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Would you like to know how to complete a marathon To many people, having the desire to run a marathon is a mystery But to others, it s one of the most natural activities in world Running is one of the easiest sports to fit into a busy lifestyle It doesn t cost you anything you can do it anywhere and at any time Most people will take up running to get fit or to lose weight initially Once you get into it, and you ve benefited from losing weight and getting fitter, you start to crave the desire of another challenge How far can you run or How fast can you run Whatever the initial motivation, the desire to test your limits is usually the driving force for people wanting to run a marathon Running a marathon is an epic challenge On completion, you ll be part of a club with less than % of the world s population When people think about running a marathon, the idea becomes scary and overwhelming That s normal This book is designed to take a complete beginner through the process of running a marathon from start to finish Here s a preview of what you ll learn How to get started on your marathon journey Selecting the right training program A training plan to get you to the finish A sub four hour training plan Running workouts Mental training tips Running gear Marathon nutrition and hydration basics Injury prevention and recovery Marathon preparation Race day tips And much Download your copy today to receive all of this information

15 thoughts on “Your First Marathon: A Beginners Guide To Marathon Training, Marathon Preparation and Completing Your First Marathon (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Richard Bond, Sam Scholl, Richard Bond: Audible Audiobooks

  1. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    I really like the simplicity of this guide As I m beginning my marathon training I ve bought books and search for some guides on the Internet All of which have been very complicated and difficult to follow This describes the training process and the do s and don ts in a very manageable way and has enthused me to continue with my training A must for beginners.

  2. David Vondra David Vondra says:

    Short book for someone who doesn t want to get too technical I guess To my taste lacking broader point of view at least to mention about technical things like training zones, anaerobic metabolism etc so one would learn that they exist and choose to dig or not to dig deeper

  3. Becky Rix Becky Rix says:

    Good light reading

  4. Chris Chris says:

    It s the first time it has ever happened but I did not receive this book on my Kindle Where is it Usually it downloads as soon as I turn on my Kindle when I am connected to the internet Didn t happen this time Can you resend please

  5. Skyler Sivan Skyler Sivan says:

    After reading this book, it has been a roller coaster to know about how to learn about the guide lines of emerging yourself into marathon training This book is basically the introduction leading to guiding you on your first marathon It is for beginners such as me who has been trying to look everywhere to start doing the thing that we ve been trying to achieve This book has been very helpful to everybody who are reading this This book s content was very well written and filled with information you needed as a beginner It s really commendable for my friends and other people whom I have been connected with.

  6. Jess Lee Jess Lee says:

    I am new in this topic, but have an idea to start running This book gave me the all necessary information and training program I can use as a beginner But it will definitely be useful for experienced runners as it has a lot of tips and recommendations and training program how to run your marathon for 4 hrs and less Good book Recommend to read.

  7. paul paul says:

    I have always wanted to run a marathon but I am a complete beginner and didn t have a clue about how to start I found this book very helpful as it details a step by step training regiment I liked the Sub 4 Hour Training Plan.

  8. Amber trinidad Amber trinidad says:

    A lot of insight but this book is for those who have never ran a race 1 2 marathon, 10k, etc If you want to learn about a full marathon experience, talk to other runners, join a runners group they will give you the ins and outs

  9. Pamela Hammond Pamela Hammond says:

    After reading this book, I m looking forward to training for next year s marathon in Dallas The instructions and tips are easy to follow and very inspirational.

  10. Margret MacBain Margret MacBain says:

    I have nothing against self published books In fact, some are better than many published in the traditional manner However, I expect value for my money and this book did not deliver Though I suppose all the essential information is there, though in truncated form, the author could have provided a lot substance It is of a pamphlet than a book For 8.00, I expect than just a few pages that could have been stapled together The writing is adequate but a good editor could have helped a lot there was a lot of clumsy usage and less than smooth syntax Also, who is the author Absolutely nothing is said about him The name sounds made up but that s ok as long as we re told a little about what qualifies him to tell us how to run a marathon Does he run himself, has he completed marathons, what are his credentials And lastly, a little information in the way of resources would have been helpful Where do we go to get information abou marathons, etc All in a all a good first draft but needs a lot work to be taken seriously as a book on how to run marathons.

  11. Diego F Mora Diego F Mora says:

    Easy an effective guide for marathon training, clear and simple that s what a first time marathon runner need

  12. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:


  13. Innocent Reviewer Innocent Reviewer says:

    Pretty basic, but some good advice very simple and quick to read.

  14. Christina M. Christina M. says:

    This book is not really worth the 7.99 to purchase it I received it and was like wow that s it Very general, has 2 training plans in it Several typos that obviously weren t caught by the publisher Save your money and buy a different book.

  15. Julia Rouse Julia Rouse says:

    Brief but helpful advice