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A finalist in the Action Adenture Fiction category of theNext Generation Indie Book Awards Above All, the third of the John Jospeh Sharpe trilogy series following America s Diplomats and Eyes of the Blind, is a lighthearted action adventure historical fiction set in the waning stages of the Vietnam War The story which pits a consummate warrior against the political strangulation that rendered our armed forces virtually incompetent It is a comical but sordid tale of a roguish gunship pilot and his nemesis, a petty commanding officer, who loathe each other at first sight As fierce adversaries, they encompass the chaos of that era They re accompanied by a coven of nurses and a clandestine army of misfits who portray the best and worst of our country during that painful event Their saga is one of love and lust, hope and despair, valor and cowardice, awash in a deluge of demoralizing apathy as they face the bitter ending of the conflict Although this book is fiction, it is most certainly based on the author s personal experiences in an Aviation company It is probably the best story I have ever read about the Vietnam War It exposes the good and bad of Vietnam with a great cast of characters I respected the Chopper pilots in Vietnam above all They would never let you down. Above All, by John W Huffman is definitely a notch Above All other books that tells about the horror and the humor that happened during the Vietnam war.Lieutenant John Joseph Sharpe takes one on an exciting ride over and on the country of Vietnam.One minute one is in the air, excited and the next crying because something has happened to one of the men in this wonderful book Every company in any war needs a Lieutenant Sharpe He knew how to live it up but when the time was extrememly rough he knew how to be a hero.This book is a must read if one is interested in human nature at it s worst and best.John W Huffman always delivers Every book he has written is a winner. If you liked M A S H, you ll love this book It has the same crazy, live for today, uninhibited, fun loving military characters as M A S H set near the end of America s involvement in the Vietnam war The helicopter pilots and their supporting cast provide one hilarious adventure after another.There are action packed adventures too, which make us proud to be Americans Heroes abound as comrades in arms courageously do what they feel they are honor bound to do in wartime as opposed to conforming to what is politically correct or what superior authority might dictate.This book should become a movie and then a television series, just like M A S H Highly recommended. Extremely funny and a great combat story as well I read it alone and laughed so often that my wife asked me to read it to her No problem We laughed aloud together, my second read as enjoyable as the first I can t recommend this book enough Could not put this book down It was funny and serious at the same time and was very well written I would recommend this book to anyone and it was one of the most enjoyable books I ve read in a long time I was very happy to learn he has other books that I look forward to reading. Above All is a humorous tale of a vastly troubled era and our brave young men who served our nation during that unfortunate period The characters of this book and the missions they flew will warm your blood and make you smile even as you cringe at their crazy antics John Huffman has written a masterpiece depicting a war gone wrong that will keep you turning the pages until the very end, and then make you want to go back and take that wild, insane ride with them again Highly recommend this book to all. This was undoubtedly the best fiction I have read in years A non predictable, exciting, page turner I even choked up as I read the last chapter I hope to find another author that can match Huffman s talent In summationWOW I love to read books about the war in Vietnam Preferably fictional books However this book, Above All by John Huffman I thought might be interesting The Author does have a delightful sense of humor and I really like his style here I found the book riviting and exciting The story is enjoyable, the characters are delightful.The book centers on a character Lt J Sharp He is a flamboyant likeable all business helicopter pilot with a he ll bent passion to fight He is also a wheeler dealer with unlimited boundaries and cunnines His exploits are a stretch of truth and sometimes the author goes a little too far Imagine a second Lieutenant running and entire company hardworking in illegal activities Nevertheless the book was exciting and playful I did enjoy the book even though something like would really never happen in real life let alone in in the height of the Vietnam war. A rollicking good tale of a dedicated gun pilot in the waning stages of the Vietnam war, filled with humor and honor Strap yourself in the cockpit of a Cobra attack helicopter with these fearless heroes for a wild and zany adventure through the politics and in fighting of the last tragic days of that sad era I highly recommend Huffman s latest adventure and eagerly await his next.