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Life is quiet for Alex Verus Amazing With a flat full of friends and the occasional fish and business booming, why not enjoy the humdrum here and now But of course that s too good to be true In a sudden and cruel pincer movement of fate, Alex finds himself fighting a sinister and powerful gang as well as his own demons for the same crime Held hostage by the choices of his past, Alex s future is now in jeopardy

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  1. SydC SydC says:

    I quite enjoy this series While the magiacal urban fantasy genre isn t for eveyone I do like the masculine spin on a usually female heavy genre, each book in the series is well written and paced, with zero typos or grammatical stumples as you d expect from a publishing house book unlike self publish works The setting of London in the here and now gives it a familiar and tangible edge that you don t get from similar books set in the States or even Europe making it a enjoyable read, while the character growth throughout is steady and belivable for the story arch and in the series in general The main protagonist can be a little irksome early on in the series at times with his self flagilation quickly followed by self aggrandizing boasting but stick with it, the characters arch does change as stated previously and the author seems to grow out of this imprinting on his character as the series goes on Overall it is a easy an enjoyable read.

  2. Susan Stepney Susan Stepney says:

    Alex s life seems to be coming together, but then a whole deadly team of mages start trying to kill him, and he doesn t know why Then he discovers it concerns something terrible from his old life, when he was one of dark mage Richard s apprentices Defeating the team could cost him his principles, his home, his friends, his life.Alex has an impressive mage power, but it is not perfect I like the way it has its limitations, and how Alex has to use it intelligently, and differently in each book I also like the way the various characters develop throughout the series, even if I m not always pleased at the directions in which they develop And the dismissive attitude of the mage council to some of the events is a graphic demonstration of why a justice system is needed for a civilised society.The revelation at the end of this book should make Alex s life a lot interesting in the Chinese curse sense for him.

  3. Crinkly Crinkly says:

    One of the things that makes this series stand head and shoulders above most books in this genre is the characters Verus has great strength of character, a conscience and a fair dose of kindness He doesn t stride around bolstered by convictions or self righteousness Instead he acts with restraint, exhausting every possible avenue before resorting to violence He is brave, but the self questioning almost hides that In fact, superficially he spends a great deal of the book running around hiding, not knowing what to do, dodging fights and letting other people lead the charge But what is usually happening is that he s leading the danger away from his friends, playing for time, setting up very subtle variants and coming out of the situation still alive By the skin of his teeth.I love the way Jacka has created a very squishy character, in a world of heavyweights, but balances everything perfectly.The secondary characters are also interestingly complex, and for the first time, women are positive, helpful 3D characters interacting in layered ways Verus friends don t stand by him unquestioningly Each person reacts according to their character, life history and motivations.I think it is a complement to both authors to compare this series with Butcher s Dresden Files However, there is a huge difference between the two Butcher has been steadily, systematically, upping the ante Every novel sees Dresden gaining power in some way., becoming bigger, badder, stronger Jacka takes a very different route Verus powers have not appreciably grown so far Instead, his tactics, support network and friends have broadened although he still feels isolated, mainly because of how he feels about himself He has a few gadgets, and may follow, but it is never a matter of firepower, even when surrounded by mages far above his fighting weight.I m beginning to wonder if I should read this series again, from the beginning, just to savour its development.

  4. Anne Anne says:

    The author moves this character and his series of books on to a whole new level with this instalment Where the previous books were entertaining they were also quite light in tone despite dealing with some quite difficult issues to do with power and its use abuse This novel is much darker in tone and richer in texture I strongly advise anyone new to the series to read the previous volumes before tackling this one as you will then get the full benefit of what the author has done here.Alex has filled his flat with the apprentices he rescued in the previous story and is occupied with them and Luna He comes under attack and has to work out how to deal with those who want to hurt him and also how to handle people from the past who wish to avenge themselves on him for the activities of his first master and his apprentices.There are no easy answers here Alex doesn t have particularly strong magic and although his ability to see alternative futures is useful it can t save him in a battle of magic He has changed since his youth and deeply regrets what happened but he was never made to pay for what he was involved in This is a book about the boundary of black and white, light and dark, good and evil Can people change Should people pay for the actions of their youth Where do you draw the line when defending yourself You may be surprised at the choices that Alex makes and what that reveals about him as a man.Some excellent writing here which makes clear the difficulty of moral choices and the limitations of individual power A great read I look forward to seeing how the author develops Alex s character further.

  5. Charlie&Dean Charlie&Dean says:

    Im vierten Band der Alex Verus Reihe dreht sich vieles um die Frage, wieviel Gewalt ein Mensch noch verantworten kann oder darf Ist Selbstverteidigung schon zu viel, weil man das eigene Leben ber das der anderen stellt Zur Handlung Anne, die wir bereits aus Band zwei und drei kennen, wird entf hrt Die Spuren f hren zu ihrem alten Meister Sagash Verus und Annes andere Freunde machen sich auf die Suche, allerdings muss Verus ungef hr ab dem zweiten Drittel des Buches das Abenteuer weitgehend alleine bestreiten Verus wird mit seiner Vergangenheit konfrontiert, und wir erfahren, was mit Anne geschah, als Sagash sie zum ersten Mal gefangen hielt Ausserdem lernen wir Verus Vater kennen Gegen Schluss wird eine neue sympathische Figur eingef hrt, die uns hoffentlich f r den n chsten Band erhalten bleibt ein magischer Fuchs Ein neues Haustier f r Verus, sehr niedlich.