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A chilling and compelling debut crime thriller set in South East London For all those who enjoy Peter James, Mark Billingham, and Peter Robinson Three women have been found brutally murdered in south London, the victims only feet away from help during each sadistic attack And the killer is getting braver Sarah Grainger is rapidly becoming too afraid to leave her house Once an outgoing photographer, she knows that someone is watching her A cryptic note brings everything into terrifying focus, but it s the chilling phone calls that take the case to another level DI Mike Lockyer heads up the regional murder squad With three bodies on his watch, and a killer growing in confidence, he frantically tries to find the link between these seemingly isolated incidents What he discovers will not only test him professionally but will throw his personal life into turmoil, too Afteryears in London, working for a City law firm, Clare Donoghue moved back to her home town in Somerset to undertake an MA in creative writing at Bath Spa University Never Look Back is her first novel and in , whilst still an unpublished manuscript, was long listed for the CWA Debut Dagger

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  1. BCB & More BCB & More says:

    I have to be honest and say that it took me until the halfway point of this book until it really kicked into gear That s not to say it wasn t a good read, just that it had its faults too I always like the thought of reading a debut, especially ones that will form part of a series This series explained that it would be focussed around DI Mike Lockyer while he investigates a number of murders When the book started, I found myself not that interested in Mike His personality didn t really translate and if I am being brutally honest I thought he was a little dull Thankfully this changed around the halfway mark and the book was certainly a vast improvement on the first half.Lockyer s colleague DS Jane Bennett was a good character and complemented Mike Lockyer well I would even go as far as to say that she may actually be edging him out in terms of likeability Mike and Jane are part of the Regional Murder Squad and their body count is rising Sadly it seems that women in South London are the potential victims and the killer seems to be becoming sadistic with each kill In another plot thread Sarah Grainger has become the victim of a stalker and her life has spiralled until she has become a practical recluse.The storyline was certainly interesting enough and once I hit the halfway mark the book took a marked upwards improvement The pace picked up and even Mike Lockyer became a little likeable However, even though the book was a good start and I will certainly be reading book2, I still had the unease over the main character For some reason I just couldn t gel and I am hoping this was because the author was laying some background and ground work for future books I certainly think Mike s history was interesting and the storyline featuring his brother was good, but.I just didn t like him all that much Don t ask me why, I just wasn t feeling it.Hopefully with the groundwork done book 2 will leave of an impression as the series certainly has potential Overall a solid start for a debut novel, but hopefully Book 2 will see some improvement in terms of the lead character.

  2. Saffron1623 Saffron1623 says:

    I ve had this copy sitting on my Kindle for a while and decided to get to it My regret is that I didn t read it sooner This is a terrific debut from Clare Donoghue A police procedural that had me hooked from beginning to end Young girls are being found dead just yards away from public areas Girls that seemingly on the surface may have a common denominator as to why they were targeted The investigative team comprises of DI Mike Lockyer, a charismatic and charming detective who works in the MIT for a region within London Working closely with his DS, Jane Bennett, they set out on a path that leads them into dark alleyways and rundown car parks as the body count mounts up Coupled with the murders is a case of stalking that has left Sarah Grainger, the victim, frightened out of her wits Bamboozled with relentless phone calls and mysterious notes her world becomes a slow decline into darkness, intense fear and abject misery Managing to pluck up the courage to take her worries to the police, Lockyer and Bennett ask themselves if the two cases could possibly be linked.This is a really tightly plotted storyline Ms Donoghue hardly gives anything away as the book moves along, only giving the reader tiny insights as the suspects are lined up for us to fathom out Once started I was really reluctant to book this book down only really doing so to sleep I had my suspect, I then discounted, only to suspect again It all culminated in a high octane finish that left me wanting , so much so, I m moving onto the next book pretty much straightaway The ending initimated that there could be To sum up, in the world of police procedurals, I rank this one highly Recommended.

  3. Ginger Book Geek Ginger Book Geek says:

    Never Look Back introduces DI Mike Lockyer and his team from the Lewisham Murder Squad.Three young women are killed within South London with nothing apparently linking them On each occasion the murders take place feet away from safety A lady called Sarah who is apparently being stalked believes that she is going to be the next victim The book follows the investigation from its start to its conclusion.This book is full of twists, turns and lots of red herrings I thought that I had figured out who the murderer was but I found out that it was someone else entirely.The writer knows how to create a dramatic and tense atmosphere as well as showing the pressure that the murder squad is under to solve the case within a given timeframe.I did enjoy the book as it introduces the main characters of the series, examines their backgrounds as well as showing what is happening with the case I really enjoyed the use of a profiler in this book as profiling is one of my interests.I found that I really warmed to DI Lockyer and I loved his passion for his job, his ability to go the extra mile, his dislike of authority figures and his bending of the rules law He also gets way too personally involved with his cases Lockyer is a man of some experience but ,as is common with other lead characters in crime fiction, he is a damaged person, he has a past he is none too proud of and he is keeping a big secret from those who care about him DI Lockyer also has a fragile relationship with his daughter.I look forward to the next book in the DI Mike Lockyer series.

  4. Mark Connelly Mark Connelly says:

    As a number of other reviewers have pointed out, the problem is with the characters, not the story.The main character Mike Lockyer is as dull as ditch water He needs some serious help This is so typical of a woman putting herself in a mans mind Clare we just don t think like you think we think You turned Mike into a total woos Always worried about his daughter, fretting over this and fretting over that Sarah was definitely heading into bunny boiler territory had she gone on any longer As I said story was fine, padded to death but who doesn t do that Characters totally dysfunctional.

  5. Dryfoodkillscats Dryfoodkillscats says:

    Dutzendware, kein bisschen spannend Wer schon ein paar Krimis gelesen hat, wei nach ca 20 Prozent, wer der M rder ist Der Detective Inspector und seine Truppe m ssen sich maximal dumm anstellen, sonst w re der Krimi nach 40 Seiten oder so zu Ende Nat rlich muss die junge Frau, mit der er was laufen hat, ebenfalls dran glauben Ach ja, und seine Tochter wird auch in die Handlung eingef delt, g hn Und das mit dem autistischen Bruder des Ermittlers, woher kennt man das nur Richtig, aus dem Film Rain Man Eins zu eins bernommen.

  6. Carolyn Jordan Carolyn Jordan says:

    There are far too many serious grammatical faults and dodgy syntax for me to be able to enjoy this book Why haven t the editors done their job, especially as it seems the author has been published by Macmillan Another of my bugbears is the frequent use of what I presume are Americanisms He alarmed his car A good thriller has to be well written too many recent publications are not.

  7. mitrovic mitrovic says:

    Suspense till the end Can only be compared with the Lynley mysteries I can t wait to start reading the next book Highly recommended

  8. Customer Customer says:

    The plot is really well thought out and the characters are highly believable I simply couldn t put it down.Can t wait to read Claire Donaghue s follow up I thoroughly recommend it.

  9. 新しもの好き 新しもの好き says:

    The Strangler s Honeymoon

  10. Auntie Annie Auntie Annie says:

    I enjoyed this book, though I often confused the characters Mike has an ex wife, daughter, assistant, and several murdered girls whose case he is working on in addition to the stalked girl with whom he becomes involved I had a bit of a problem keeping up with the first and last names of all the characters That said, the plot involving both a serial killer and a stalker, who may or may not be the same person, was well done I m not certain that the main character, Mike Lockyer, always rings true.

  11. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Really enjoyed the book The characters are believable and easy to relate to very well developed.A series of murders of young girls and another who is being stalked Is it the same perpetrator DI Lockyer is a bit of a mystery he seems a bit too dramatic not sure if that is the right word maybe reactive would be better I m hoping this is evened out a little in the next book in the series

  12. booklover booklover says:

    A friend came across this ARC and knowing my love of all things crime, especially serial killere, sent it to me I m really glad she did This was a new author to me, but I will follow her wherever she goes.DI Mike Lockyer searches for a London serial killer So far, the count is up to three But when the latest victim could be mistaken for his own teenage daughter, he goes into overdrive.It was a very satisfying book Mike and DS Jane Bennett are super characters tough and very willing to make sure the dead have their say I got a good long look at DI Lockyer s private life.from an almost ex wife to his slightly rebellious teenage daughter to his autistic brother he only found 5 years previously when his parents died I found the bad guys to be credible and a bad not so bad guy who is almost likeable.I am happy to say this is only the first Lockyer book I got a sneak look at the second one No Place To Die 9781447239345.

  13. Marti Marti says:

    I loved this book, with its twists and turns Five stars because I couldn t stop reading this novel I can t wait for another book in this series.A book where the line between the good guys and the bad guys is blurred A book where everyone is a suspect or not a suspect.

  14. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    I read the rave reviews and so I ordered this book I am glad I got it as a bargain because I read about 50 pages and skimmed the rest of the book to see if it got better but it didn t The characters are boring and I couldn t get into any of them I don t recommend.

  15. Lynda Burnside Lynda Burnside says:

    Great I will be buying in the Mike Lockyer series.