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Harry Dresden, Chicago s only professional wizard, is about to have a very bad day As Winter Knight to the Queen of Air and Darkness, Harry never knows what the scheming Mab might want him to do Usually, it s something awful This time, it s worse than that Mab s involved Harry in a smash and grab heist run by one of his most despised enemies, to recover the literal Holy Grail from the vaults of the greatest treasure horde in the world which belongs to the one and only Hades, Lord of the Underworld Dresden s always been tricky, but he s going to have to up his backstabbing game to survive this mess assuming his own allies don t end up killing him before his enemies get the chance

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  1. Charles Green Charles Green says:

    Although I have enjoyed every one of Jim Butcher s 14 previous Dresden Files novels, my one significant criticism of the recent entries in the series is that the big finales have sometimes gone somewhat OTT The trend started with Harry Dresden riding a zombie dinosaur though downtown Chicago, but it reached its peak with the massive island assault at the end of vol 14, Cold Front, which became an all out supernatural battle in the middle of lake Michigan.I have nothing against big set pieces per se, but for me the Dresden Files increasing over reliance on them robbed the series of some of it original appeal After all, as the Dresden Files sub title suggests, this was originally an urban fantasy take on the film noir Detective series Philip Marlowe with magic if you like However, over time and as Jim Butcher expanded the alternative universe in which the stories are set, the books have become less mysteries with a magical spin and grand fantasy epics They were still enjoyable, but some of what made the early novels such as Storm Front so great for me had been lost.I am happy to report therefore, that with Skin Game Jim Butcher seems to have rediscovered some of the old magic, if you will pardon the expression, by returning Harry back to a smaller scale adventure The ever expanding universe is still there and there are still moments that make me wonder how the general public could still possibly be in denial about the existence of magic bronze lion statue coming to life in downtown Chicago anyone , but there are no massed battles between supernatural armies, the stakes aren t world changing and the central cast is kept to a reasonably tight number of players.Moreover Skin Game is very much a crime novel with a robbery, albeit a supernatural one, central to the plot Its also plays homage to the series noir ish origins and inspirations by having crosses and double crosses than the Maltese Falcon and featuring all the staples of a good pulp Detective novel, including femme fatales, hulking henchmen or hench monsters in this case and mob bosses.It also features an ending that for once feels like a proper, satisfying ending, with minimal loose ends left hanging No, Jim Butcher doesn t wrap up every sub plot in the wider Dresden verse and I wouldn t expect him to in the course of one novel, but the novel s central plot is brought to a pretty definitive conclusion, there are no cliff hangers, and many of the series heroes and their interpersonal relationships are left in far better places than when the book began.All of which serves to make Skin Game the most enjoyable Dresden File for a long time and has restored my slightly waning faith in the series Next time I will not wait nearly a year to pick up the latest volume in the series, and I will hope that Jim Butcher manages to maintain Harry and his Friends return to form.

  2. Richard Wright Richard Wright says:

    Harry Dresden and I almost had a parting of the ways after the previous book After following his adventures in one massive binge, book after book, I was sure the law of diminishing returns had firmly kicked in My ennui for the series wasn t aided by the fact that the author had effectively dropped a bomb into Harry s world, blowing all the familiar elements of his life to the winds in an explosive cataclysm Without those elements, I felt, the books lost too much of their heart This series isn t just about a character, but a fantastical community that had been irreparably damaged.Part of the joy of Skin Game is watching that community reform around H in new ways, familiar faces making their own adjustments to the upheaval, and suddenly it all makes sense again Jim Butcher hasn t swept the board clean at all Instead he s given himself breathing space from the structures he had been forced to revisit continually, and is now building something new Dresden s world has evolved.As you can probably sense, I enjoyed this book a great deal Harry s dry angst is still present, but the heist structure of the plot allows for fun than I ve had with the series for a while It s not a pure reboot Harry back references his own adventures constantly, and several have a definite impact on this story, so this isn t a book for new readers but it s a definite new lease of life for Dresden I m suddenly looking forward to the next book a great deal.

  3. Matt Matt says:

    I have read every book and short story with Harry Dresden in it up to this point, so i came into Skin Game with certain Expectations, and as a fan of the series all of these expectations were met.This is the continuation of the arc from the last few books where Harry is the Winter Knight and warden to the island of Demonsreach.Everything you would expect from a Harry Dresden adventure is here, the action, the ineptitude, the physical beatings and the dark humour So what is there to distinguish this from the rest of the books The return of the Black Denarians is welcome, and some further developments in this storyline are very interesting.The addition of the greek Pantheon of Gods to the universe is interesting, it is not overused in this book but does leave many potentially great options for the future.The angels are again woking behind the scenes and this is one of my favourite aspects of the whole universe I love this book and think it is another very gripping read to follow on 3 magnificent entries.If you have no idea what the above is talking about then i suggest that you are not a reader of this series, and whilst the book can be read independant of the rest, by this stage this is the 15th book there is so much history and world building referenced that it is difficult to grasp everything Also the series is brilliant entertainment, so why not

  4. Felicity G. Felicity G. says:

    I ve been an avid reader of the Harry Dresden novels almost from the beginning having discovered them around the time that the 4th novel in the series came out I haven t found any other author with the breadth of imagination that Jim Butcher has with these amazing stories I ve read every single one without being able to put the book down once I ve started reading it and the books get better and better No other author I ve ever read has been able to hold my interest through 15 novels and leave me wanting the next one as I do with these.Harry Dresden is a character that I fell for straight away and you feel his pain and suffering when he has to do the seemingly impossible and somehow manages to come out on top The characters in all the books are so well rounded that when I start reading one, I find myself transported to Harry s world and don t come up for air until I reach the end of the book and then I want Roll on Peace Talks as I can t wait to read it

  5. Modus Modus says:

    Harry Dresden bekommt von der Feenk nigin Mab in seiner Eigenschaft als Winterritter eine Aufgabe, die er nicht ablehnen darf Er soll bei einem Einbruch der ganz besonderen Art helfen, um ein unbekanntes Artefakt von zweifellos unermesslichem Wert zu stehlen Der, der diesen Einbruch plant und eine Crew aus den gr ten Schurken der paranormalen Welt daf r sammelt, ist Harrys Intimfeind Doch Harry muss ihm zu Diensten sein, denn Mab schuldet dem Mann noch einen Gefallen und Harry kann nicht riskieren, ihr Wort zu brechen.Nachdem Harry sich in den vorhergehenden B nden immer weiter von seinen alten Freunden entfernte, gibt es hier fast ein Revival der guten alten Zeiten Michael, Ritter des Schwertes, ist wieder dabei, Butters, der polka liebende Pathologiedoktor, der sich mit Bob, dem Sch del angefreundet hat, Murphy, Harrys Hund der jetzt bei Michaels Familie wohnt und auf Harrys Tochter aufpasst das macht viel Spa und holt die alten Tugenden der Serie zur ck.Au erdem schafft der Autor es auch hier wieder, ein paar unerwartete Twists und Wendungen einzubauen, die der Geschichte Geschwindigkeit und Spannung geben Zusammen mit Harrys ewig losem Mundwerk, jeder Menge irrwitziger Action und einem abgefahrenen Schauplatz im Nevernever ergibt das eine gute Mischung, die jede Menge Lesevergn gen garantiert.Skin Game ist ein sehr gelungener Serienteil, der ein St ck der Leichtigkeit wiedergewinnt, die die fr heren B cher auszeichnete.Lesen, Leute

  6. Tobias Florian Lo Tobias Florian Lo says:

    Lest die Dresden Files Lest sie von Anfang an Lest sie auf Englisch Liebt sie.Wer die Reihe bis zu diesem Buch hinter sich hat, dem muss man nicht mehr predigen Darum sei nur gesagt mit Skin Game wird man nicht entt uscht ich fand es einen der besten B nde berhaupt und gerade nach den beiden eher flaueren hier auf hohem Niveau gejammert letzten Teilen Ghost Story und Cold Days eine R ckkehr in gewohntere Fahrwasser, was in diesem Zusammenhang bestimmt nicht negativ gemeint ist.Der Mixup, wenn Butcher eine klassische Heist Story ala Ocean s eleven mit Harrys bernat rlichem Umfeld kollidieren l sst, funktioniert prima und macht sehr viel Spa sp testens ab der H lfte wollte ich das Buch nicht mehr aus der Hand legen.Parkour

  7. Snorkeling Snorkeling says:

    Bei Jim Butcher und seinem Harry Dresden wei man einfach, was man bekommt Sarkasmus, viel Action und ein super cooler, nicht unfehlbarer Held Wie immer kommt Harry in eine schier aussichtslose Bredouille und eigentlich kann es ihm nicht m glich sein, aus der Zwickm hle zu entkommen, was nat rlich letztlich doch gl ckt, allerdings nicht ohne gerupfte Federn.Mir waren allerdings schon immer die ruhigen Momente, die des famili ren zivilen Zusammenseins die liebsten, von denen es freilich in der ganzen Serie immer zu wenig gibt Seufz Trotzdem anders als bei dem anderen Zauberk nstler Harry ist die Begeisterung f0r DIESEN Harry seit dem ersten Band NICHT verflogen Und wenn Butcher so weiter macht, freu ich mich auf jeden neuen Band

  8. Adele Wolfe Adele Wolfe says:

    This is the only fantasy story type stuff I ll read because I find most of the other stuff a bit too I don t knowtoospecialized let s say but Butcher somehow keeps it from getting freaky well, too freaky, well too stoopid freaky anyway and spins a good yarn in the process and manages some fairly good action in there as well

  9. deermountain deermountain says:

    I was satisfied with this installment of the series, but not overly excited by it, even though in many ways this novel had much of the pay off from Changes, Ghost Story and Cold Days, brought back some guest stars and let some of the longest running plot threads culminate I think this book could have been better if it was slightly longer, with focus on Harry s interpersonal relationship and the relationships of his supporting cast with each other It felt a bit as though it was ticking off to do items on a list, without really dealing with the fall out probably we re going to get of that in the next book Plus the long action sequence was a bit too video gamey for my taste Still, this remains an amazingly complex universe with entertainment guaranteed

  10. M Joseph Murphy M Joseph Murphy says:

    Skin Game proves Jim Butcher is still top dog in the urban fantasy genre When Butcher s on his game, no one in the field can deliver a satisfying novel This is easily the best Dresden novel in years I feel this is the novel fans were waiting for after Changes There is a reveal near the end of the book that, while not completely unexpected, made me instantly flip back to the beginning and re read several sections.I cannot express how much I loved this book Sure it took a little longer to get to us than expected but I m glad Butcher took his time He delivered a masterpiece.

  11. Sparkle Sparkle says:

    Jim Butcher s Dresden Files is an all around great series but Skin Game is one of its betters The action is non stop and the laughs had me crying tears We find out the reasons behind some things that Jim Butcher has been building up for his readers and the outcomes were in no way predictable Not only that, but he has planted the seeds for questions that will keep me involved until the end Thankfully, that end is still a few books away Definitely worth reading again and again, Skin Game is my new all time fav book in The Dresden Files series Keep em coming Mr.Butcher

  12. HopeK HopeK says:

    Wie so viele habe ich, nachdem ich Skin Game bekommen hatte, erst mal alle anderen B nde noch einmal gelesen 7531 wundervolle Seiten Harry Dresden in einem St ck Wenn ich sagen m te, welches Buch mir am besten gefallen hat ich k nnte es nicht, aber Skin Game kommt auf jeden Fall unter die ersten 3.Es ist wundersch n, da man alte Bekannte aus fr heren B chern wieder trifft, lose Enden werden verkn pft, Harry ist Harry in Bestform, trotz aller Hindernisse Aufregend, spannend, voller Humor und berraschungen, immer wieder habe ich Stellen laut vorgelesen, sie waren einfach zu gut, um sie nicht sofort mit anderen zu teilen.Ich habe geh rt, da das n chste Buch Peace Talks hei en soll, und auch schon vorbestellt, auch wenns hier noch Untitled Dresden Files 16 hei t, und traurigerweise erst im Februar 2016 herauskommen soll.

  13. Catherine A. Thompson Catherine A. Thompson says:

    Harry Dresden, wizard, member of the White Council, Warden of Chicago, and Winter Knight, is summoned by Mab for a big job As in heist As in break into one of the most secure vaults of the Nevernever and do it as part of a team with his arch enemy.That is a very bare bones summary of this latest entry into the Dresden Files series Naturally, snark and mayhem ensue.Frankly, every time I think Butcher has reached a peak, he goes one better I stand in awe I wish I had words for this review, but all I can say is, go read this book And the rest of the Dresden Files Now I ll wait..