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Wonderfully brilliant I couldn t put them down and ended up reading the whole triology in 4 daysDef read them in order The Four Streets Hide her Name and lastly The ballymara road Well worth the little money they cost.Beautifully written, I found myself really engrossed in the characters and the author had a magical way of making you feel you were right there with them Unlkie most trioligy s where the story fades to the end and searching for interest I was gripped to the very last page of the 3rd book and am sad that they have finished I think the 3rd book was actually the best one I can t wait for her new book in come out in the winter Excellent book, couldn t put it down and read it in a day Brilliant sequel and ending to the other books, tied up all the loose ends and a good ending The characters are believable and throughout all the books sensitivity and enlightenment was given to a very delicate subject A book that that found you laughing and crying Thoroughly enjoyed it and cant wait for Nadine Dorries next book. I really enjoyed these three books but you have to read them in order to appreciate this final one.The Ballymara Road brings most of the unanswered questions regarding the families in the four streets to a close.Anyone who was born in the late 40s early 50s will relate to the lives of these people and anyone younger will find it a fascinating recording of social history of the time The characters are alive and believable and you have to wonder at their resilience in the face of hardship.In a way I m sorry the trilogy is over as I enjoyed reading about their lives so much.Nadine Dorries is a good writer and I look forward to reading her next book. It was a long wait for the final story in this Trilogy I thought I might have to go back to the last book to refresh my memory,but each character jumped out from the pages and my memory of them all came flooding back.I loved it,and it was a great finish to a wonderful Trilogy.The loose ends were all tied up nicely,and I admit I went through a few tissues I rarely give five stars,but this deserves them,it s not often you get a series where each of the following books were better than the last Highly Recommended On Christmas morning Kitty Doherty gives birth to her baby who is immediately taken away for adoption in America But Kitty s life is hanging by a thread, her only hope a dangerous journey through snow to Ballymara and her Irish family Meanwhile, in Chicago, Sean and Alice try to set up a new life far away from the families they have deserted in Liverpool Oh my word, I read all 3 books in this trilogy and although they can stand alone I think it s best to read them in the correct order I was absolutely glued to every word, waking in the night and reading instead of going back to sleep straight away I couldn t wait to see what happens The Ballymara Road ties up all the loose ends and I was torn between reading it quickly to see how or ends, or taking it slower as I didn t want to sorry to end Thoroughly recommend this book, but ideally read 1 and 2 first to get the whole story I liked this trilogy because it was similar to Maeve Binchy and Maureen Lee s themes The running theme is of abuse at the hands of the church, and the parents reaction to this abuse You get to know the characters, and the way the community worked back in those days The spiriting away of girls when they got pregnant, the abuse they suffered at the hands of the nuns and priests running mother and baby homes, and the selling of babies is a shameful episode in our history It also covers abuse carried out by the ordinary working man up to the politicians and pillars of the community Although it is a fiction, all the sentiments are just the same as if it was happening now There are many cover up s and lies, but in the end justice will triumph.I ll leave it to you to decide The plot running throughout the trilogy is compelling, but even so I hesitated before buying the last volume The characters are believable, and one can care about them and empathize with them, but they are not always fully rounded enough to make this experience as satisfying as it could be The plot also jumped about quite a lot, and it was sometimes difficult to remember back to comparatively small events in the previous books which are referred to Another thing I found quite disconcerting is the language, which is sometimes awkward and clumsily managed, interrupting the flow of the storyline For these reasons, I would not read any further books by Nadine Dorries.