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France,The Great War High above the carnage in the trenches, British and German aces joust like knights of old for control of the skies The strain and tension of living every day on the edge of death leads to dangerous choices and wild risks When British ace Bat Bryant s past catches up with him, he strikes out in panic and kills the man threatening him with exposure But there s a witness the big, handsome American pilot Cowboy Cooper Cowboy, it seems, has his own ideas of rough justice

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  1. Serin6 Serin6 says:

    Set in WWII, short romance with tragedy and mystery As always from Josh Lanyon, written with economy and elegance.

  2. Sheena Sheena says:

    I liked both characters a lot Slightly poignant story of love in a very unlikely setting Made me think about how things were then Really absolutely lovely story.

  3. Minne Minne says:

    As always with a Josh Lanyon a well researched and beautifully written novella and as always with his work I really wished it had been much longer Just fabulous.

  4. Outrageous Owl Outrageous Owl says:

    Another great story by this author Five stars

  5. Ash Moana Ash Moana says:

    1916, le nord de la France les pilotes de la RAF parmi lesquels un cowboy sillonnent le ciel payant un lourd tribut Les jeunes recrues vont au casse pipe A la menace permanente des avions allemands et de la DCA s ajoute celle d tre homosexuel La mort ou le d shonneur, la cour martiale Un roman assez court mais palpitant, tr s bien document , qui nous fait vivre la tension permanente de ces hommes confront s chaque jour l haleine de la mort.1916 RAF s pilots, among them a cowboy, furrow the North of France s sky Death is all around in the air In addition is the threat of being homosexual Death or disgrace What do you prefer A very well documented novel that make us live the permanent stress of these men facing twice a day the breath of death Thrilling and stirring

  6. Client d'reference-collections.co Client d'reference-collections.co says:

    Great read Intense and beautiful The kind of story where the characters stay with you after you closed the book

  7. tomomori tomomori says:

    BL BL BL BL The Charioteer White Knight The Charioteer BL 1916 1917 BL

  8. padme35 padme35 says:

    Original Audiobook Review September 2019 I rarely listen to audiobooks that I haven t already read and that s because I listen to them while I m working on something else or doing chores so no matter how much I love the story I tend to zone out occasionally so having read the story previously then I know I won t be lost by missing minutes here and there Out of the Blue is a novella that I ve read three times previously and love it every time, well Alexander Masters voice kept me enthralled from beginning to end, not once did I zone out while listening to Bat and Cowboy s journey There s just not enough WW1 stories in the M M genre but I have a feeling if there 10X what there is, Out of the Blue would still be one of my favorites.2nd Re Read Review November 2018 There is something about WW1 stories that always break my heart, even if it is a HEA of HFN, the lives lost alone is enough pain but with an M M genre story there is an extra level of heartache added just because of the hiding they had to do So when I find a story like Out of the Blue, even as my heart hurts for the conditions the characters are living in, when I can still smile, laugh, and reach the final page for the third time and know it won t be the last time then I know I have definitely found a keeper.Re Read Review 2016 I have upped my rating to 5 with my re read Since reading it the first time 2 years ago, I have come to have a deeper respect for novellas and don t knock off 1 2 a bookmark just for it s shortness As for the story, it was fantabulous I am a huge lover of WW1 stories so that just added to my enjoyment Even knowing how the story goes, Cowboy s actions and attitude still left me reeling but loved every ounce of him.Original Review 2014 This story is several of my favorite genres all rolled into one historical, male male relationships, romance, drama, and erotica With main characters named Bat and Cowboy you expect to be dropped in the middle of a western, which by the way is also a favorite genre of mine, but this time author has brought her way with words to the airfield of World War One Now, I won t lie, the first time you meet Cowboy you re not real sure if you are suppose to like him or not but we quickly find out that there s to him than he first lets on The only reason I gave this a 4 1 2 bookmark instead of 5 is because I would have loved for it to have been longer Simply put, I was just not ready to let go of this pair when the final page came Once again, I was not let down by Ms Lanyon s work.

  9. Joelle M Joelle M says:

    When I picked this up I thought it would be a quick read Enjoyable but not too deep I was completely wrong This story demanded my attention It pulled me into this world that I could never even imagine It plunged me inside a war that I will never experience Every flight, every bullet, every death right there before my eyes I was right there in Bat s head seeing everything Feeling overwhelmed by his grief, his fear, his desires and his frustrations I didn t expect to be so moved by this story but I was.

  10. AllAboutThoseBooks AllAboutThoseBooks says:

    It s well written, but the characters are pilots in WW1 As one of the main characters reflects, he was 8 when the first plane flew, and 23 when he arrived to fly for the Allies The context is one in which new pilots arrive and die nearly daily The sex definitely begins as dub con, and then shifts The ending is a HFN, because they re still in the war, and by the end we understand that no character here is safe There are so many unanswered questions, because it was an environment in which it was better not to ask them Honestly, it was quite robust and well plotted for its length Bat is easy to love, and Cowboy Well, maybe he can keep Bat alive, both emotionally and physically.

  11. T. Gray T. Gray says:

    This historical romance novella was an intense and riveting read Set in France during WW1, the story focuses on Bat, a British soldier who leads a squadron of pilots The novella begins with Bat accidentally committing a crime, and then to his rescue comes Cowboy, a swaggering American pilot on his team who steps in to assist in covering things up Only Bat realizes that Cowboy has a price, and that Bat s relationship with his teammate, recently killed in battle, was not as secret as he d thought.That sounds really dark, and parts of the story are, but mostly it s just intense Bat s squadron flies out twice a day on missions, and they lose pilots daily, so every time they go up, each of them fully understand that it could be their last flight As captain of his team, Bat is weighed down by both his mortality and that of his men Between missions, any pocket of respite is either used to drown reality with alcohol and sleep or fiercely grabbed at and used as a way to remind themselves that they are still alive.Bat is a stunned shell in the beginning of the story, faced with both his crime and the recent and sudden loss of his lover He s at first dismayed with Cowboy s machinations, believing he s fallen from one hell to another, but he can t deny the release that he needs, and realizes slowly that Cowboy is offering him much than just hiding him.Lanyon does a great job with setting the scene it was easy to picture every detail, from the planes in mid battle to the crowded room where the soldiers drank and unwound to the tangled and dilapidated gazebo where Bat and Cowboy would meet Evocative and richly detailed, I was swept along with this powerful story, and at times, found myself craving some of the same things For instance, an intense want of chocolate as Bat and Cowboy smoked and ate chocolates in the dark while they talked, just enjoyed the simple pleasure of something so hard to come by I also totally cried like a baby at points Thankfully, such an intense story wraps up in a HFN ending I don t think Lanyon would ever leave you hanging that badly But the intensity of the story made that ending feel like another pocket of respite unsure of what the morning will bring, but for that moment, enjoying what life there is and the offered and wanted love of the person with you.Not an easy read, but excellent and recommended, especially if you like a good historical story.

  12. Reading Fool Reading Fool says:

    Joah Lanyon has created a rich, if very dark, story of fighter pilots in England I have read Mary Renault s compelling The Charioteer multiple times This story reminded me of that novel in feel and depth of character Quite an achievement, in a short story But this is not that novel there is hot, real sex, for one thing Bat and Cowboy have a relationship that starts abruptly and disturbingly, and continues that way an integral part of their dangerous environment They need each other but Bat fights it Cowboy covers up most of his true feelings until his plan to win Bat begins to succeed Out of the Blue feels a lot different from most of Josh Lanyon s tales He didn t kill off either of his heroes, but I didn t feel certain that they would find Happily Ever After More like they d have short moments of love ripped out of very little time before statistics finally rule There were hints of a possible future and I m hoping Still, the odds of fighter pilot survival were truly small in those days.