Audiobooks 60 Tennis Strategies and Mental Tactics: Mental Toughness Training (Audio Download): Joseph Correa, Roger Buehler, Joseph Correa: Audible Audiobooks –

This audiobook will teach you how to beat any style of play and will help you over come mental hurdles that most of us normally have during competition Knowing what to do and when are key questions when your under pressure and wish you had a guide to get you in the right direction Some of the strategies you will learn how to do are How to beat an all court player How to beat the net rusher How to over come lobbers What to do after you double fault Learn from the best with this great tennis strategy audiobook that will get you winning matches and thinking better on and off the court Win matches by using the right strategy for each situation The strategies and tactics you know and can use the better it is for you Learning to master the mental side of tennis has always been a difficult part of the game Some players have decided to simply not train mentally or simply ignore it which is a big mistake It is said that winning in tennis is % MENTAL Just take into account that key points in a tennis match such as match point, game point, break points, and set points, are all crucial situations that can decide the outcome of any particular competition I love it I keep reading over and over I recommended all my tennis friends I feel like I have own trainer at home Thank you.Suit for competitive players who actually play at tournaments. This book is half blank pages, advertisements and index One quarter is half pages The last quarter is in large print and offers repetitive and simplistic advice I learned nothing A total waste of money If it is directed toward beginners, it should say so. You can get the same amount of information from google within 5 MinutesNothing new, nothing unique, just clich sSave your money