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Piercing the shadows of the naked stage was a single shaft of rosy limelight, and in the centre of this was a girl the most marvellous girl I knew it at once that I had ever seen A saucy, sensuous and multi layered historical romance, Tipping the Velvet follows the glittering career of Nan King oyster girl turned music hall star turned rent boy turned East End tom

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  1. Dr W. H. Konarzewski Dr W. H. Konarzewski says:

    This novel is set in Victorian times mainly between 1888 1895 It coincides with the life and times of Three Men in a Boat, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Sherlock Holmes, but it gives an alternate take on life in the late 19th century This is hardly surprising as Nancy Astley, the first person narrator, is a lesbian who lived by her wits during an epoch when lesbianism wasn t as fashionable as it is today On the whole, lesbianism was a topic neglected by the mainstream authors of the period such as Conan Doyle, Thomas Hardy, Jerome K Jerome and even Oscar Wilde although I m sure he had his own ideas on the subject.For me, the great strength of this book was Sarah Waters research into the clothing, language, conventions and street life of era I couldn t spot any anachronisms in the historical details Although one might argue that the whole book was a thematic anachronism being written through the eyes of a woman immersed in late 20th Century feminism rather than a genuine young Victorian lady At least that is my impression The quality of writing was excellent and Sarah Waters is a natural story teller so there was plenty to occupy the mind.The downside of the book was Nancy Astley s self absorption and sometimes her reflection on herself and her emotions slowed the pace to the point that some passages were almost boring This sort of prolonged introversion occurs also in Fingersmith by the same author and detracts from an otherwise enjoyable read Incidentally, Sarah Waters has just added her reflections on this book twenty years after its original publication 1998 as an epilogue These are well worth reading if you re interested in how she came to write the book She is not afraid to criticise herself which is quite refreshing.Overall, the positives in this book heavily outweigh the negatives and I d recommend it without reservation to anyone interested in Victorian London.

  2. Blackadder Blackadder says:

    Sarah Waters has been my favourite novelist for a while, but had not read her debut story up to now It is a steamy lesbian love affair that is quite explicit set near the end of the 19th century.Nancy Astley is an oyster girl from Whitstable, until she is seduced by Kitty Butler into coming with her to be in the music halls she begins as Kitty s dresser, then upgrades into her musical partner, named Nan King, dressing as a boy on the stage Their love affair blossoms until an incident separates the two.Nan is forced to act as a renter until events change an she becomes the tart for a Sapphist named Diana, who has a maid named Zena.Eventually, this runs it s course, and Nan is with Florence and her brother who is an avowed socialist.The novel ends with a large worker s rally in which all of Nan s former loves make an appearance.Personally, I didn t care for the political aspect, and think it would have been better with a suffragette inclination Still, it was an excellent debut, and shows the potential of this highly talented author.

  3. Gemma - Read A Book Gem Gemma - Read A Book Gem says:

    This is the first book I have read by Sarah Waters and I really enjoyed her rich and evocative writing style The story explores an imagined lesbian underworld in London in the late 19th Century As little to no records or accounts exist of life at that time for lesbian people in London, Waters does a brilliant job of portraying a believable scene and characters that feel authentic.While it is not perfect, and for a book that is now over 20 years old there are some aspects that are a bit dated now, this is a book that has really stood the test of time and it was easy to see why.

  4. reader404 reader404 says:

    This is an excellent book and I loved the story line, I also loved that the story took place in the Victorian era The descriptions of the music halls, the slums, the people and the acts were completley engrossing However I did find myself becoming increasingly annoyed with the main character and just how selfish she was It wasnt really just the fact that she was selfish as this made her all the human, it was to with that she seemed to prattle on about herself and her thoughts for pages on end when this could have been cut down a bit It was this that made me skim read and towards the end just to get back to the plot Above all though very good book and worth reading.

  5. john john says:

    Enjoyed this book Not my usual read and first one by this author Took about 200 pages to get into the story but when it got going it kept me interested Had seen the tv show prior which I also enjoyed There s a good story to the book and a little naughty in places.

  6. Pearly Queen Pearly Queen says:

    I remember the tv show from years back, showing the adventures of a young girl leaving Whitstable to follow her lover to London, and her adventures in show business and beyond Sarah Waters s historical novels are always to a high standard, and this one is one of her best.

  7. David Bisset David Bisset says:

    Sarah Waters has developed into a significant writer Her first novel indicates her strength as a novelist neo Dickensian descriptions of life in late Victorian London with an elaborate plot, together with the exploration of gender identity and alternative sexuality The adaptations of this novel in other media failed to plumb its depths and trivialized its content.

  8. Swirlygirly30 Swirlygirly30 says:

    This book takes you straight into the life of 18 year old Nan, a Whitstable oyster girl Nan becomes captivated by the stunning Kitty Butler and her music hall act, visiting the theatre to see her night after night Eventually Nan becomes Kitty s dresser and then her lover What follows is a story of reversals of fortune, as the reader follows Nan through the highs and lows of a girl in the Victorian era The book is so well written that you can almost smell the old music halls, the writer skillfully transports you straight to another place and time The book is at it s heart a tale of lesbian love, and in places is very steamy and erotic, it was certainly an eye opener for me All the characters are bursting with life, love them or hate them The storytelling is rich, bold and takes the reader on a page turning romp, an excellent read not to be missed I loved it.