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Very good, two stories intertwined that work well Very descriptive and colourful, with exotic islands an magical romance, I liked it When rare book librarian Emma Boyd searches for a pirate s long lost treasure map, she learns the hard way that pirates still exist in today s world and some modern pirates steal maps, others steal hearts The treasure map she seeks belonged to the Caribbean pirate Thomasina Farris, who disappeared inwithout a trace Did Captain Tommy steal an entire treasure from a Spanish galleon and escape Did she die by another pirate s sword Or did she die of a broken heart when the woman she loved disappeared Emma s and Tommy s stories collide when Emma, after uncovering the truth about Captain Tommy s fate, must decide her own and the choice is between romance or revenge Having read Spanish Pearl and Crown of Valencia and fallen in love with both Kate and Luis, any new book by Catherine Friend was going to have a very hard act to follow That is true in this case Yes, it s enjoyable in it s own right, but it doesn t grip the way the Spanish books did and I guessed who the crook was very early on, which did spoil it somewhat.Nevertheless, I beg Catherine Friend to continue writing, I love her quirky characters, the crazy situations they get into and the storylines.I shall look forward to whatever her next fiction book is as I am sure it will be another one that takes us to places we have never been before in terms of the current fiction available what a nice change from murders. it was the first LGBT book OK, only the L was dealt with I ever read, which was a nice experience and I really enjoyed the pirate setting and I was positively surprised that one woman of the 18th century couple was black.On the other hand there were a couple of things I didn t like There were hints of bi erasure The way the protagonist talked about her exes who turned straight and ran away with a man didn t feel right, at least And all four of the women were queer in that acceptable for Hollywood way at least one of them was black and her portrayal looked OK to me as far as I can judge that as a white person I didn t notice exotification, she was a woman of colour but not reduced to that and seemed in charge of her own life She was a former slave though I don t know how clich that is and what other options there would have been for a setting in the early 18th century The fact that the female captain had a habit of taking the best looking male captive of every conquered ship into her cabin to have her way with him was probably supposed to be a funny reversal of the opposite we see so often, but well, it s still rape Stop that I also asked myself how realistic it is that she, a pirate who kills people, has sex with any man she desires and doesn t conform to any God given gender role, totally panics about her sinful love for another woman Was lesbianism and the condemnation thereof even a thing in 1715 Male homosexuality, yes, I guess, but I suspect that this reaction of her is rather anachronistic, which bugs me as an historian to be.At another point one party seduces her not yet partner in a very determined way, which turned out fine in the end but at that moment she ignored all rules of consent Which is still not fine even if it is woman on woman Stop that, too, I don t want to read that Two pages before the end the murder of a cat was mentioned very briefly which is probably fine with anyone else, but for me it kinda ruined both the book and my night I can t deal with dead animals At all Apart from that I don t like fictional relationships that go from we have never met before and can t stand each other to she is the love of my life and I want to spend the rest thereof with her on a desert island, in our case in literally four days Aaand the sudden introduction of a mystery element to the otherwise or less historical story was totally random and a stupid solution.Therefore only two stars even thou I did enjoy reading the story, as said, just too many little things bugging meBetter alternative The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin What a fabulous story I enjoyed reading the tandem stories separated by 250 years Believable fantasy is my very favourite thing in fiction, and Friend s writing does it perfectly. This story started out well and ended even better Emma Brandt is a Librarian, stuck in a rut and a servant to her day planner, which is completely full of appointments which are reasons for her not to actually live her best life.Randi Marx is a private investigator, trying to find out who is stealing old maps from old books and particularly one treasure map leading toreluctant pirate Thomasina Tommy Farris s treasure, the largest haul of silver and gold ever taken from a Spanish pirate ship.This is such a wonderful story It s actually two stories that take place 300 years apart, but are woven together along parallel lines.Tommy Farris lives in the middle 1700s and she commands the Moon Shadow, a pirate ship, plundering the high seas in the Caribbean She has occasion to save the life of a slave who is being transported in a fleet of ships Tommy plunders The woman, Rebekah Brown is quite beautiful and Tommy finds herself drawn to Rebekah.Emma Brandt goes on a mission with Randi Marx to find out who s been stealing valuable maps right out of some old books about pirates and treasure Along the way, they find themselves attracted to each other, but Randi is standoffish and warns Emma not to get involved.The stories are parallel in many ways, and the emotional ending will make you reach for than one tissue. First and foremost, I must whole heartedly agree with a fellow reviewer s comment about enjoying the pirate part of this story much than the present day part Catherine Friend has done it again for me There was so much excitement and life to reading the pirate story, I was always excited when it was time to switch over Emma the femme librarian in the present day, was funny and had a cute little personality, but the soft butch like character Randi Kind of a bore and board like Other than the dimple she flashed when she rarely smiled and her love for her poodle Marley, I felt nothing for her This is sad, because I want to feel some kind of energy from my butches in the stories I read.I love the way Friend writes her adventure stories, you can tell she did her research, than enough to bring her stories realism She knows what she s talking about I also liked the way she switched back and forth between the past and present day She cut back to each time after four chapters, so the reader is not left hanging too long between time periods, this was very clever on her part I also think that the pirate story could have stood alone without the switching back and forth Friend also won my heart by making Thomasina and Rebekah an interracial couple NOT something seen in lesfic at all, especially now which I find appalling.Our pirate, Thomasina Farris is a whole other story, feared and respected, yet with a soft gentle side She could almost be described as cowardly when it comes to love and feelings, she was still likeable to me than present day Randi She also struggled morally with her love for Rebekah and we saw that Unlike most of the lesbian pirate stories, this pirate did not realize she was sexually attracted to women at first We worked through that with Tommy, and it was interesting and at times, frustrating to read.Towards the end, the present day story got a bit better, we discovered the mystery thief obvious a little ways in , and we solved the mystery of the fate of pirate Thomasina Farris and Rebekah Brown.Overall, this was a nice little story, it had adventure, love, and humor thrown in Some may say the ending was clich d and predictable, this may be true, but I LOVED the ending of both stories Any story that ends in love is good for me I recommend this one, a good escape for the weekend and again, great price Catherine Friend wrote a wonderful creative book A pleasure to read I love Friend s voice on the audiobook The story is well paced, with enough detail to be fascinating The characters are dynamic and believable.I had forgotten how much I like pirate adventure stories This book rekindled that interest. The other reviews are pretty detailed so I won t waste my time with the small stuff.This book has it all I love it when an author can pull off two story lines as well as Ms Friend has It was adventurous, romantic, suspenseful and exciting Once again she did a good job of making it seem real Pirates being pirates and such.I couldn t put this one down I read it in one afternoon on the beach in Maui Great place to read a book like that Only bummer was that read the dang thing so fast that I ran out of books while there I had to read magazines and real stuff Yuck.I actually gave this one to my wife as soon as I was finished with it She is really picky and doesn t read too many of my lesbian fiction books I ve learned not to pass them on unless I think they are really good No worries she loved this book and agreed that it was her best yet.Buy this book and start enjoying. For those readers who have read Catherine Friend s other lesbian fiction books, The Spanish Pearl and its sequel The Crown of Valencia, both published by Bold Stroke Books, it s been a long wait for this latest release by Ms Friend The wait was worth it.This book has 2 stories that unfold with 300 years between them This is a story with maps, treasure, mysterious islands, villains and the wide expanse of the sea, in both the past and the present.In 1715 Captain Thomasina Tommy Farris is the pirate captain of the ship Moon Shadow She leads a total of 300 men in 3 ships as they stalk the Caribbean for riches that can be had from the other ships that sail the waters In the course of taking a ship Tommy encounters Avery Shaw, her nemisis, whose ships get there first Throwing slaves overboard he takes the ship and leaves the slaves to drown Tommy rescues the slaves and in so doing encounters Rebekah Brown, a strong willed woman who confuses and flusters Tommy.In the present day, librarian Emma Boyd searches for the treasure map that belonged to Capt Tommy Farris Someone is stealing maps from rare books and Emma is helped by Randi Marx, a private investigator hired by her library, to track down the map Finding the treasure map will foil the thief s plan and will hopefully keep maps from being stolen.Catherine Friend successfully weaves the 2 stories together and yet keep the voices in the 2 stories distinct and separate There are twists and turns throughout both stories How she is able to keep them so clearly distinct and yet integrated is a skill that not many authors possess In addition she drops in some names of other pirates, one of whom is found in another BSB book, which I found quite clever indeed I wanted to search the internet for these other woman pirates even though this is fiction.Throughout the book I was cheering both pairs of women, Tommy and Rebekah in 1715, and Emma and Randi in present day Emma has to search her heart for the truth she feels Tommy must do the same Pirates in 1715 have much in common with pirates in current times The reader discovers just how much that s true.This is a romance, an adventure, and a romp It s tightly written and the author successfully leads the reader on a scavenger hunt A word of caution make sure that you set aside some time when you read this book You won t want to put it down Bravo Catherine Friend