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The outbreak began in New York Soon it had spread to the rest of the world People were attacked and infected, and they died Then they came back Nowhere is safe from the undead As anarchy and civil war took grip across the globe, Britain was quarantined The press was nationalized Martial law, curfews, and rationing were implemented It wasn t enough An evacuation was planned Bill Wright broke his leg on the day of the outbreak Unable to join the evacuation, he watched from his window as the streets filled with refugees, he watched as the streets emptied once He watched as they filled up again, this time with the undead He is trapped He is alone He is running out of food and water He knows that to reach the safety of the enclaves, he will have to venture out into the wasteland that once was England On that journey he will ultimately discover the horrific truth about the outbreak, a decades old conspiracy, and his unwitting part in it This is the first volume of his journal

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  1. Dyl Dyl says:

    Using a very different style when writing a zombie book was enough to make me buy it and I m glad I did The general feeling of loneliness and isolation is at times unnerving The fact that Bill, virtually the only human character throughout, has a broken leg and no special skills makes this even interesting Too many zombie books just go down the same route of having people like soldiers being the heroes of the hour What about everyone else Surely some normal, non super human people would manage to survive in the unlikey event of a zombie apocalypse Anyway, Bill is a pretty normal guy waiting for someone to come and help him, eventually deciding that he has no choice but to help himself Struggling to find the basic needs such as food and drinkable water he sets out on a slow adventure through London There are not buckets of blood to be found in this story but there are moments of excitement with occasional zombie encounters The greatness of this book comes from the fact that Bill is completely alone, injured, scared, starving and desperate Even though it s a zombie book the scenario made it seem a bit realistic and I found myself wondering, what would I do I will definitley read the further books in the series.

  2. Sensibly Frugal Living Sensibly Frugal Living says:

    I rate this 3.5 5.Bill is an advisor to his MP friend, Jennifer A broken leg has him confined to his apartment during a zombie infection outbreak Jen promised to get him to safety, but the car that was sent was attacked and the driver was killed Bill s story is built upon the journals of his confinement from just before the London evacuation to about 3 months after.The first part of the book is pretty much Bill moaning, moping, and waiting to be rescued His poor survival skills and the insights into how he passes the time were building blocks to show his mind set and how it changes with the realisation that he is well and truly left to his own devices He isn t a man who takes well to manual work, and you quickly learn that he isn t courageous, but he is intelligent and knows a lot about the evacuation, the early days of the outbreak, and what has may have gone wrong during the evacuation and containment.Persevere through the first part, and I promise, the book picks up.The author has thought out different government tactics during such an incident, and I found it all extremely fascinating I cannot fault the detail woven into the evacuation plans and the realism this creates.There is something different about this book, and it s hard to put my finger on Considering that I didn t really like Bill and the narrative isn t action based, I found myself turning the pages and wanting to know the conclusion Whether it was the realism, his intellect, or the need to see if boring Bill toughened up and survived, I am hopeful for the next books in the series.

  3. Evolution 1981 Evolution 1981 says:

    I am going to do a copy and paste review for book 1, London through to book 14, Mort Vivant There won t be any spoilers, just a general overview of how I feel about this series.There are obvious parallels between these books and The Walking Dead The difference between them is that this series of books goes in depth, and you really get to know the characters I really love how each of the books connect with each other, and they are building a history of different communities coming together after an apocalyptic event These books are how The Walking Dead could have been By using different groups of characters, and different locations, there are infinite possibilities.I love the interactions of the characters, and seeing how people come to rely on each other It s the details like food and water, and basic survival, that makes this series of books interesting than the programmes on tv You really get a sense of the magnitude of losing all basic amenities.I m really enjoying these books They re perfect bedtime reading and I look forward to many .I bought book 1 on 13 August 2018 and continued to buy the series up to book 14 on 19 October 2018 Please hurry up Frank, and release book 15 My reviews for books 1 to 7 and books 12 to 14 will show as an Verified Purchase Books 8 to 11 were bought for me by a friend as a present, so obviously aren t verified on my account

  4. Miss Smith Miss Smith says:

    I quite enjoyed this but it didn t add a lot to the genre, there was a lot of pointless waiting around and things didn t move forward very much It s a proceedural zombie drama i.e you literally find out every tiny detail of every day of a survivor s life and it s not all that interesting The main character spends a lot of time waiting to leave his house and it s a bit dull and pointless There are some continuity type errors, such as the main character saying he s bored of eating boiled rice when we ve also been told he s got loads of rice but no way to cook it.It s an enjoyable enough read but the author clearly has a plot in mind but plans to draw it out over many books It s just not moving quickly enough to keep my attention to a second book at this rate One other aspect is it s learned a lot from American style paranoia about government being out to get you, which doesn t real sit well with a British setting as that s a bit of an alien mindset to us The idea that the main character works in politics but doesn t realise the government is actively trying to kill people is a bit too far fetched Government incompetence is believable.

  5. Silure Dumnonii Silure Dumnonii says:

    Nothing much new for the genre here in terms if how events pan out, or of zombie behaviour, just a comfy old zombie apocalypse read.What I did like, though, was that the lead character has no survival skills, at all, not even basic foraging, she s not conveniently ex military, she doesn t hunt and added to her woes has a broken leg Nor does she have any weapons.It was interesting to find the zombie apocalypse happening in Britain, far way from the US and its endless supply of guns andMormon pantry supplies, in that sense the story was a lot as your average person might experience an apocalyptic event There were also a lot fewer healthy humans strolling about to cause trouble, which often seems to be the case in so many zombie novels where the focus shifts away from the zombie problem and back to politicsI enjoyed this enough to have a go at others in the series.

  6. Janeen A OConnell Janeen A OConnell says:

    I enjoyed this first book in the series It s refreshing to have something set in a country other than the US The book is just the right length and I like the way the author breaks it up into time and number of days rather than chapters Bill s struggles while his broken leg mends are the main focus, with the undead an annoying backdrop The story line gathers momentum and as the excitement builds we get to know about Bill s character flaws I downloaded the second book as soon as I finished this one.

  7. Crystal C Crystal C says:

    If you re a zombie enthusiast and you binge on all things zombie related, I m sure you ve imaged what you would do if the zombie apocalypse were to suddenly strike humanity People like us dream about it, talk about it non stop and some of us even prepare for that dreaded day If you re like me, you may even have started your zombie survival kit But what if it were to descend on us at a time when we least expected it and all the preparation we did was for nothing What if you were stuck in a small apartment building aloneand your leg was broken How would you defend yourself Find food and water Run if you needed to Maybe this is something new we zombie enthusiasts need to think about and to plan for, or maybe you should just read this book.In Surviving the Evacuation, Book 1 London Bill finds himself under these dreaded conditions His leg is broken and we find him waiting patiently to be rescued, writing in his journal and watching the tragedy unfold outside his window It soon becomes clear to him that the help he was promised was not going to come and broken leg or not he was the only person who was going to save him The book is told through a series of journal entries which usually isn t my thing because I love reading dialogue, but I found it very refreshing and could not put it down I cannot say any without giving away spoilers but what I can say is that something that is probably the most cliche thing to say but I m going to say it anyways, if you love zombies you ll love this book I could feel the isolation, Bill s struggles, loneliness and pain The only thing that really bugged me was how easy it was for him to kill a zombie like it was natural, like it was a normal everyday occurrence His first kill should have been hard and then gradually get easier but it just seemed too easy for him in the very beginning.I highly recommend this book

  8. Neil Neil says:

    A book of a very different flavour Exciting, yet sad, at the same time, you will want to throw it at the wall Five minutes later, back you shall be, to find out what really happened.I do not want to give away any details.Just buy this very challenging book.After you finish it, you just might go do some research of your own, to understand what a minimum Ready Bag you could set up in a corner of your closet, with extra R.B tucked into your vehicle, your office, and a couple other places Planning for folks needing oxygen, CPAP machine, or other hitech machines needing electricity also might become urgent

  9. Cherylek Cherylek says:

    This was a little bit difficult to get into at first but definitely worth persevering with It s set in London, the zombies or They or Them as Bill calls them have overrun the planet or less including England What s different about this book is it s in journal form and almost just Bill by himself for nearly the whole book With a badly broken leg He was heavily involved in the government and with setting up an evacuation plan that in theory was supposed to save any and all survivors Hmm what could go wrong there The English people are aware of the zombie apocalypse but in the end it doesn t matter.

  10. Your Aunt Vee Your Aunt Vee says:

    I don t usually like zombie stories This one is different It was interesting and fast paced It is a dystopian novel I like dystopian stories because the I like how the main character story arc evolves to become strong and overcome obstacles I especially like that the character, like most people, was not a survivalist and had to learn how to survive I read it in one sitting and now I need to get the rest of the series.