast and hard, and then get back to my day I really hate spending an hour of my day on working out, who has time for it I just grabbed this so I could get to something faster I have been pretty pleased with it so far, it gives good exercise lists and good information, time will be the great decider I suppose, but so far I am loving this book Easy to read Steps easy to follow Many choices to make exercise work for each individual. I downloaded this book for free and am very happy that I did I knew HIIT workouts were supposed to be very effective but I wasn t sure exactly how to do them This book is very simple but it lays out exactly what to do and for how long It has workouts for beginners and those advanced It even has workouts for using the treadmill and elliptical Just what I was looking for Simple and straightforward Thank you Bought this for myself as I had wanted to explore the fitness world, I wanted to start a gym but they were pretty expensive and the training sessions were like super expensive I decided to buy this book as and to my surprise it was an absolutely amazing book had several methods for me to try out and I noticed a huge improvement in muscle buildup and lost a lot of excess fat, I have to say this book is probably one of the best guides for fitness, worked like a charm with lots of varieties to try out Amazing 10 10 Good information overall but no pictures Appeared to little than a workout journal stored in Word and then uploaded Not what I would expect in a professionally produced book Worth 3 bucks maybe could probably get similar workouts online for free I have to wonder if the 35 5 star ratings with glowing commentary were just the authors friends being nice I felt a little cheated which maybe is a little silly given that I spent less than I would have for a cup of coffee. Wanna take your training to the next level Have you studied all kinds of training methods, from weightlifting to crossfit You want a serious, intense training regimen, with no crap attitude or waste of time program It s time to change your life and take your body to a level it has never felt or looked like before What is HIIT Have you heard of it and always wanted to learn but quickly This book is simple, fast, and right to the point You re able to take action right now, today This really helped me get stronger, Sure the picture may look fake, as it probably is, but this really does help you get strong to lift anything I got stronger and had better endurance in less then a week I highly recommend this to you if you want a strong, fit body.