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Terrific story. Cmdr Brick Maxwell and his F Asquadron are flying cover for the president of Taiwan s jetliner when it is blown out of the sky Other than a slight shimmer of light preceding the catastrophe, there s no visible cause for the explosion But Maxwell suspects that China has stolen the plans for the Black Star a virtually invisible super stealth fighter Now a full scale war is inevitable unless Maxwell and a team of commandos can hijack the state of the art killing machine But with a beautiful defector of dubious loyalties guiding them, the mission can take a wrong turn at any moment This is the third Gandt book from the Sam Brick Maxwell series I WILL be reading them all Great action and awesome airplane scenes I felt like I was in the cockpit, but without getting sick Highly recommended this series A cracking good read Recommended. If you are hooked on military aviation adventures, this is your guy Bob Gandt has been there, done that, and took took good notes Unlike so many authors who irritate me with how they imagine aviators might think, talk and fly, Gandt gives it to you straight from the ready room to the cat shot to ACM tactics His characters are believable and his multiple plot lines keep your attention throughout the story I have read several of his Brick Maxwell novels and found them all to be of the same high quality as BLACK STAR I am so pleased with this author s authenticity that I plan to check out some of his non fiction works as well Give him a try You will not be disappointed. If you like to take your time and read a few minutes each day, this isn t the book for you this one will make you miss your bedtime It s filled with characters that you get attached to, and action scenes that will leave you sweating For half of the book, you ll find yourself thinking ahead and trying to find solutions for unsolvable problems For the other half, you ll discover that you re holding your breath This one is a winner I can t help it I am a sucker for a good air combat novel, especially if it involves naval aviation I enjoy both the protagonist and the international conflicts that the author extrapolates from our current political scene The scenarios created are frighteningly possible and realistic, especially when one reads the current headlines concerning the saber rattling from North Korea Lets hope it all stays in the realm of fiction