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Disclaimer I bought this book because someone told me it was mucky It isn t Or at least, not what I would call mucky, and this has disappointed me.Fingersmith is the story of Sue Trinder, adoptive daughter of a stolen goods handler and a baby farmer Sue is convinced by a con artist to go and work as a lady s maid and convince the lady she s working for to marry the con artist Once married, he plans to dump the lady in an asylum and pocket her fortune, giving Sue a slice Once Sue meets her mark, however, things start to unravel and she starts to unexpectedly care for her mark.This book is exactly what I always think a Booker Prize nominee would be dry, humour free and concentrating on the words than on the action Nothing wrong with that, if that s your bag, but it s not what interests me I knew this was a Booker nominee before I picked it up, but I thought my recent success with Girl, Woman, Other meant that I had matured as a reader Turns out I haven t.The main problem I had with this book is that it is over long The first third is told from Sue s viewpoint Then the second third is told from Maud s viewpoint, but just recaps what Sue has already told us Yes, it s told from a different perspective, but there aren t enough differences in the narrative to make 90% of the second third worth reading In fact, most of the book is overkill Scenes happen without much actual plot going on, just the internal ramblings of two unfortunate girls And their ramblings were just so tedious Every now and then there would be an interesting passage and no, I don t mean the sex scene that was far too clouded with euphemisms and metaphor to even be particularly readable but most of the book was just so damn boring It reminded me of Dickens in the worst possible way I m not a fan of Dickens.The second problem I had with this book is that Sue is, as far as I can tell, completely superfluous to Gentleman s plot She is literally there to provide a plot twist I did see how Gentleman conned Sue into becoming Maud s maid with money, and the fact that Maud needed a chaperone while Gentleman wooed her , but I didn t see why Maud, for her part of the con, needed Sue There was a reason given, but it just seemed flimsy Seriously, you can t honestly tell me her family would have found her if she really didn t want to be found Why didn t Maud just agree to marry Gentleman and split her fortune with him Because, of course, then there would be no made for TV plot twist.The romance for me never really got going Sue starts off by slightly despising Maud, then she thinks her sweet, and suddenly she s in love with her The romance felt dry and clinical and as such unconvincing There were certainly no internal musings about the impact of a same sex relationship in a time when people were executed for sodomy within easy living memory.Summary boring Not recommended. LondonSue Trinder, orphaned at birth, grows up among petty thieves fingersmiths under the rough but loving care of Mrs Sucksby and her family But from the moment she draws breath, Sue s fate is linked to that of another orphan growing up in a gloomy mansion not too many miles away Fingersmith weaves its way through Victorian London and into your subconscious, a monster of a book that is genuinely difficult to put down The story is difficult to distil confidently into a short summary, but it is the tale of two women, laced with issues of identity, gender, morality nature versus nurture and insanity.If you re familiar with Sarah Waters style you ll appreciate the detailed research, descriptions that leap off the page and interwoven story lines For new readers Fingersmith is the perfect jumping off point.My only slight criticism would be one other reviewers have brought up a robust editor might have helped the pacing The book feels about 50 pages too long But this doesn t really detract from a superb book, a 550 page page turner. I tried to purchase the book several years ago but was told it was out of print It was just reissued last week, so was anxious to now have the opportunity to read it After starting the book I learned that it had been made into a BBC mini series, but was no longer streaming here There is no doubt that the writer s skill to write of believable settings, dialogue and criminal activity in 19th century London draws one into the story I found this a difficult book to rate I wished some of the Victorian underworld slang had been translated, as found myself guessing from context Part 1 sets up a devious and complex plot to defraud In this section, terms were going through my head like derivative, a pastiche and parody of several old Crime novels of the Victorian era, overwritten, too much unnecessary elaboration This was a long novel 592 Pages I have read longer books in the last couple of years, but this one seemed much longer than any of those I would have enjoyed it if it had been condensed in length In Part 1 we meet two very different young female protagonists who seemed like caricatures Susan, a good hearted thief who is involved in a criminal scheme and Lilly who seems so naive, overprotected and innocent Near the close of Part 1, there is a huge reveal which raised the plot and characterizations way up to another level I was completely unaware and unprepared for this and is best the reader to go into the book completely unspoiled I won t give a full synopsis of the plot to avoid some unexpected twists.The story begins in a house of Fingersmiths pickpockets and burglars It is run by a tough, but a motherly woman who also has a small baby farm The plot to defraud a wealthy heiress, Lilly, begins there An ever scheming conman, called Gentleman , recruits teenaged Fingersmith, Susan She is to influence Lilly to marry him in order for him to obtain her inheritance He has plans to make Lilly vanish after the wedding and have all her money Susan is to work as a housemaid to Lilly, whom he describes as innocent and weak minded Susan goes along the plan in hopes that part of her proceeds will go to help her beloved house mother.Soon we get betrayals, double crosses, and what might be called triple crosses, a lesbian love story with complications, tragedy, not much happiness, thievery, daring escapes, secrets and lies, violence, and a huge collection of pornography Part 2 starts out as a recap of Part 1 but told from a different perspective This added little to what we already learned and I thought it repetitive and boring The story now plays out in a crumbling, dark mansion where Lilly works as secretary for her very unpleasant uncle There are some tense, suspenseful passages We also get some further revelations about the two girls origins and backgrounds, and who instigated the plot and why.Part 3 deals with the horrors of one of the young women being unjustly locked up and her brilliant escape Most of the characters end up back at the Fingersmith House There is conflict and murder The story ends with retribution for some and redemption for others. This book is like something I have never read before in a good way The plot was ingenious It had twists and turns to surprise when you were least expecting them I found some parts in the madhouse quite disturbing How awful people treated each other in that situation so long ago If you re reading this, trying to decide whether or not to buy it hesitate no Go for it You ll be glad you did ber Fingersmith ist schon so viel geschrieben worden, dass ich mich hier kurz fassen kann Das Buch ist spannend und wunderbar konstruiert Die Geschichte entfaltet sich langsam, und nach und nach f gen sich die Puzzleteile zusammen.Wenn es aus meiner pers nlichen Perspektive etwas zu kritisieren gibt, dann sind es zwei Dinge die Sexszenen h tten f r meinen Geschmack etwas ausf hrlicher sein d rfen Zweitens, das Ende ist etwas abrupt, ich h tte gerne noch etwas mehr ber die beiden Hauptcharaktere erfahren Typical, gloriously written, terribly well researched historical drama from one of the very best The twists and in a way the climaxes often tend to occur half way through Sarah Waters novel and it does in this one too After an incredible beginning and middle and late middle, the reader is left expecting a firework show at the end, but again, as usual, the plot slows and finishes in a not totally fulfilling way The comeuppance doesn t land very satisfactorily, but the book as a whole does I often wonder if this is intentional or not, as many of her books Tipping the Velvet, Little Stranger, Paying Guests end like this as do books from the period, those which were serialised for the newspapers Still a brilliant read. Sara waters is an excellent writer and keeps you gripped with the tale Although brilliantly written I found this book very dark and would nt reccomend it if you were feeling low I first read this book a few years ago and was absolutely floored by the twist in the story I have read a lot of books over the years and this still stands out for me as one if the best twists I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy So when the ebook was selling for a song, it was one I had to buy.Since reading this one, I have read several books written by Sarah Waters and have loved every single one She especially has a magical way with writing about the Victorian era that draws you in to the hidden underbelly of the time repressed sexuality, pornography and the criminal underworld of the pickpocket in this case.I should say that this is a whopper of a book, as many of her novels are, but it is an excellent read I recommend you also make time for Tipping the Velvet and Affinity too, to really enjoy the way whe writes about Victorian life.