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So we come to the second novel in this series Ross Poldark is settled down back at home, married and with a child to soon appear in this story With the mines continually having to take low prices for their copper something has to be done, food is scarce in the area, wages are low and the mine owners are not making enough to really keep them profitably in business As Poldark and others set about to try and alter this there are attempts to prevent this and keep certain people rich with their cartel, something that still happens so often today.Winston Graham did meticulous research and used real events and problems that faced Cornwall at this time in history, and we read here of such things as what happens when a ship becomes wrecked, and the other machinations of people in money and with power in the area As you see reading this there is trouble with the banks, with one giving loans that carry high interest to those who very likely can t keep up the payments, compared to a smaller bank that works a bit scrupulously With the problems with the financial crisis that we have seen in the past few years this story here is very relevant and shows that in many cases things haven t really changed The story is spiced here with a card sharp, adultery and manslaughter as well as murder, even an elopement, and we read of the bad conditions of prison life In an age where disease was rife with little understanding of the underlying cause we see how the medical profession was ill equipped and most doctors believed in cures that didn t work, or only helped alleviate some of the symptoms.As with the first book this than holds your interest and will give many a look at the past that perhaps they were not aware of Well written and tightly plotted this reads very realistically and is a joy to read. Second in the Poldark series set in 18th century Cornwall,and told from Demelza s point of view as she finds her feet in her marriage to Ross, here Winston Graham introduces darker, tragic themes into the Cornish saga, whilst still maintaining a light and sometimes humourous touch The historical background is once again very convincingly described, and the plot lines revolving around the developing feud with the Warleggan family will keep you turning the pages late into the night and eager to read the next in the series. Kindle version Wonderful book, but is there a chapter missing at the end of this book Sorry, spoilers ahead The Kindle version of Demelza finishes with Demelza and Ross sitting at their window, the day after the shipwreck Demelza is still only just beginning to recover from her illness No hint that any of Ross s actions during the night will result in him being arrested and sent to trial.Then in the opening chapter of the next book in the series Jeremy , the story appears to have leapt forward, without ever covering the scene of Ross s arrest Jud is being accused of lying before the justices in the matter relating to the shipwreck and Demelza is gadding around the countryside trying to drum up support for Ross among her influential neighbours I m sure something is missing somewhere Apart from a number of spelling mistakes that were not present in the earlier version It is a very good quality book The type is large enough to read easily For anyone who is contemplating reading the Poldark novels and there are 12 of them I can strongly recommend them, but start with No 1The story in the books is quite different to the new TV series but Winston Graham is a superb writer and a master of description I am reading the whole series again for the third time and enjoying every word. I m not into Romance I m not into this type of book at all.But what I am into, is Cornwall and its history after all, Cornwall is my second home After watching Poldark on the BBC Adaption mainly because of Cornwall , I decided to read the first book After reading the first chapter of the first book, I know I needed to read them all Romance is not me, but yet Winston Graham has done a fantastic job at writing them to make me so interested in them The characters have been developed to either love them or hate them, and unfortunately, I think, for me, I like the Warleggans the best, and certainly cannot wait to start on that book too I read these books in the 70 s when Poldark was first televised I had forgotten how good they are, and the recent TV series is probably much closer to the books that the original adaptation The Poldark stories are full of social history and are so well researched you feel your are right back in the 1780 s I wish they had let us do books like this when I was at school I would have loved analysing the various characters Complicated Ross in love with 2 women from across the class divide, wishy washy Francis who nicked Ross s woman but who is still jealous of his dashing cousin George Warleggon who is from a humble family but who made money from banking and is not yet socially acceptable amongst the gentry The women in these books are such strong characters Demelza, Verity and Elizabeth are all striving to be with the men they love, and it s not all happy ever after I really enjoy Winston Graham s writing style, it s comforting and easy going The characters are well fleshed out and there are serious and comic elements which really add to the experience.Very enjoyable. The second book in the legendary Poldark series Demelza Carne, the impoverished miner s daughter Ross Poldark rescued from a fairground rabble, is now his wife But the events of these turbulent years test their marriage and their love Demelza s efforts to adapt to the ways of the gentry and her husband bring her confusion and heartache despite her joy in the birth of their first child Ross begins a bitter struggle for the rights of the mining communities and sows the seed of an enduring enmity with powerful George Warleggan Ho provato a leggere il libro in lingua originale e devo dire che non cos complicato come sostenevano in qualche altra recensione, il significato delle espressioni dialettali si intuisce Demelza un personaggio davvero indimenticabile e il libro ben scritto e appassionante anche per chi conosce gi la trama dalle serie TV, in cui le due attrici avevano i capelli rossi mentre la vera Demelza li ha neri Watching the television series got me interested in reading the books I m currently on 4 The books are all very good so far, well written and interesting The best part is, the TV series is staying very faithful to the books, even using word for word dialogue Love the Poldark series