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, Fort Gibson, Indian Territory nd Lieutenant Dobey Walls meets and bonds with veteran Corporal Jimmy Melton As the Civil War begins, they leave to join the th Texas Cavalry in Houston, then take part in the first and the final charges of the Army of Tennessee Between those events, they ride with Nathan Bedford Forrest, play an honorable role in the Fort Pillow Massacre, harass Sherman with Shannon s Raiders, and visit the second best brothel in Atlanta As surrender looms, they re released to search for Dobey s long missing family in the Texas Panhandle Their efforts are hampered by destitute farmers, lonely widows, dangerous militia, freed slaves, and runaways, who increase their numbers and excitement In the process, they save a quadroon and her daughter from Yankee deserters who have stolen a Union payroll This act of mercy brings them romance but puts Pinkerton detectives and a renegade lawman on their trail Confederate Cherokees and Cheyenne Dog Soldiers add to the chaos

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  1. i phone i phone says:

    I bought this book after looking for something in the audio section but couldn t download it in audio for some reason I decided to use it as a bed side read instead What a really good read it was, I couldn t put it down, so read it over an afternoon and a day Good old fashioned Western following Dobey Walls and his friend Jimmy Melton through the Indian and civil war where the swap the blue for the grey and then head back to Texas picking up folks and stragglers along the way I woke mu wife up laughing out loud on the second night and would compare this story in many ways to Lonsome Dove I recommend this to all and look forward to the sequel when it comes out I would certainly read from this author, McKendree R Long III.

  2. philp philp says:

    The first half of the book was quite good, with interesting characters and an engaging story line After a while however, certain aspects began to irritate I had always thought that the term six shooter referred to the number of bullets in a revolver but in this instance it seems to mean the minimum number of firearms to be secreted about one s person before venturing out of the door The author is clearly a gun lover, and can t resist giving each character multiple weapons at all times, each described in nerdish detail Hence our two heroes are virtually invincible, in addition to being irresistible to all the women they meet As characters are introduced, the novel becomes a pastiche of cartoon like stereotypes feisty but good hearted women, noble savages, crusty military men, drunken doctor, corrupt lawman etc etc More Kevin Costner than Cormack McCarthy, the violence is frequent and righteous, but ultimately sanitised and predictable The open ending promises of the same.

  3. Mike O'D Mike O'D says:

    Really enjoyed this story of Dobey Walls , and friends, activities in the American Civil War Hobbes may be right that life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short, but there is nothing solitary with the Eighth Texas Volunteers and this story promises not to be limited to this first book, although the rest of the quotation is clearly true in this instance.Background and facts are well researched and the action vividly places you in location among believable characters The tale faltered slightly at the end of the conflict but it continued to hold the interest and is clearly destined to move on to the next episode in the history of the Texas Rangers Well worth a read to gain a taste of what it might have felt like in the turbulent 1860 s and earlier.

  4. John Wright John Wright says:

    Very evocative account of difficulties traveling in the west of America Very interesting to read of the huge variety of weapons available.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I was not sure about this when I first started to read it I m not an avid reader of western novels This however was very good, a mixture of the Outlaw josey Wales, and Edge One of those stories in which you cannot wait for the next part of the adventure I may even read it again whilst on holiday.

  6. Alan L. Jones Alan L. Jones says:

    A story that flowed perfectly, importantly to me, great characters I only give 5 stars to books like Lonesome Dove Shane We need from this author.

  7. Elphyn-Muck Elphyn-Muck says:

    Well, and convincingly written Told me new things about US history and the Civil War Later stages a little hurried A good read.

  8. jimbo jimbo says:

    A good read, enjoyed it, I dont read many westerns but this kept my attention and if there is a sequal i will be buying that too.

  9. Chanticleer Book Reviews Chanticleer Book Reviews says:

    In his meticulously researched, debut historical Western, McKendree Long takes the reader on a journey to the Civil War era, as experienced by homesteaders and soldiers in the far flung outposts of the Old West A must read for fans of the genre Second Lieutenant Thomas Dobey Walls, a West Point Graduate, and Corporal Jimmy Melton, a non commissioned soldier, meet at the military outpost of Fort Gibson, just off the Arkansas River, in 1859 As they work side by side to protect wagon trains traveling through their territory, fighting off roaming bands of raiders and Kansas Jayhawkers, the two men become fast friends.No Good Like It Is follows the daily lives of these men as they work at the Old West outposts, journey to Texas to join up with the famous Texas Terry s Rangers during the Civil War, and ultimately search for the remaining members of a Wall s homesteading family in the wilds of Texas Panhandle country.Long s gifted ear for the true vernacular of the time and his detailed descriptions of the Old West place the reader right in the middle of the action along with these two men and the colorful characters they encounter during their adventures.Walls and Melton embody the best of human values, exemplified through the valor of their actions, their honesty, and their determination to fight for what they believe to be just and right These men leap off the page, remaining memorable long after the reader finishes the book.But above all, this is the story of men who meet and become friends, and whose characters are shaped by a series of dramatic historical events that defined our country.This novel goes beyond the typically simplistic view of the Civil War, delving into the divided loyalties of the homesteaders in the American West who found their families and friends fighting on opposite sides of the war Long accurately portrays the dangers and shifting alliances of the Old West during the war, exposing the reader to a very different view of the war s effects on the western states.No Good Like It Is, the first of three gritty action packed novels that follow the adventures of Dobey Walls and Jimmy Melton, well written with historical accuracy and authentic dialog Readers will be eager for the sequels.

  10. Bob Jarvis Bob Jarvis says:

    Not really my genre but I must say I enjoyed the action, the characters and the writing style The story rolls along nicely and, as far as I can tell, is well researched and accurate in its historical setting I thought the two main characters were a little over the top and super sonic to ring absolutely true but I couldn t help applauding their victories over those mean S.O.B s that they constantly encountered in their adventures There were a few open ended plot lines here that I presume will be covered in the sequel the Pinkerton agents chasing the stolen payroll and the loathsome town sheriff on the heroes trail and out for revenge.Probably the weakest element for me was the rambling nature of the plot Hero leaves his mother to go to West Point, fights on the Western plains, goes through the civil war finally searches for his long lost Mammy It s a very weak plot, but well supported by the punchy, fast paced delivery, gritty, witty narrative and thoroughly admirable for the complete lack of typos.The book does enough for me to want to follow the adventures of this dynamic duo in the follow on book that I understand is out now.

  11. thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer says:

    I whipped through this book almost non stop, it was that good, at least until the final 30 pages or so It is the story of some soldiers in a Texas cavalry regiment in the western theater of the US Civil War Raw, violent, shattering combat, it is a riveting tale in the first 3 4 of the book Women do not appear as developed characters until nearly the end Up to that point it is an epic of a brutal, losing war and the men who fought it to the bitter end At the surrender in North Carolina, the heroes, if that is the right word, start the long and dangerous trek back to Texas On the way they rescue several women and children, who join their journey Then it veers into sentimentality But, overall, this is a great read I am well into the follow on volume,which continues the ex soldiers adventures and tribulations as they try to adjust to settled family lives.

  12. DickStanley DickStanley says:

    If television ever wants to bring back the Western series, good guys Thomas Dobey Walls and his sidekick Jimmy Melton would be the place to start The camera could provide the sweeping landscapes and Walls and Melton backed by author McKendree Long the rambling action adventure that keeps it all moving from week to week.Set in the chaotic Civil War years, both in the U.S Cavalry immediately beforehand, the Confederate Terry s Texas Rangers cavalry with the Army of the Tennessee during the tragedy which nevertheless freed millions , and across the war devastated country afterwards, No Good Like It Is is Real Good Like It Is.Fortunately, the cliff hanger at the end forecasts that there will be a sequel, and thoughtful episodic journeying through American history to come If television is tired of super heroes, desperate house wives, and reality shows and who isn t they should snap up this option while the getting is good.

  13. thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Customer says:

    Super read, kept you going Great historic references, civil war from a different perspective, and the years after Commentary on the technological advances of the era, spot on.

  14. Badgerboy Badgerboy says:

    Clearly the author is a firearms buff, and one of his favorite movies is The Outlaw Josie Wales mine too The various guns almost become characters within the charactersNot a bad thing, but it begins to get in the way This was an enjoyable read, fast paced, full of action There are no dead spots in the action, but plenty of dead bad guysI look forward to the sequel, because it was a good book, and because there are loose ends wanting closure The heroes are likable, and the villains hate able If you are looking for a fun, fast, feel good book, this is a good choice Another Kindle success I never would have found in a conventional bookstore.