The Munitions Girls: The Bomb Girls, Book 1 (Audio Download): Rosie Archer, Anne Dover, Quercus: Audible Audiobooks Prime –

Very good read Interesting and enlightening to read how the women endured the 2nd world war with shortage of everything and the dangers they risked Sad at times but I was emediately hooked on this book by Rosie Archer as I always am with all of her books. I loved this book, so much so it started me on the rest of the series, good to read of how, and the suffering, these girls had to endure to do their bit for the war effort, couldn t have won the war without them. I adored thisIt was romantic realistic adorable funny heartwarmingI loved pixie her life was hard she fell for cal but Bob was my man he was caring kind and open mindedIt s set during the Second World War so there s a lot of historical fact about the entertainment of the time and what was generally thought of single mothersI can t wait for the follow up please Rosie archer A wonderful read I am nearly through reading this book and have found it very well written and the characters come to life A good story based on a Munitions factory in Gosport I hope this author has another good book lined up as will be looking forward to reading another one of Rosie Archer. Lots of drama and factual information about what these brave munitions girls went through the highs and lows facts I had never imagined and a storyline full of twists and turnsA great read for anyone interested in life for ordinary folk and how brave these families were in the face of adversityValhowe9 , Hampshire Pixie Saunders isand employed in the local armaments factory Not for the first time, her mother has run off with a dodgy looking bloke, leaving Pixie to pay the rent and fend for herself Pixie, along with her best friend, Rita Em, the factory overseer and the rest of the girls are making the most of the war while trying to stay alive The work is dangerous and the hours long, but in the evenings they take off their overalls and go to the pub or, better still, go dancing Pixie meets American serviceman Cal and falls in love But then Cal rejoins his ship When Pixie falls pregnant, her life changes dramatically Alone and unable to work, she has to rely on the kindness of friends to help her survive Happiness seems like a thing of the past Little does she know that there are plenty of surprises waiting for her good ones at that Love may be closer than she thinks