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Dan Jenkins virtually invented the golf novel with Dead Solid Perfect, his rollicking account of the life and times of touring pro Kenny Lee Puckett For the first time ever, Dan Jenkins best Golf Digest pieces have been collected together with overall new essays for the next generation of golfers Often biting, usually cranky, always hilarious and surprising, this is Dan Jenkins at his best

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    Resume list of World golf winners p219 Cotations of great golfers p61 Comparison between Ben, Jack, and Tiger p11 and many anothers informations.

  2. roger magor roger magor says:


  3. Jd Hughes Jd Hughes says:

    arrived in good condition.some interesting stories

  4. Allan Gunn Allan Gunn says:

    a little disappointing Some of the stories were nonsense The best was his details on the various majors and famous players Mr Jenkins has been my favorite golf writer for years and excels in telling a story i was hoping to see a repeat of an article i read years ago about a sandbagger at his home course which was 1 of funniest things i have ever read.

  5. swarndeep singh batth swarndeep singh batth says:

    The books were in good condition

  6. Pushing 70 Pushing 70 says:

    There s nothing about this book that wouldn t bring a chuckle to just about every golfer regardless of age or skill Even though I started playing many years after the heyday of Ben Hogan and those of his time, the stories told about them were interesting and amusing none the less And, what golfer doesn t like a story about how the best players in golf occasionally do the same dumb things the masses do while coming down the fairway My opinion this is the perfect book to read on a planenothing controversial and a nice way to the pass the time before your next round.

  7. Christopher C Spelman Christopher C Spelman says:

    This book is trying so hard to be funny and it s not funny at all Dan Jenkins maybe once 1000 centuries ago was in touch with the golfing world and with humor that other human beings could understand For now the best thing to happen to this book would be for it to be banned forever.

  8. Charles La Clair Charles La Clair says:

    I ve read lots of Jenkin s golf books and this one is pretty good But some parts are just nonsense I bet Jenkin s would tell you that behind the curtains , and some are insightful.Jenkin s remains the pre eminent golf sports writer of our time, a must read for avid golfers.

  9. Paul F. Paul F. says:

    Very entertaining journey through the history of golf A friend recommended the author and this is my first exposure the the awesome sarcasm and whit of Mr Jenkins Doesn t look like this is the only golf book of his I need to readcheers

  10. Benjamin Widhelm Benjamin Widhelm says:

    Lifetime of golf views through the lens of true reporting and love for the sport and a few absurd anecdotes

  11. Ray E. Brady Ray E. Brady says:

    Very witty writterOne of the best at his trade The senior most writer of sporting events in our country.

  12. CT CT says:

    Not an engaging read for me However, I enjoyed the quotes of famous golfers noted in the book Expected from Jenkins.

  13. golfguy golfguy says:

    If it s written by Dan Jenkins I m reading it and liking it I think most of the stories he tells are true, and at his age why would he have to lie about anything Write on Dan, write on

  14. A Van Winkle A Van Winkle says:

    Unplayable lies is a documentation of experiences form a journalist legend of the game Interspersed with entertaining antidotes is a sub theme of an older Golf snob The game has evolved and left this author behind

  15. robert brown robert brown says:

    This book is okay, but Jenkins is trying too hard this time to be funny or witty There is some old stuff in the book taken from other books he s written in the past, some of it good but if you are a Jenkins fan you ve already read it Just okay, but not up to his usual standards in my opinion.