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An easy light entertaining read with some very amusing moments Obviously, not every detail of the trip or every conversation can be included in the book, but at times the boys behavior seemed immature and insincere As a reader, I found those aspects of their behavior somewhat irritating But well done to the boys for showing us that there are still some wonderful kind people in the world willing to help a stranger a very positive message which we need to remember in troubled times. There are several categories of people who complete the End to End trip These in short are as followsSerious Athletic nutters..those that do it in ridiculously short periods of time such as 5 days The record is actually 42 hours but that is off the nutter index altogetherSeriously misguided nuttersthose that do it on pogo sticks, skateboards, pushing a pea with their nose etcSimple nutters.who do it for enjoyment often on their own Charity Supporters of which I was one last year and who spend the entire trip wishing they had not done it of which I was one last year Amusing nutterswhich clearly describes George and Bens trip from Lands End to John O GroatsThe vast majority of books written about the End To End trip are almost as dire to read as actually undertaking the trip itself This is most definitely not the case with this book that kept me constantly amused from start to finish It is a must read for all those who are dim witted to actually want to undertake the journey I live in Penzance so can barely cross the road as there is constant stream of cyclists all of whom are still maniacally keen at the 10 mile stage..only another 1000 miles to go I cheerily tell them So as your hand hovers over the buy icon take my advice and hit it prontoYou won t regret itErnest CraskeThe charity Brigadeof which I was one last year I was somewhat dubious about the premise of this adventure maybe 50 years ago it could have worked but in the uncaring noughties or whatever you call this decade Admittedly they bypass most of the big towns on the trip between Lands End and John O Groats so a cynic can claim that only rural life in Britain is still so heart warmingly altruistic Our heroes on their scrounging expedition always manage to find a warm heart somewhere, even if they were pushed to the limits a couple of times Admittedly some of the food they were offered on the way one could regard as stolen from employers not by our heroes of course but generally the friendship, good cheer and trust shown by the vast majority of the people coming into contact with the adventurers was hugely reassuring as well as counter intuitive in our sceptical world Although the whole book is hilarious I have to admit to shedding a tear or two at some of the completely unabashed kindness shown A massive feelgood book. I haven t giggled at a book so much as this for ages Free Country is a very funny memoir as well as being a timely read to restore a little of my faith in Britain and British people in these divisive Brexit times George and his friend Ben set out from Land s End with no preparation, no money, no gear and almost no clothes, just a half baked idea that the kindness and generosity of the Great British Public will see them through 1000 miles to John O Groats And spoiler alert most of the time they are proved right.I sometimes entertain ideas of undertaking a long distance walk or cycle ride myself before thinking better of it and I know a guy who cycled the 1000 mile LEJOG so I have an idea of just how tough it would be To add in so many deliberate difficulties is, I think, mind numbingly daft but it does make for a great story and wonderfully entertaining reading I loved George s sense of humour and laughed ot loud so many times that my partner started making remarks about still reading That Book He s now reading it himself For fans of quirky journey memoirs, eccentric Brit adventures and humorous stories, this is definitely one for the TBR list. Such a fun storyor I suppose stories as every part of the journey produced another story to tell It was written in such a relatable way, especially as I ve gone on my own bike adventures and created some unforgettable memories Yes, George and Ben, when people read your story we might be envious of your zany adventures, but can t imagine many of us having the courage or be crazy enough to go ahead and do anything like it At least we get to experience it vicariously, thanks for writing the book I enjoyed reading this travel log about a carefree pair of adventurers on their trip from Land s End at the south of England a thousand miles northward to John O Groats in Scotland It describes their trip, the places they passed through, and their success at doing the whole trip without spending a single penny Most importantly, the story highlights the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the British people that they encountered My only complaint is that the author is a little harsh in his observations of many towns and villages from only a casual glance Overall, this book is a funny, well written romp. Das die Engl nder im Hinblick auf ihre Reisegewohnheiten etwas spleenig sind, wei man nicht erst seit Tony Hawks und seiner Reise mit K hlschrank rund um Irland In Free Country folgen wir den Abenteuern von George und Ben, zwei jungen Engl ndern, die ihre Reise in Lands End Cornwall starten und ohne Geld bis in den Norden Schottlands kommen wollen Sie starten buchst blich ohne alles nur mit zwei Boxer Shorts in den Farben des britischen Union Jacks bekleidet und sind vollkommen auf die Unterst tzung der Menschen angewiesen, die sie unterwegs treffen Klar, dass sich daraus tolle Geschichten entwickeln, die einen h ufig zum lachen, manchmal aber auch zum nachdenken bringt Man hat tats chlich das Gef hl im Original Reistagebuch von George zu lesen Dadurch erscheint das Buch an einigen Stellen literarisch nicht besonders geschliffen aber daf r immer authentisch Ich bin diesem britischen Road Movie in Buchform jedenfalls sehr gern gefolgt I really appreciated reading about the little, quaint places and people George describes much better than reading a travel guide Being real places I was able to follow along on a map loved the photos of everyone at the ends of the chapters would ve loved to see Very inspiring and entertaining Good to have some comic relief in my reading Much appreciated the attitude to tough situations I love to see the funny side of unusual experiences. Don t you hate it when peoples reviews say, Laugh out loud funny.Well, this book is hilarious and laugh out loud funny and I m not joking The tale of two intrepid travellers who decide to travel from Lands End to John O Groats, but with a twist They arrive at the start line wearing nothing but matching Union Jack boxer shorts Their aim to ride the length of Great Britain without spending any money Everything from the clothes, the food, the places to sleep even the bikes they hope to be given for free to prove that the people of Great Britain are officially nice If the image of two men sharing a pair of socks and a pair of shoes doesn t make you smile, wait until Pinky arrives on the scene A fantastic book that you won t be able to put down until you actually can Just read the book The plan is simple George and Ben have three weeks to cycle , miles from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland There s just one small problem they have no bikes, no clothes, no food, and no money Setting off in just a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts, they attempt to rely on the generosity of the British public for everything from food to accommodation, clothes to shoes, and bikes to beer During the most extraordinary of challenges, George and Ben scavenge through rubbish bins, search for the Loch Ness monster, wash dishes, clean hotels, sing Christmas carols for food, swim in lakes, descend Cornish hills on children s bikes, and cook a barbecue forold people in a field They spend the night in a greenhouse, a canal boat, a posh hotel, an empty house, a pub, a tent in a car park, and a barn with a bull Through the course of their hysterical journey, they are clothed, fed, and sheltered by the generous people of Britain