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This audiobook will teach you important concepts that most people have never heard of or have forgotten You will learn to compete better and perform to your maximum level It comes withbonus tennis tips Learning to master the mental side of tennis has always been a difficult part of the game Some players have decided to simply not train mentally or simply ignore it which is a big mistake It is said that winning in tennis is % MENTAL Just take into account that key points in a tennis match such as match point, game point, break points, and set points, are all crucial situations that can decide the outcome of any particular competition So why do most people skip mental training Take into account that on average a tennis match lastshour andminutes Focusing for such an extended amount of time is not easy task but with the right concepts and ideas to get you there things will become obtainable Start listening and putting into practice the concepts and ideas provided in this audiobook so that you can get the most of your game and win often Created by a professional tennis player and coach with thanyears of experience Learning from the pros and learn what they do before, during, and after competition can change the way you view tennis and competition If you want to win tennis matches and tournaments, you need to buy this audiobook and memorize the ideas within Tennis is all about preparation and that s you will learn besides other very important tips and tricks to help you overcome tough competitors