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Learn how to drastically change your serve throughexercises that will increase your racquet speed and acceleration in a very significant way This book includes TheSuperman Tennis Serve exercises Thecharts that will teach you how to do them in an organized manner Detailed explanation on each phase of the chartsServing tipstennis competition tips to improve your overall game This is your chance to have the best serve ever with this training that will change the way you approach your serve Using a scientifically proven method to increase your racquet head speed and acceleration throughexercises Do you want to start winning matches thanks to your serve Want to make a big difference in the results you have in your matches and tournaments Well, in tennis, YOU SPEND AT LEAST % OF THE TIME SERVING Which means that the better you serve, the better your chance is of controlling that % of your match The remainder of the match you spend on returning serve and hitting ground strokes and volleys during the point This basically means that working on your forehand, backhand, over head, slice, topspin, return of serve, and other specific shots will account require a lot time and effort to master the remaining % of your match PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your My Library section along with the audio