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On the outskirts of Nuneaton stands Hatters Hall, home to the mentally insane One rainy, dismal day in , Maria Mundy arrives there to work She is ordered to care for Isabelle Montgomery, daughter of an influential land owner, but it becomes apparent that she has been falsely imprisoned It s going to take courage, determination, and resolve but freedom is always worth fighting for

9 thoughts on “A Mother's Shame (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Rosie Goodwin, Juanita McMahon, Whole Story Audiobooks: Audible Audiobooks

  1. L. M. Wilson L. M. Wilson says:

    This book is the first one I have read by Rosie Goodwin I read most of it and then somehow it got pushed further down the book list I have been reading I put this right today and I m pleased to say it was well worth the wait It is a great story and an interesting read with various twists and surprises throughout There are two main characters, both young girls but from very different backgrounds The author does an excellent job of contrasting the differences in these young women so well In spite of the huge differences in their backgrounds they become close friends The book shines a light on how single pregnant women were treated in those times I will certainly read of Rosie s books and indeed have another waiting there for me Recommended.

  2. wendy poole wendy poole says:

    Yet another fabulous tale from this talented author The story tackles a number of difficult issues many of which were not unusual in the period of time when this story was set but which would not be tolerated today Descriptions of the places in which the characters found themselves were brilliantly written making the reader feel part of the action Looking forward to the next book by Rosie Gordon.

  3. penny penny says:

    This book had me gripped from the first page, what a story so many twists and turns, and as for the long journey out and back well having recently returned myself from the same Country but l have to say in less than a day gosh how fortunate am l a thoroughly good read

  4. Carol Carol says:

    So glad times have chsnged regards single pregnant women.How tough folk were then on sailing ships for months at sea to get to Australia in those days Good story and could appreciate descriptions of cold wretchedness washing by hand etc as for my generation some of us still remrmber how life was up to the late 1950 s for some I like these stories though as at least for the main characters we know theres a happy end eventually so read on appreciating even that Im warm and not reading by candlelight as they would have been.

  5. J Gregory J Gregory says:

    Brilliant book, well composed characters, I loved every minute of the book Great twist at the end Rosie Goodwin is brilliant Looking forward to another as I didn t want this book to end.

  6. christine christine says:

    I loved this book from beginning to end and never imagined the ending.as it turned out,a truly enjoyable read

  7. Angel Angel says:

    A lovey dovey story which you know is going to have the happy ever after ending, but very enjoyable on a cold winter night, snuggled up with a large glass of wine Go for it.

  8. B. A. Burfoot B. A. Burfoot says:

    I have never enjoyed a book so much, through all the harsh reality and cruelty there was so much happiness as well, I shall now look for books by this author.

  9. Denise Weir Denise Weir says:

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