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For much of the past decade, William Skidelsky has not been able to stop thinking about Roger Federer, the greatest and most graceful tennis player of all time It s a devotion that has been all consuming In Federer and Me, Skidelsky asks what it is about the Swiss star that transfixes him, and countless others He dissects the wonders of his forehand, reflects on his rivalry with Nadal, revels in his victories and relives his most crushing defeats But this is than just a book about Federer In charting his obsession, Skidelsky explores the evolution of modern tennis, the role of beauty in sport and the psychology of fandom, weaving his own past into the story Thought provoking and beautifully written, Federer and Me is a frank, funny and touching account of one fan s life A very interesting read. From the off, I must say that I have never taken to Federer I m a staunch Nadal and Murray fan but only a fool can fail to admire his genius.This book is very well written and researched The fan s life chapter towards the end was particularly enlightening, and whilst I obviously don t agree with the Nadal sentiments, it is understandable from a Federer fan s point of view.I found it a really enjoyable read. Well written book about the author s relationship with tennis and Roger Federer There is also an interesting look at the history of tennis , and some philosophical aspects in relation to the game maybe a bit long winded. Prompt delivery A very good read about one of the best players ever An inspiration. Roger Federa is just an amazing tennis player When talking about various players its like comparing a mercedes benz car, e.g Roger Federa with a BMW The mercedes you buy for the passion the BMW for the wallet Just the best player of my generation. The book is quite interesting as it shows how big of an influence Roger has on the writer A lot of us can find ourselves in this story. There is a very detailed description of how The mind works when watching Federer play Tennis live, Or on tv , and how it relates to the aprecciation of beauty, of artistry, and art, and EVEN though we are talking about sport, The values that he embodies are universal and most important, timeless, so, The book succeds in explaining not an obsession that we have, but instead The clear concept of watching The GOAT in these times. A rarity this a sports book with a brain.A thoughtful examination of the best player of all time and the evolution of modern professional tennis.Highly recommended and perhaps the closest we ll ever get to the book that David Foster Wallace should have written, had he lived. Fantastic book Will Skidelsky has a wonderful style and the story he tells is very interesting, both when it s about tennis and when it gets intimate and personal highly recommended to any true Federer fan out there.