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Sick and tired of being sick and tiredIntermittent fasting has become popular worldwide as a diet that can help with fat loss and with many diseases such as diabetes and obesity Followers of intermittent fasting are some of the healthiest around Learn what it takes to take your personal health to the next levelI want to go ahead and thank you for downloading this book and taking the time to invest in your personal health Intermittent fasting has been a diet that has risen in popularity in recent years and for good reason Intermittent fasting utilizes the simple principles of using eating windows to help you lose body fat and live a healthier andfulfilling lifestyle There are many fad diets out there that try to help you lose weight by limiting yourself in your food choices For most people this is not very practical They may stick to it for a while, but in order to truly lose body fat this has to become a lifestyle change But through intermittent fasting you now have the opportunity to fuel your body with what it needs to get the most out of it, while still maintaining your current foods and lifestyle Throughout this book we will be covering the history of the diet, the basics of how to get started through four different intermittent fasting methods, and how to adapt intermittent fasting to make it fit your lifestyle There is nothing in this worldimportant than your health and longevity Give intermittent fasting a try and I promise that you won t regret itIn this book you will learnThe history of intermittent fasting How intermittent fasting works How to make intermittent fasting fit your lifestyle Different variations of intermittent fasting for you to try Frequently asked questions about intermittent fasting The necessary steps to become an intermittent fasting master

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