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From the author of the Sunday Times best seller Cocaine Nights comes an unnerving tale of life in a modern tower block running out of control Within the concealing walls of an elegant forty storey tower block, the affluent tenants are hell bent on an orgy of destruction Cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on enemy floors and the once luxurious amenities become an arena for riots and technological mayhem In this visionary tale of urban disillusionment from the renowned author of Crash and Cocaine Nights, society slips into a violent reverse as the isolated inhabitants of the high rise, driven by primal urges, recreate a dystopian world ruled by the laws of the jungle The audiobook of High Rise arrives as interest in the book and JG Ballard s work reaches a new peak The film adaptation of High Rise, directed by Ben Wheatley Kill List, Sightseers will be released in September , starring Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans and Elisabeth Moss Tom Hiddleston, who is known to millions worldwide for his role as the evil god Loki in the blockbuster Thor and Avengers movies, has lent his voice to this first UK audiobook adaptation of High Rise, which was published inJ G Ballard was born inin Shanghai, where his father was a businessman After internment in a civilian prison camp, he and his family returned to England inHe published his first novel, The Drowned World, inHisbestseller Empire of the Sun won the Guardian Fiction Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize It was later filmed by Steven Spielberg His memoir, Miracles of Life, was published inJ G Ballard died in

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  1. M.W. Thrasher M.W. Thrasher says:

    This is a great premise for a novel The idea to explore the effects architecture has on the human spirit or, conversely, the effects the human spirit has on architecture is outstanding and visionary Starting with a high rise building able to accommodate two thousand people in a thousand flats, Ballard sets out to explore the gradual dehumanization that emerges from such a setup The mechanization of the residents is traced out, the emergence of factions, the three social classes, the alienation that makes the residents not care about those living than two floors below them, and the envy people have for those living above them, everything is up for grabs The immense burden placed by the tons and tons of concrete wrapped around these people, these humans in a human zoo, slowly turning into vicious animals, is explored with a mind that is very comfortable exploring the brutal and absurd in a social setup Ballard is certainly on solid ground when writing this.In addition, his story entails incredible foresight, predicting how everyone would be obsessed with recording on video everything they do How they would become dependent on a building complex that catered for them How alienated they would become from the outside world Remember, this novel was published in 1975, written possibly earlier than that Ballard has an uncanny insight on the human condition, on how technology and modernity impacts the human mind, predicting the future in peculiar ways The story of the high rise is the story of modern and post modern humanity, a society being cramped into ever smaller, mechanized constructs, losing touch with nature, with reality Everything becoming a microcosm with rules of its own, leading back to a state of primitiveness, all moral codes deconstructed and twisted to fit an emerging jungle that not everyone will survive.And yet, outstanding as the premise is, the novel fails to live up to its full potential The writing is obsessed with the description of rubbish, which after page forty, becomes repetitive How many times can you mention the garbage sacks and the debris and the washing machines thrown out in the corridors After a while, they cease to serve a purpose, they clutter the story ironic, isn t it And the story it goes nowhere after the first half The best parts are given one third in, and the rest is of the same people roaming through the trash, getting increasingly violent, one of them trying to ascend the building to assert himself, another trying to dominate the building, and a third trying to find his place in the middle It s all very symbolic, potentially gripping, but it takes place on a backdrop that emphasizes the debris, not the psychology We don t move from act 2 to act 3 The plot moves but the story doesn t, and neither do these characters, even when they push their way from room to room and floor to floor They re stuck in this recycled reiteration of the nasty high rise and its trash and broken furniture, a loop that begins to tire the readers instead of haunting them.The fix would have been easy Cut a big bunch of the description and stick to the action, letting readers imagine the effect of going through this apocalyptic odyssey through a place laid to waste, a place so clearly established in the beginning Let us feel the effect of the high rise rather than force feed it to us.5 stars for the premise, two for the execution, three stars overall.PS I hope the movie focuses on the surreal aspects of the story, on the raw emotions, leaving the trash to serve as props and art design When you start with a dalmatian dog being roasted on the spit on a balcony, and people are throwing stuff out their windows without giving a crap about what happens to those below them, everything goes This could be a hell of a movie.

  2. North Yorkshire North Yorkshire says:

    The narrative is simple and told directly This maybe a complex book, but is not hard to read or to follow Like many of Ballard s novels you can just follow the story and enjoy it like that.The big premise came from behavioural research into how rats behaved if too many were packed into a confined environment At a certain level of crowding there was a step change in behaviour with a anti social relationship taking over Ballard liked reading this sort of research to gain ideas for his books The Guardian has a good article on this, which is easy to find on the web.Ballard will also have liked the fact that Samuel Beckett used to set some of his stories in confined environments, so he could play around with all the possibilities But Beckett didn t factor in how the confining environment could change the nature of the things inside it One up to Ballard.Ballard also had an added topical angle because tower blocks were environments already seemed to be changing human nature Tower blocks were being thrown up around Britain at a rate of knots from the early 1960s and at the time he wrote this they were being linked in the tabloids with ever lurid accounts of anti social behaviour reduction of maintenance grants was the issue A few years later and these tower block estates were being demolished.Concrete Island, written earlier, was also about regressive behaviour caused by a confined or limited space The idea that human nature was environmentally determined and that humanity now had the power to massively affect human nature, but not the wisdom to understand all the implications was a staple of horror stories from the late Victorian era onwards It is a simple, straightforward story, but it s also pure genius.

  3. Tufnell Paul Tufnell Paul says:

    There is a great tradition of satire in English letters, from Swift to Orwell Ballard is a worthy successor to these gentlemen It was Orwell who pointed out that he was lower upper middle class Ballard takes these subtle intra class distinctions and gives us Lord of the Flies among the professional classes in 1970s London.The setting is a brand new, brilliantly architected high rise residential building on the outskirts of central London I could not stop myself from seeing Canary Wharf in my head, but it could just as easily be Battersea or Vauxhall The building is the first of its kind, but several are being built around a central lake.The selling point of the building is that the middle class tenants will inhabit a self contained universe with everything they need laid on inside the building shops, sports facilities, schools, etc They have no need to go outside except to go to their well paid jobs, which they do securely insulated in their cars parked at the foot of the high rise.There are two shopping malls in the building, on the 10th and 35th floors These malls provide points of social inflexion between the tenants The floors below the 10th floor are inhabited by younger, less senior middle and line managers, TV producers, air hostesses, etc Being younger, most of the children in the building live at these levels On the top five floors live a slightly older, mature group of wealthy jewellers, surgeons, actresses and senior professionals, including the architect of the building All that is missing here are the investment bankers and hedge fund managers, but this is 1975, eleven years before Big Bang in the City In between live a layer of middle managers, stock jobbers, tax accountants and dentists.Things go wrong in the building infrastructure there are teething problems All too quickly the social order breaks down as the three groups of tenants start to resent each other The children from the lower floors are banned from the upper floors, including from their schools and the playground built specially for them on the top floor The dogs from the upper floors are terrorised in return People throw rubbish and empty bottles onto the verandas and parked cars below.This is the genius of the book Everyone in the building is a member of the professional classes and yet they still manage to find social distinctions enough to divide themselves into competing tribes Soon it is every man for himself, as we follow the activities of a representative of each of the social strata a homicidal social climbing literally former professional rugby player now TV producer, a physiology lecturer and the architect himself.The problem with the book is that there is not really enough plot to last the full 270 pages, so it does become a little repetitive Nevertheless the satire is deadly and, although the book is set in the 1970s when brutalist architecture was at its height, it is still relevant today.In fact I would argue that it has become even relevant today Since Thatcherism and Reaganomics and the Big Bang in the 1980s, the upper upper middle have got richer and richer, while the rest of the middle classes have stood still or gone backwards There may yet be hell to pay for this and do not just mean Donald Trump, UKIP and other political fringes There is also the Boris Johnson inspired boom in high rise luxury apartments in London I can see all the cranes out of my window as I type this , most of which are currently being bought by foreigners as an investment When this investment proves to be a sham and property prices collapse, there will be ugly partially occupied middle class slums all over London Who knows what will go on in the corridors and lift shafts of these model homes Who knows what teething problems these buildings will present to the brave few who actually move into these speculative rush jobs Read the book Go see the film Or stick around in London and wait for the real thing Four stars for Mr Ballard for prescience.

  4. Valeria Guarnieri Valeria Guarnieri says:

    Human beings, under the veneer of civilization, have primordial urges that only wait for a favorable occasion to explode this is the core of High Rise , the famous novel by J.G Ballard that portrays eerie atmospheres, savagery, paranoia and chaos.The action is set in London in the 70s At the beginning the luxury high rise, provided with all sorts of comfort, is a kind of happy island and its inhabitants nearly don t feel any desire to go out Power failures and services malfunctioning uncover the weakness of the building, whose structure is too complex Before the blackout a number of tensions were already evident, but civil cohabitation rules and savoir faire were able to hold all this animosity Disruptions unleash class conflicts between lower floors and upper floors, tribal fights to conquer elevators and stairways and physical clashes and barricades on the landings.Inhabitants neither escape nor search for a helping hand, but they are spellbound by this looming behemoth Therefore, they don t leave the building and plunge into an abyss of brutality Two characters particularly symbolize the class conflict Richard Wilder, the rough documentary director who lives at the second floor and yearns for the penthouse, and Anthony Royal, the high rise architect, a kind of demiurge The main character is Robert Laing, a young doctor who has chosen to live in the building searching for anonymity and then involved in the reigning chaos Laing s sanity will crumble along with the high rise.A well written book, with a fluid prose, and a very engaging plot A must read.

  5. Valerie Gravel Valerie Gravel says:

    ll admit it The first reason why I was drawn to this book was because it will be made into a movie and Tom Hiddleston will have a role in it But, after reading the synopsis of it, I became quite interested in it I have always been a fan of sociology and since the book told the tale of people developing their own society into the concrete walls of a 40 story building I decided to pick it up.The books is fairly short in length The story is divided into 19 chapters for a total of 174 pages I could not put it down when I started reading it The premise is fairly simple A new high rise building has just been completed and all of its apartments are being occupied by people of different backgrounds and social statuses The building itself is entirely self sufficient It possess all of the facilities needed to sustain human life Basically, the tenants of the high rise only need to leave the security of their apartments in order to go to work Those who have jobs at least.The story is divided between three main characters Laing who will be played by Hiddleston , a young doctor who teaches medicine at a nearby school, Wilder, a documentary creator obsessed with telling the grueling story of life in the high rise, and Royal, an architect partially responsible for the design of the building The story evolves or should I say, deteriorates by jumping back and fourth from one character to another When the people of the high rise realize they don t need to leave the building, they start to create their own society withing its walls The people on the lower floors are the worst off of the inhabitants, the middle floors are reserved for the doctors and other specialists, while the top floors houses the designers and other rich folk.It is fascinating to see how quickly things deteriorate in the high rise One aspect that I enjoyed, was Wilder s obsession with reaching the top floor almost like the objective one would have to complete in a video game What I found interesting is that the story is told almost entirely from a narration perspective There is very little dialogue between the characters, which makes me wonder how they will adapt it into a movie It will be interesting to see these clean cut, respectable people degenerate into an almost caveman like existence at the end of the film.I enjoyed this book quite a bit Despite being written in 1975, most of the scenes depicted in it will still hold very true in our modern society A word of advice to the squeamish though Why nothing is explicitly detailed in the novel, there are some scenes that can be quite disturbing and a lot of those scenes involve animals So if you are a little sensitive towards those topics, you should maybe steer clear of this book.

  6. Honest Reviews Honest Reviews says:

    Der Stern bezieht sich auf die Qualit t des Buches die Buchbindung ist eine Katastrophe es f llt beim ersten Aufbl ttern auseinander siehe Fotos Lieber eine andere Ausgabe bestellen

  7. Andrea Mosca Andrea Mosca says:

    Incredible tale of how men can degrade to their primitive state One of the best dystopic novel I ve ever read.

  8. Piero Abbondanza Piero Abbondanza says:

    Exciting novel

  9. Unknown buyer Unknown buyer says:

    Great product, came as described in proper packaging.

  10. Serlio Serlio says:

    J G Ballard gelingt es, trotz zahlreicher Wiederholungen und eines kaum nennenswerten Spannungsbogens eine faszinierende Vision menschlichen Verhaltens zu entwerfen Anders als sein erm dendes Werk Crash , das durch eine Verfilmung bekannt wurde, entfaltet der Autor in High rise eine Vielzahl von drastischen psychologischen Beobachtungen und grotesken Details.Geschildert ist der R ckfall von Hochhausbewohnern in die sozialen Strukturen menschlicher Fr hzeit, vom primitiven Clanwesen bis hin zu Kannibalismus Die Architektur bernimmt dabei als Ausl ser und Kontext der Entwicklung eine Schl sselrolle, wird aber nicht im Sinne einer Zur ck ins Dorf Ideologie einer banalen Kritik unterzogen.Empfehlenswert f r Anh nger des Absurden und der Subkultur.

  11. Chiara Tiberti Chiara Tiberti says:

    Nice As non native speaker, it is perfect to practice a little It will be better to also have a streaming version.

  12. Seamus Seamus says:

    I absolutely love this book I ve lent it to so many people.

  13. A.M. A.M. says:

    Very strange book Arrived in great condition though

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