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Before her death in July , beloved lesbian feminist author Chris Anne Wolfe published two of her four classic adventure novels Shadows of Aggar and Fires of Aggar But these two volumes are only the first half of her Aggar cycle Chris Anne left her unpublished manuscript to her creative partner, Jennifer DiMarco, who continues to work transcribing and publishing these three dozen novels and collections Find out about the Wolfe Campaign at ChrisAnneWolfe Shadows of Aggar begins it all Diana n Athena is an working for the Terran Empire on the medieval planet of Aggar Her mission is to rescue a downed pilot spy from Aggar s wilds But when the Council demands she be bonded to a Shadow in order to be allowed to make the journey, things get interesting Shadows are exceptional guides and fighters, but Elana is something she has the gift of the Blue Sight As the two women race against time to prevent an all out intergalactic war, they become erotically entangled, complicating both their lives and putting their mission in danger

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  1. Webster Webster says:

    meets mystic is a generally cliched lesbian theme, but this classy adventure with two strongly independent women with different cultural backgrounds is an outstandingly good read I lost sleep reading this one and don t regret the loss.Glad this has been published In memoriam Respect to those who made it possible Her name lives on with one readers appreciation Thank you.As well as Chris Anne Wolfe s other books, those who enjoyed this, might like to check out Fletcher de Lancey s f f Chronicles of Alsea series A generally straighter fantasy series of interest would be P C Hodgell s Kencyrath series.

  2. BH BH says:

    I loved this book A really good adventure rather than just a romance.Nice world building.There is a sequel

  3. Meeeee Meeeee says:

    Really horrified with this book and after a scarce few days of owning it with my Kindle, I ve returned it.It s poorly written but with characters, plots and intrigue, that can sometimes be over looked but not with this book The character development is dry, the plot is honestly without colour or thought and the quality of the writing is utterly terrible, thoughtless at times It s filled with poorly noted grammar and spelling errors, some of which are not just letter based and clearly a slip of the finger across the keyboard As an example, Elana, you know I am from another world hellip found in chapter nine The quickness of the two s affections is quite insulting for a LGBT friendly book Within a few paragraphs of seeing each other for the first time the quickness is something from clich consistency and sizzles into being a dry, obvious affair from the start There is no development in this department If I wanted a cheap floozy of a book, I would read Fifty Shades of Nonsense, personally.Regardless, this is a shameful example of a lesbian friendly book and would adore some skilled writer to approach this area of possibly brilliant literature with a skilled pen and delicate understanding for the beautiful of what is LGBT in fantasy.

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    Diana n Athena is an working for the Terran empire on the medieval planet of Aggar.Her mission rescue a downed pilot and spy from Aggar s badlands.But Aggar is not part of the Terran empire and before Aggar s Council will allow the journey, Diana must be bonded to a Shadowmate.That s when things get interesting.Shadows are exceptional guides, field companions and fighters.However, Elena is also something she is gifted with the magic of the Blue Sight, a sixth sense that allows her to manipulate intentions through the shifting colours of a person s amarin.She has also been gifted with dreams Dreams of a certain .Aided by friends and flying eitteh, haunted by Changelings, madmen and laser guns, Diana and Elana cross the vast and varied lands that are Aggar.In their race against time to prevent an all out intergalactic war, the two women become erotically entangled.But all too soon they discover that when the stakes are this high, nothing is ever easy and choices are never simple SYNOPSIS From back of Book SYNOPSIS

  5. Robin L. McLaughlin Robin L. McLaughlin says:

    I read any science fiction and fantasy novels that have lesbian characters that I hear of or stumble across Most of what is out there is written for mainstream audiences and often by straight authors There s nothing wrong with that, one of the attractions of the SF and Fantasy genres is that authors explore a vast array of character types and cultures But there is a definite lack of fantasy novels written by lesbians for lesbian audiences What s worse is, most of what is in print is mediocre at best and not worth the space on the bookshelf at worst In desperation, lesbian fantasy fans end up buying and reading the dreck anyway.Shadows of Aggar is a rare exception To say that it s the best lesbian fantasy novel I ve run across is true, but defining it that way is a disservice to the book, since that isn t really saying much It holds up on its own merits within the fantasy genre as a whole, not just within the sparse lesbian fantasy subset Shadows of Aggar contains most of the elements that make fantasy what it is a unique world and culture, swords and magic, and imperfect characters on a heroic quest The icing on the cake is that the lesbian romance is good too.One final note, as I noticed a previous reviewer mentioned hoping for from Chris Anne Wolfe Unfortunately, she lost her battle with cancer So I highly recommend collecting all of her works currently in print if you enjoy her writing, as there won t be any Shadows of Aggar is by far her best, but the others are all worth a read.

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    Chris Anne Wolfe may she rest in peace has long been renown in the GSRN community She was a woman whose culture was not ready for her progressive thoughts and actions The s of Aggar series has shown me a new view on love when I had already become jaded in thinking that I d seen all that writers could throw at me True devotion is rare to find in novel even rarer in real life but Wolfe made it believable.Thank you Chris Anne Wolfe, even after your death you re bringing and people under your spell.

  7. Therin Therin says:

    It took me a while to get into this story, as, though I love the premise, I am not usually into space age stories and inter planetary travel I prefer magical worlds or just the story of the people in a single land or planet, or our own historical time, but once I got past my resistance, I really enjoyed the concept, the story and the characters The sexuality was non invasive and well done I would highly recommend this book My only regret is that the companion story is not available on Kindle.