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If you can ride a bike across town, you can ride across the country And all that spandex It s totally optional With this book learn what to eat, where to sleep, how to find a route that works for you, what to pack, crack logistics for transporting your bike, the all important psychology of touring, and why training sucks Bicycle tourists usually resemble intimidating neon ironman superbugs, but don t let this fool you You don t need to spend a fortune or become a mechanic All you need is motivation and this book

12 thoughts on “Spandex Optional Bicycle Touring: How to Ride Long Distance, the Cheap and Easy Way (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Peter Rice, Peter Rice, Dog Tooth Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Blake_Ambition Blake_Ambition says:

    This book has a lot of potential I read the free sample and thought this would be a great read, transpires I was wrong The book lacks detail, direction and I guess volume it starts well and you think you will learn a lot, but in earnest it s not with a penny most of what is written would be common knowledges to anyone with the slightest insight into the subject matter, and those that don t have this can easily pick it up on various blogs, internet searches and free ebooks available.A great shame to be honest as the boom had the potential to deliver but almost feels like the author just couldn t be bothered to fill in the details.

  2. Alex Alex says:

    This book is an OK starting point, IF you are Peter Rice s target group Rice aims at folks who basically know what a bicycle looks like and could pick one out of a line up of five different types of vehicles, but who haven t ridden a bike since kindergarten If that is you, and if you despite not having ridden a bicycle since kindergarten have the desire to give bicycle touring a try, this booklet is definitely worth a look to give you a general overview of what bicycle touring means.However, for those of us who are already avid bicycle commuters or somewhat serious recreational cyclists, this book isn t going to tell us anything we don t already know While I enjoyed Rice s conversational tone and his sense of humor, I found myself slightly appalled by essentially being talked to like a bicycle imbecile Mountain Bikes are easy to distinguish because they have handle bars shaped like a T Actually, my MTB has handlebars shaped like a U Road Bikes feature handle bards that look like the horns of a ram Really Also, according to Rice there are essentially only 3 types of bicycles MTBs, road bikes, and hybrids, which, of course, is nonsense And neither MTBs nor road bikes would be a good choice for most people when embarking on an extended tour I also found that Rice leaves out some important issues When he talks about the cost of equipment, for instance, he only seems to compare brand new store bought items he completely disregards the possibility of buying used gear which I find odd in a booklet subtitled the cheap and easy way it doesn t get much inexpensive than to buy used As an experienced cyclist, I would always pick the used high quality gear over the new low quality gear at the same price This is particularly true for the touring bicycle, but it holds also true for items such as a tent, other camping equipment, water proof panniers, rain clothing, and so on Rice s thorough pack list is also lacking, particularly for riders who go on a trip that exceeds a weekend One of the many things he leaves out is the possibility of bringing solar packs some of which are light weight and inexpensive, and these packs can help a great deal in keeping your GPS and your phone running, especially when cycling in rural areas This is just one aspect of many Further, having clocked significantly touring miles than Rice has he has only 4,000 miles under his belt total which in the world of bicycle touring is next to nothing and explains why his booklet is lacking in several ways , I found some of his tips and approaches highly impractical and some downright dangerous For instance, Rice says he never takes bicycle lights along when he goes on a tour Visibility is one of the most important aspects, when it comes to safe cycling, and recommending to not bring lights is downright ludicrous I have similar thoughts about his lenience when it comes to using non waterproof panniers Granted, Rice seems to mostly ride around desert ish areas where rain might well be the exception But in most areas not only of this country but of this world, a cyclist will sooner or later have to ride through downpours, and there is nothing like having all of your belongings incl but not limited to all of your clothing, your food supply, and the technical equipment you re likely carrying on the trip, such as a camera, a cell phone, or even a laptop, if it s an extended trip soaked, because you didn t plan ahead.All in all, this is a booklet of only about 60 pages the page count is a little misleading, as Rice has added about 25 entirely empty pages to his booklet I guess in an attempt to make it look like than what it is for touring novices only, and it s to be taken with a grain of salt IF you are a bicycle novice and you intend to go on a bicycle tour, please do yourself the favor and look for some in depth information, ideally provided by touring veterans with experience than Rice And make sure to join a couple of bicycle touring forums online Those are invaluable resources, usually with up to date information which a book can never provide for obvious reasons.

  3. Gary S. Brown Gary S. Brown says:

    This book gives a great introduction to bike touring What I love the most is that he foregoes the usual throw money at it mindset, and advocates using whatever you can afford to make it work He points out that you don t need a 4000 touring bike to tour, and I LOVE that.

  4. RT RT says:

    Non pretentious, down to earth approach to bike touring with real time advice and just the right amount of encouragement to actually motivate Great read and highly recommended to anyone thinking of bike touring for whatever your reasons.

  5. Tealdee Tealdee says:

    Loved this book As a casual bicyclist contemplating long distance cycling, this book really got me motivated It s the first one I ve read that said I didn t need thousands of dollars worth of special equipment and clothing I just need to start doing it And then he told me how Great book.

  6. Len Len says:

    It was pretty good Don t read it as a guide on what to do or how to ride the Great Divide It s a little bit humerus due mostly to the different cultures and environments.

  7. Bill L. Bill L. says:

    I very much enjoyed this book Addressed many topic regarding bicycle touring and written with a very good, yet understated, sense of humor I will read this again

  8. David M. Galvin David M. Galvin says:

    This book is a good basic introduction to the sport It will encourage beginners to get out and ride, rather than to be distracted by details and equipage that may add cost and complexity without contributing significant benefit.

  9. D. Myers D. Myers says:

    Fun, practical book about beginning bicycle touring I enjoyed it very much, and I d like to see a Part 2 in the future.

  10. Johan Horak Johan Horak says:

    Got a few nice tips And am a beter cycle tourer for it And a great motivation to get on the bike and just do it.

  11. Dave Reviews Dave Reviews says:

    Light, and quick This was perfect as a book I read on my phone I could pick it up and read a few pages when, wherever I had a few minutes to wait.

  12. Dank Omins Dank Omins says:

    Great ideas for bike touring This book keeps an open mind for all kinds of people I recommend it for you.