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Delivered fast and having read only part of the book, I am enjoying all the stories thus far and have no reason to doubt they all won t be as good Nice to have unpublished stories too Most fans of Western fiction know Paul S Powers as one of the foundation authors of the famous pulp magazine of the s and s, Wild West Weekly, in which his popular characters Sonny Tabor, Kid Wolf, Freckles Malone, and Johnny Forty five appeared foryears Lesser known is the career Powers had after Wild West Weekly stopped publication inPowers continued to write for the best of the Western fiction magazines throughout the s Now, here for the first time, arePaul Powers stories written in the years after his Wild West Weekly career Six of these were published in the leading western pulp magazines of the period The other six, never published before, were discovered by Powers granddaughter Laurie inAll of the stories in this collection reflect a new style that Powers had to adopt in the early s His earlier Wild West Weekly style was geared toward its adolescent audience and full of the blood and thunder that was indicative of the pulp Westerns during that period Writing stories for Wild West Weekly was a highly lucrative trade for my grandfather, but he had to change course and relearn his craft when the old style was no longer popular No longer were heroes to be the semi super human cowboys who survived hundreds of bullet wounds and shoot targets with jaw dropping speed and accuracy They were now to be mature and sometimes with a darker look on life Heroes that for years were clean cut, highly moral, and almost puritan in their habits were replaced by lead characters who drank, smoked, and swore But Powers rose to the task and continued to have his stories published through the s and into the early s Thesestories are representative of that era they make for an outstanding collection of frontier stories that represent the glory years of the Western short story and the best of Powers prolific pulp career