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The Nightingale is the story of two sisters caught up in occupied France during the second world war Both have remarkable stories to tell In part the book is a frame narrative with one sister reflecting back forty years from 1995 The identity of the narrator i.e which sister is not revealed until toward the end of the novel, although it is fairly obvious from the third chapter.The research for the book is lamentable There are glaring historical, cultural and geographical inaccuracies that detract from the story There are also plot errors and straightforward mistakes littering the text It would be unfair to expose the main errors as it will spoil the plot for anyone wishing to read the book, but for example, the main town in which the story is set, the fictional Carriveau, starts in German occupied France not far from Orleans or Tours Toward the end of the story it has moved a few hundred miles south to be near Oradour sur Glane, not far from Limoges Members of the French resistance forget which are pseudonyms and which are real names Laurence Olivier is considered an appropriate name to avoid attention A giant steel wheel becomes a stone wheel in the course of just one paragraph.The author appears to have cobbled together scenes from most of the famous second world war novels Schindlers List, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Book Thief At one point it appeared as if a Tale of Two Cities was going to make an appearance The effect is of a massive clich and a desperate lack of originality.There is an obsession in making the two heroines stronger than the men For example, a starved, weakened nineteen year old woman is made out to be stronger than young, fit, well trained airmen.The writing itself varies in quality At times, especially at the beginning, it isn t bad, but it does become repetitive and sentimental There are times it descends from an historical novel to become something of a farce like the TV series Allo Allo, and becomes something of an insult to the brave women in particular who fought with the resistance in the second world war.However, what the book does have is an engaging story line, hook and pace Although risible and sentimental in places, it is never boring and I read it to the end The shame is that with a few edits and better research, it could have been something special. I love historical fiction, especially world war fiction, but this book did not ring true to me at all Many implausible issues jumped off the page at me, but I ll only mention two here First of all, Isabelle s code name, Anyone who has read even a single book about undercover work during the wars would know that the first rule in giving an agent a code name is that it does not even hint at the agent s real identity Now Isabelle s surname is Rosignol Her code name is The Nightingale Rosignol means nightingale in French I rest my case.My second criticism has to do with Isabelle s character We first get to know her as a wild, rebellious, hard headed teenager who always gets her own way We are supposed to believe that overnight, without any gradual coming of age moments, she turns into a mature and selfless heroine capable of leading grown men over mountains she has only navigated once in her life, risking life and limb to do so, obeying orders like a docile little lamb Sorry, no A compelling yarn ruined by many factual mistakes Where s the editor or researcher There were references to the smell of hay in April in France wrong season , hummingbirds on roses in a French garden hummingbirds don t live in France and don t feed on roses , misspelt German words, plenty of typos in English.It just didn t at all evoke France continental Europe I m Swiss.The success of this book flies in the face of the authors of historical novels who meticulously research their field. I give this book 3 stars It s not the amazing work that so many people seem to think Maybe they should read wsr fiction or even fact European stories written in American English, using American idioms and ideas annoy me This is one reason this book dropped a star Also a couple of research issues It s not a spoiler to say that antibiotics weren t in common use until the very end of, and after WW2 They were still being discovered and researched when mentioned briefly in this book I am also uncertain where a French person would have found a shower curtain not going to tell you what it was used for French plumbing still leaves a lot to be desired and I doubt whether there were many showers, with or without curtains in small town France in the 1940s To the story it s one that has been told many times before and as such this is not a book that reveals unknowns It s about survival rather than death and it is well written For me, the final two chapters were excellent But I prefer Sebastian Faulks for a well written war novel. Two sisters One must be brave One should be afraid Bravery, courage, fear, and love in a time of war Despite their differences sisters Viann and Isabelle have always been close Younger, bolder Isabelle lives in Paris while Viann is content with life in the French countryside with her husband, Antoine, and their daughter But when the Second World War strikes, Antoine is sent off to fight, and Viann finds herself isolated, so Isabelle is sent by their father to help her As the war progresses, the sisters relationship and strength are tested With life changing in unbelievably horrific ways, Viann and Isabelle will find themselves facing frightening situations and responding in ways they never thought possible as bravery and resistance take different forms in each of their actions Vivid and exquisite in its illumination of a time and place that was filled with atrocities but also humanity and strength, Kristin Hannah s novel will provoke thought and discussion that will have readers talking long after they finish listening This isn t just chick lit or young adult, it s BAD chick lit and young adult I ve read extensively about this era, nonfiction and also fiction, some great All the Light We Cannot See, Winds of War War and Remembrance and some not so great but perfectly passable I m no book snob Not so far into this I was in disbelief that it was a bestseller and written by an educated person Every single character is a ridiculous cliche the brooding but hunky Nazi, the mysterious French underground smuggler woman with a cigarette holder, the impetuous and impossibly beautiful heroine, on and on I had to come to these one star reviews to feel sane and not alone. It pains me to accept that Kristin Hannah s writing style and I just don t mix Historical fiction LOVE Character driven stories LOVE Thus, you would think her stories would be right in my wheelhouse Wrong Just like The Winter Garden, I DNF d The Nightingale at around 20% Why I despise the characters DESPISE THEM Much of the tension between the characters, which drives the whole story, could easily be resolved with a simple adult conversation Oh, the whininess though The internal dialogue and subsequent actions are insufferable For example spoiler alert , in this latest offering, the eldest sister knows she owes her younger sister an apology for something in their past something that directly drives this youngest sister s reckless actions And these actions have serious consequences As in if sister doesn t get her attitude under control, a Nazi could ruin their whole family Oh, but what does eldest sister do She states in her insufferable internal dialogue that she doesn t have the strength for apologies right now she only has the strength to do everything in her power to protect her daughter until her husband can return from the front EVERYTHING EXCEPT have the one conversation that would actually help protect her daughter Gah Because of this inability to communicate, each character feels as if they have the depth of a puddle even with their oh so tragic backstories I officially throw in the towel I admit that I bought this because I was in and probably still am in that phase where I want to read all things World War II, this is one of the most hyped books I have seen on bookstagram and BookTube as well With so much hype surrounding it, I was almost afraid to actually start reading the book, I don t deal well with hype in general Well deserved or not However I must say that this one did not live up to the level of hype that I saw everywhere.It s not that the plot is weak or the writing bad or even the characters convincing, it s that I couldn t quite feel invested enough in them for the longest time I had to reach, I think, till page 160 or something to finally start feeling like yes, I wanna know how this goes I don t think one should have to read that much to want to know about the book and its plot or characters I do admit that after that 160 something mark, things did pick up pace and the characters did feel interesting and I was invested because I read the rest of the book that day There were certain things, many pages that could have been edited out, made it into a tighter and considerably enjoyable read for me I should also mention that there s a triggery scene and it isn t in detail but there s nothing left for imagination, everything else is there.A story of two drastically different women who are also sisters during the World War II The concept of the book was interesting and there was an attempt to execute it too but it fell short for me While trying to show how women were facing problems in life, and how some women aren t quite the rebels that Isabelle was, the author painted a really odd picture of Vianne I so wanted to be on Vianne side during the whole book and at times, I was I could understand her motives and I could maybe forgive her naivet initially but when it happened far too many times for my comfort, I lost faith in that character s ability to develop I am not sure if that happened to others who read the book but it certainly happened to me.Isabelle wasn t without her own set of problems but while I was reading the book, they were muted However as I started to review the book and read the notes I had made, I realised that Isabelle is also shown in rather stark colours She is either too rebellious and quite childish just as Vianne thinks she is or she is noble and self sacrificing I couldn t see the full picture, I couldn t decide if she was some of those things for some time or all of them all the time or all of them some of the times.You might start thinking if there is only going to be negativity in this review No, I am about to talk about some really good points of the book There were few of them scattered throughout the book and I loved them and they are one of the reasons this book got a 3.5 or 4 on GoodReads.I loved the way the author showed us the slow at times but also rather too fast occupation of German forces, the way the author showed that while some might have joined the German forces out of genuine honor but over the period had realised the reality of things How they had their own lives and they had moments of doubts and warring emotions I admit that I cried during a certain scene when a little girl is killed and Vianne had to explain it to her daughter It was hard and it was handled fairly well.I also really liked the way Vianne and Rachel s friendship was shown and how it went through so many things before the end of that arc in the book I specifically found it important that the author showed us Beck before she showed us the other German officer who billeted at Vianne s house It made the transition of Vianne from a timid, helpless woman into a slightly braver and truly remarkable woman easier.There were many things that I found problems with in the book however few scenes and some chapters saved it from being a 2 star book for me I would recommend it for those few things that I loved, overall, it s not a terrible book and it s not a brilliant book It s just a slightly problematic one At least for me I am aware that I might in the minority regarding the rating of the book in the bookish community but I simply couldn t go beyond what I rated it Trust me, I am disappointed too So, any fans of historical fiction, specifically World War II fiction could enjoy it hopefully. The Nightingale is the story of two sisters at the time of World War II in France I m not going to say than this about the plot It took me quite a time to process what I read, what I went through by this book This is no just a book for me but a precious gem that I got in my shelves and it s going to be safely guarded Please I tell you all to read this if you haven t Please do read it Its a book that taught me what persistence and courage actually means, how extreme life can be to one and what survival means Still, I do not know if I can put in words what I feel It s delicate and fragile to an extent that I even felt so careful while turning the pages The story and the plot is literally tragic, painful and sad The writing is chiseled to perfection that I felt like standing right in the scene I was crying, smiling and was going through the feelings equally as the characters and picturized every single person from the book Not only the protagonists but every single character is beautiful And I was completely broken at a place which I do not want to reveal, otherwise it would become a spoiler I m speechless and I do not know if I would read something like this ever I would definitely say the Nightingale as an example of what a book must be More than the story, it was also informative about the period of war from a different perspective I m truely grateful for having read this book and glad that I didn t miss this out. Books like THE NIGHTINGALE is why I love historical fictions Like most historical fictions, THE NIGHTINGALE is set around WWII We embark on the lives of two sisters, one a middle aged mother who is afraid to stand up for herself, the other a rebellious young lady who wishes to serve and save her people however she can, how the war affects their bond and relationship A beautiful tale that is sure to capture your heart