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Being from Australia I found it hard to connect with this book and the history to it The story line was good but did not keep me interested until around a quarter of the way through the book I definitely did not like the ending It was not finished and to read to the end and then find that I am compelled to buy the next book to have the story completed is not for me A follow on book note should be on the Product Description. I read this book with great interest It raised many issues about life in a poor community with the strengths and weaknesses of the community well presented The abuse by the priest was handled with realism and delicacy As a retired Social Worker I have memories of many clients with similar stories This is an excellent social history written in a delightful manner with great insight It is amusing too Some of the chapters had me laughing out loud I enjoyed the way the community pulled together in every crisis.The characters were fully rounded I could picture each one with all their good and not so good traits.It reminded me of the series of stories about midwives in London in the same time span If you liked the books or TV show Call the Midwife I am sure you will like this too. This is the first Nadine Dorries book I have ever read and I enjoyed it so much that I bought the next one in the series so that I could start it the minute I finished this one For some reason I tend to read a lot of books set in Liverpool but refreshingly this one doesn t contain all the usual constant references to Liverpool which most authors seem to think they have to include.It is easy to read and I was surprised as it did contain a shock element concerning the Priest which I wasn t expecting and although I didn t enjoy reading these bits, I can see that these events have shaped the story As I have now started reading the second book in the trilogy, the disturbing events from this book are even relevant as the story wouldn t have taken the same direction.Overall, it is the usual story of a close knit neighbourhood struggling to make ends meet but it does have a twist which makes it a bit different to the norm and I really enjoyed it I am only at the beginning of book 2 and have already purchased book 3 and I just hope they live up to the same enjoyable read as this book. Couldn t put this down Having grown up in a working class area in another city in the UK at around the same time as this is set, though blessedly not in such difficult circumstances, a lot of aspects of daily life in this book were easily recognisable This is an excellent portrayal of the way in which people would bicker and squabble, but still pull together to support one another during hardship and adversity and also what they sometimes did to survive, whether legal or not Faced with hunger and deprivation, the moral compass may bend It surely makes you realise how far we have come in the last 50 years though let s hope some current policies will not reverse the trend.Criticism and distrust of those from outside, sometimes undeserved respect for those in authority and fear of retribution which could take many forms and was far difficult to speak out against at that time all these are highlighted with great clarity as is the often rough and ready, but genuine, love and strength that existed in individual families and amongst those who lived so close together That sense of community is something very familiar to me and many others, I suspect.Nadine Dorries may have achieved some notoriety for other reasons, however this book suggests she could not only be a good advocate for her constituents, showing a considerable degree of empathy, but a very good and popular author too Look forward to her next offering. just love these stories of post war years the heartache and struggles, this book has it all with just the right amount of pathos the author is to be commended I was engrossed from page one will continue with book two. This was set in Liverpool in the 1950 s It was about an Irish Community who through trials and tribulations showed how far they would go for each other Two young girls with their own secrets which they had to keep close to their hearts I found this story enjoyable and a little disturbing especially with Molly s threatened innocence In fact I had to leave this book because I was getting quite upset in as much as when the Priest came into the picture and the situations which arose from his encounters with the young girls I found the hair on my arms and back of my neck rising I felt I didn t want to continue reading and gave myself a respite from the outcomes Then I returned to it and finished the book I must say this writer Nadine Dorries scared me a bit but then again I still had to turn the pages and I am glad I did I enjoyed the parts when someone would chap at the wall to invite their neighbour in for a cup of tea and a wee bit of gossip Very well written story Very well written book Enjoyed every page Having grown up in working class northern England, this was a wonderful trip down memory lane Loved how she ended this great read Made me smile I wonder if there is going to be a follow up This is the first and introductory book in this trilogy, and is well written and believable I grew up in the Liverpool area during this time post war period, and felt instantly at home when reading all three of these books It is very evocative of its time and place, and does not shy away from some of the disturbing themes A very good read. I downloaded this book on the strength of so many positive reviews and the fact that I fancied a change of genre from my usual thriller crime choices It sat on my Kindle for quite a while until a couple of days ago I decided to give it a go.I found the style easy to get into and found her writing both descriptive and thought provoking Basically it is a simple book, telling the story of Irish immigrants who having bravely left their homeland in search of a better life, have settled in Liverpool, where work on the docks was plentiful if hard in the 1950 s.There is no clever, exciting plot to this book, instead it tells the story of the day to day living of the families living in the four streets , a run down area, where the large catholic families struggle to survive but where the sense of community is strong and constant.For me, the book was running along smoothly until about half way through when child abuse comes into play I have to say that in a way, this spoiled the story for me Perhaps that is because for me this book was a step back from the books I usually read, which are thrillers and crime Once the child abuse was introduced the book changed for me, it became neither one thing or another neither a pleasant story of times gone by or an exciting thriller whodunit story.But nevertheless I did enjoy the writing style and the interaction of the families and so I give it three stars. s Liverpool In the tight knit community of the Four Streets, two girls are growing up One is motherless and hated by the cold woman determined to take her dead mother s place The other is hiding a dreadful secret which she dare not tell to anyone The people of Four Streets laugh, grieve and hope together But what can they do when a betrayal at the heart of their world comes to light