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It didn t take me long to finish this.Being one of the most interesting riders in world cycling, and a personal favourite of mine, his perspective on racing, the numerous stages that he has won at the Tour de France and his experiences with the teams that he has ridden for makes exciting reading.His account of his world championship win as part of a prologue drags you in almost instantly.Thoroughly enjoyable In the narration of this book Cav portrays himself as very self centered For a top performing athlete, being focused is probably a necessary attribute In a book however, it can become somewhat irksome tiresome for the reader I really admire Mark for all of his achievements but personally found Chris Froome s autobiography The Climb of a journey with human interest easier to empathize with Sorry Cav Not sure if this was ghost written or had editorial input.There s no doubting the talent that Mark possesses on two wheels, but this account hasn t translated well on the pages of this book.It seems a bit all over the place in terms of chronology of a rambling diatribe than a well crafted biography.Been a huge fan throughout Mark s career, enjoyed Boy Racer but left feeling rather nonplussed having finished this book. In this book Mr Cavendish does not disappoint those of us who were expecting a warts and all account of the intervening years since the publication of his previous book Boy Racer At times sad and at others delightfully witty, the reader is treated to the story behind the rise and fall of HTC Colombia, the move to Team Sky and subsequent agreement for the, so far, extremely successful move to Omega Pharma Quickstep.If you enjoyed Boy Racer, or are a fan of the self styled Fast Sprinter, Faster Talker from the Isle of Man, then you will enjoy this book. I have a bit of a man crush on Cav He is a super human in the pro peloton His book is an awesome biography on his time at Sky and being one of the fastest men on earth on a bike I ride bikes myself and the speed at which this bloke can move his machine is staggering The book is candid at times and provided a real insight into life, love and turmoil within the Pro Cycling Industry Cav is a little bit like Marmite you either love him or hate him but I cannot recommend his book highly enough. An interesting book but it lacks a logical timeline, continually jumping back and forth, which can be bit annoying. Mark Cavendish is the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France s green jersey, the first to wear the iconic rainbow jersey in almostyears and our only ever rider to capture the Giro d Italia points title He is the most prolific sprinter in the Tour s history, and according to L Equipe the best sprinter of all time But smashing records and racking up victories means whole new levels of fame and this has come at a price Living in the goldfish bowl, he has come under fire for his bombastic riding style and been portrayed as everything from an outlaw to a psychopath Joining Sky in , Cav soon found his own sprint interests to be incompatible with the team s other goals, while the expectations of a nation made his London Olympic failure hard to take In At Speed Cav takes you through the highs and lows of it all in intimate detail This is a take no prisoners account of life at the pinnacle of his sport, and learning how to survive in the fast lane, both on and off the bike