1:59: The Sub-Two-Hour Marathon Is Within Reach - Here’s How It Will Go Down, and What It Can Teach All Runners About Training and Racing (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Philip Maffetone, Bill Katovsky, LJ Ganser, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks ePUB – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

What will it take to run a marathon in less than two hours The world s fastest times for the marathon have been dropping since the distance ofmiles was made official nearlyyears ago But after a noticeable decline that occurred for a half century, the times, while still edging lower, have stalled several minutes north of two hours for the past decade For the first time, examines what it will take for an elite distance runner to go subtwo hours It will require than raw talent, optimal body size, and great athletic genes In order to become marathon s Roger Bannister and smash this elusive record, this runner must follow a healthy diet and an individualized training regimen that takes advantage of specific environmental factors live high, train low Because precious seconds count over each mile run, other critical considerations include improved running form and economy, sharpened mental focus, and wearing the right type of racing flats or even going barefoot The athlete who finally breaks distance running s most tantalizing barrier will become a worldwide celebrity overnight Will the runner be a Kenyan, an Ethiopian, an American, or a marathoner from another country And how soon will it happen By providing a unique window into the highly competitive world of elite marathon running, this book also allows running enthusiasts to have a thorough understanding of the true potential of endurance athletes And in turn, they can apply the same training and racing principles discussed in to their own running, whether it s a K, half marathon, marathon, or ultramarathon PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio

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  1. Rene Borg Rene Borg says:

    An exciting look at both the prospects of the 1 59 marathon and updated retake on a lot of Phil Maffetone s key ideas which still do not fail to convince Provides plenty of food for thought for athletes and coaches on the broad palette of factors that can still be addressed in the quest for better times and puts paid to many old dogmas such as the fact that the Kenyan diet is currently optimal Just because the world s best are doing something does not mean it is perfect we still have much to refine and the book punches powerfully in favour of those points.

  2. kevin orourke kevin orourke says:

    I love Phil Maffetone, I love his books and his thinking I don t like to listen to him but that s another story He does weave this tale together and gives sound grounds for what he considers to be the perfect time to achieve this milestone in running history I wish there was detail on his methods as I have been following them for years but I think that is also part of the experience We need to make our own mistakes and learn from within.

  3. ocnote ocnote says:

    Phil Maffetone has been around the running training circuit for a while and while he s mostly busy making music these days, he s still very worth listening to The 1 59 marathon is a nice theme to review some of the methods he has been advocating for years to make you a better runner According to Maffetone, improving your running revolves around three main areas training, nutrition and biomechanics In each of these areas his recommendations are somewhat contrary to what you would find in your average runner s world article Training at lower heart rate the Maffetone method , not basing your nutrition around carbs and developing a natural running technique He makes a compelling case for each of these Time will tell if adopting his program is what will enable someone to one day break the magical 2 hour barrier for the marathon, but it can definitely make you a faster runner today.

  4. S V. S V. says:

    I m with Sage Canaday on this one Not recommended.

  5. André Cruz André Cruz says:

    O livro fecha o raciocinio dos livros anteriores e traz o beneficio da naturalidade das quenianos sol, bareffot e por ai vai.

  6. Nils Roger Andersson Nils Roger Andersson says:

    Although Maffetone writes about the 1 59 marathon senario, and how he thinks it will happen he also includes whys , and the whats that may be necessary for a runner to get there.Full of wisdom and down to earth insights the book never starts preaching the only way as so many do these days.I have only run for about 10 years myself, and I am far from fast or good at it, but still loved the ideas and levelheaded advice found on these pages.

  7. R.Sudhagar Raghavan R.Sudhagar Raghavan says:

    I bought the book after reading positive reviews as well as from what I read about Dr Philip Maffetone from the book Natural Born Heroes by Chris McDougall According to McDougall ,Dr Philipp has an unconventional but highly effective ideas on running and nutrition These ideas, despite the lack of scientific evidence, seems to work Since I found these ideas interesting, I decided to purchase the book.Pros Written in a clear and concise manner and is easy to read There is no overloading of materials and eschews the long winded approach of by some other running booksCons There is no new insights or ideas how the 2 hour mark can be breached There is nothing new about running at all in this book and for those who are knowledgeable about running will learn nothing

  8. Leon Worth Leon Worth says:

    Maffetone has gained recent attention from being mentioned in the latest McDougall book, Natural Born Heroes He apparently has written quite a few This seems to be his latest As a writer I d say he can use a little help, which he got But I m interested in what it has to say And I m not too sure I would be expecting his predictions to materialize any time soon, at least not in the way he has it Specifically he claims that the dominance of East Africans in distance running will decline While that is possible, I don t see it happening right away, and I certainly do not expect the spotlight to just shift back to western runners His training technique is interesting but I think misses the essentials of what makes a great runner growing up in a culture in which heavy physical activity is the norm, as described in the just released Parker book, Racing the Rain If, like many Africans, you grow up running miles to school barefoot, every day, while not being a part of our industrial junk food culture, you will develop into at least a good runner So I am not looking for too many great runners to come along from the US or Europe If a marathon is ever done in under 2 00, it s going to be by an African.

  9. C. Walsh C. Walsh says:

    I had been hearing a lot about the great results from HR training and upon researching found out about Dr Maffetone, his method, successes and new book Not only does it show what it will take for an elite runner to breat the 2 hour barrier but it offers insight for the average runner to get faster and remain injury free all while running slower.At first it was a slow slog but in the month since I have incorperated HR training I am beginning to see the gains Also since I am not stressing my body and paying better attention to rest, recovery and diet as prescribed by Dr Maffetone, I am not fatigued and have been able to log miles, focus on breathing and form as well as have better contol over my weight.I can t recommend this book enough for any runner, especially those who has seen a plateau in their training or been battling injury.

  10. Hagen Hagen says:

    Phil Maffetone grabs every aspect of good running out of his basket of endurance racing wisdom Not just one, two or a couple will make for a 1 59 marathon, but adding them all up should certainly get somebody there Looking how many of these things even the best runners don t do right let alone everybody else , assuming an improvement of less than 3 min for the current bests or 7, 8, 9 minutes for those that have not tapped into their potential at all, sounds very plausible Let s hope we can witness that feat of human speed and endurance soon.

  11. anita_run anita_run says:

    Anyone that calls him or herself a runner needs to read this book This is a great book for experienced runners and coaches, very interesting facts and studies regarding the art of marathon training As always, Phil Maffetone gives us all the scientific explanations, and quotes the different studies in order to give a complete picture of all his statements Brilliant book, definitely a must read

  12. Adolfo Neto Adolfo Neto says:

    Maffetone is a master of running and exercise This time his focus is on world class performance, but he does not forget that every athlete should be healthy In this book he shows how everyone not only elite runners can achieve good performance without sacrificing their health.

  13. John B. Campise John B. Campise says:

    A great overview of what one needs to do to be fast and healthy, plus specific tips for marathon runners.

  14. Ivaylo B. Ivaylo B. says:

    Good info and motivational, though I do not necessarily agree with all his ideas.

  15. reference-collections.co Customer reference-collections.co Customer says:

    Great book Enjoyed the reading