Audiobooks Advanced Tennis Rope Drills: Learn How to Improve Your Spin, Control, Depth, and Power on the Court! (Audio Download): Joseph Correa, Tim Mcfarland, Joseph Correa: Audible Audiobooks By Joseph Correa –

These group of drills will teach you how to hit with spin, control, depth, precision than ever before This audiobook will teach you how to become consistent by adding spin to your shots which will give you the confidence to hit with power Do you ever ask yourself How can I hit with top spin How can I improve my deep topspin shots cross court Is there a way for me improve my slice down the court How can I be offensive in my doubles matches These are all answered in this book with pictures and detailed explanations on how to do thingstimes better than you are doing them now Master the game of tennis now Written by a professional tennis player and coach to help you reach your tennis potential no matter what your level of play Learn basic and advanced patterns with this new training method that will get you hitting better in very little time Learn to control the balls height, spin, speed, and direction with these drills