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Former Wall Street whiz and current convict Mickey Steinberg is nearing the end of his three year sentence at Yankton the cushy country club prison where he s enjoyed celebrity status and he s ready to get out and get back on top He doesn t have the resources he once did, but he s already hatched a new plan to sell a forgery of a stolen Van Gogh painting through the shady underground art market He and his new partner, the smooth talking Paul Reece, have a mark in mind The sleazy con man art dealer who swooped in on Mickey s beloved ex wife after he was locked up But with his old partner, Jack Grass, hell bent on revenge and his pre prison life closed to him, it won t be easy As their plan becomes ever complex, Mickey realizes he just wants to make good and make it out alive A madcap heist with a shrewd insider s eye on the high rollers and lowlifes that run New York City a place where no man is too big to fail

15 thoughts on “Mickey Outside (Audio Download): David Lender, Peter Berkrot, Brilliance Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Customer Customer says:

    A good story congratulations to the author I couldn t think who was the real bad news until the end thank you again.

  2. Mr. John Wood Mr. John Wood says:

    Not too bad, but it start rather slowly and went on and on looking backwards on the characters It was really only in the last few pages that it got going and became readable.

  3. oldbrian oldbrian says:

    Really held me to the kindle.Watch out for the twists before deceiding what is what.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    A pleasant story, easy to put down but when picked up easy to follow Simlpe, not taxing, easy story to read.

  5. june cash june cash says:

    Don t know this book

  6. Ms L Stuart Ms L Stuart says:

    This book was an easy enjoyable read I have not read books by this author before but will definitelylook for The story was fast moving and believable situations.

  7. Neville's Kindle Neville's Kindle says:

    Could not get into the story

  8. J. Fleming J. Fleming says:

    This book gets a little boring but its worth finishing

  9. JackRipIt JackRipIt says:

    Entertaining white collar crime novel The characters, of whom one from Bull Street by the same author, are lovable A lot of description of the New York scene The plot holds the road and keeps readers interested until the end.

  10. Customer Customer says:

    well done all

  11. Banquero Banquero says:

    I thought this was a really good book I am an artist turned wall street banker so this book was right in my wheelhouse I was hesitant about this book at first because the title sounded a bit corny but once I started reading I was hooked The author experience as an investment banker is evident in the way the main character Mickey speaks and acts And the detail he goes through when discussing the art tells me he really did his research.In the book Mickey a former wall street guy who was arrested for insider trading is plotting to con the man who is engaged to his ex wife At the same time the brother of a man angry that Mickey helped put in jail is out trying to kill him, and the DA who put Mickey in jail is suspicious of Mickey s new art dealer career The art con itself is a pretty clever caper, but when you add to it the people trying to kill Mickey it makes it that much thrilling.My only complaint about the book and its really really minor, is that it seems out of place for Warren Buffett to be talking about a stolen painting It just doesn t seem believable that a guy like that would want to be involved in an illegal deal like that Other than that I thought this was a really good book and I can t wait to read David Lender s other books I highly recommend

  12. A Straight Up Guy A Straight Up Guy says:

    The acid test of a novel for me is Do I feel compelled to keep turning pages until I absolutely have to stop If genre matters to you, I would call this white collar crime fiction with an important love angle, but one that is key to the story without dominating the action I wouldn t call it a simple book, but it is a quick and easy read in my opinion.Others have mentioned what is by far my own most significant criticism The author is slow to set the hook At what I feel is at most a minimal risk of spoiling the book, the the hook wasn t set for me until the passage running between pages 24 and 30 in the Kindle edition I even considered putting the book down, although I am certainly glad I stuck with it.At the end of the day, I definitely got five stars worth of enjoyment out of the book I hope you will too.

  13. D. R. Johnson D. R. Johnson says:

    This was an extremely engaging, fast paced novel with a well drawn cast of characters involved in the intriguing world of fine art wheeling dealing The plot had many well thought out twists and turns that were clever enough on their own merits to keep you guessing without resorting to flights of fancy or coincidences that strain credulity The writing is crisp and advances the story while fully and smartly developing the characters and providing the reader with a clear window into their somewhat complicated and conflicted souls This author leaves you wanting Although this is the first novel I ve read by David Lender, it will NOT be the last

  14. Frost Frost says:

    In the genre of crime novels, one off my favorites is the caper novel and of those, a novel where the scam is to rip off another crook or con man rates highest, Think The Sting.David Lender s Mickey Outside is short, delightful caper novel with a sharp plot, engaging characters and a fascinating background of how 1% er New York lives The story is about getting even and getting revenge as Mickey , who is in a minimum security federal prison for securities fraud,hatches a plot to do both Once freed from the slammer, he returns to New York to reclaim his life and his wife and make a few bucks More than a few, actually.It is all a lot of fun, with a few tense moments added for seasoning Personally, I think it would make a great movie.Get Mickey Outside and see for yourself.

  15. Melvin Hunt Melvin Hunt says:

    Mickey Steinberg is a former Wall Street exzecutive who has been sent to a country club prison for insider trading This facility is in South Dakota Heis due to be released in short order He is now trying to concoct a scheme to bring in some big money Upon being sent to prison his wife Rachel divorces him and takes half of hid fortune with her Mickey loses his half of the estate due to fines and legal fees Rachel has taken up with Walter Goldstein a veryquestionable art dealer He is broke He comes up with a plan with Paul Reese a fellow prisoner They research a stolen masterpiece and decide to duplicateit There is an artist in the prison who is capable of this His name is Rene Pierre Bouchard They sit down with Bouchard and come up with a plan Thepainting they decide to copy is View Of The Sea by Van Gogh Mickey has to borrow 20,000 from Rachel to get this enterprise off the ground In the meantime in order to get a lightened sentence Mickey had to testify against his partner Jack Grass and others who were involved in the insider trading ring His coconspirators have hired a professional assassin to kill Mickey Steinberg The killer s nsme is Morivian White He threatens Rachel and makes several attempts at killing Mickey They have ab elaborate scheme to sell the false painting Paul Reece memorizes paintings and wines to fit into the world of art.Walter Goldstein tries to sabotage Mickey s efforts to sell the painting at a profit.Mickey manages to bypass this effort Mickey finally prevails Racheldiscovers that Walter Goldstein has spent her money and left town This is an excellent financial thriller Keep up the good work David Lender.